DXRacer King Series Big and Tall Chair DOH/KS06/NB Review

DXRacer is one of the more popular gaming office chair brands on the market, and rightfully so.

With quality manufacturing and an easy to sink into seat, this chair is definitely a top pick for gaming enthusiasts, or people who sit in a chair all day.

This model has a larger design than some of their other chairs, specifically for individuals who aren’t small and skinny.

The weight limit for this stylish chair is roughly 300 lbs, and people who are around 6 feet tall should have no issues fitting comfortably in this chair.

The bold colors on this seat make a wonderful contrast against the black, and the overall color scheme is something that looks good in any home office.

The included lumbar cushion helps maintain posture while sitting up, but can be removed should you choose to sit in any of the other available positions.

The metal frame of the chair adds stability, but unfortunately, it can take away some of the comfort if you are accustomed to soft, foamy chairs.

Pros: Solid design and sturdy, this chair is ideal for people who tend to be a little harder on their chairs.
Cons: More expensive than some of the middle-of-the-road chairs, and the metal can get in the way of sitting.
Bottom Line: DXRacer is a trusted brand for computer chairs like this, and despite the small flaws, they should not get in the way of your comfort.

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