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Duke Cannon Big Ass Brick of Soap Review

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Duke Cannon is an All-American brand that makes tried-and-true men’s grooming products.  

Today we are looking at their most popular product, the Big Ass Brick of Soap.  

The review will focus on the packaging and performance to give you a clear idea of what you should expect should you decide to purchase a bar for yourself.

Let’s begin:

Quick Note: We paid for this soap with our own money – it was not complimentary.  We have an affiliate relationship with Duke Cannon.  This means that we get a small commission if you purchase, at no additional cost.  The review below is an honest assessment of the product.


The packaging is standard, so we’ll not spend too much time here – after all, it is just a bar of soap.

Here’s how things looked:

Duke Cannon Big Ass Brick of Soap Packaging

There are a few important things to note right away here:

First, Duke Cannon makes their soap here in the USA.

A portion of the proceeds from each purchase supports U.S. Veterans through various programs, including Honor Flight Network, Folds of Honor, and more.  If you want to learn more about Duke Cannon’s initiatives, check out their website, where they discuss them in detail.

If you are a guy that likes to shop based on the ingredient label, you’ll be happy to learn that this Big Ass Brick of Soap contains fewer than ten ingredients.

According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG) Skin Deep database, Duke Cannon soap has a moderate hazard rating of three out of ten.

Lastly, you may have noticed that the bar of soap is triple-milled – this is a mark of quality craftsmanship.  When a bar of soap is triple-milled, impurities are removed, resulting in a gentler product will last longer, and feels noticeably smoother against the skin – we’ll touch on this more in just a minute.


Duke Cannon leaves little to the imagination given the size of the soap – it truly is massive.  

For comparison, here’s a standard bar of Dove soap (3.75oz) standing next to the Big Ass Brick of Soap (10oz):

Duke Cannon Big Ass Brick of Soap Compared to Dove

But you can’t appreciate just how big it is until you hold it in your palm:

Duke Cannon Size Comparison With Dove

It’s huge!  Quite honestly, it’s so big that it almost seems like a comedy prop.


Specs and size aside, you want a bar of soap that develops a nice lather and gets you clean.  Here’s how the soap performs:


When using the Big Ass Brick of Soap, it’s almost too big to handle in the shower.  For reference, I am 5′ 9,” and I like to think that my hands are of average size.  But just using the soap without a washcloth against the body was honestly quite tricky

I found myself trying to keep a firm grip on the soap while scrubbing.  The unwieldy size makes working the contours a bit more challenging.  It did, of course, make quick work of large flat surfaces such as the chest and stomach.


The lather that the soap provided was nice.  Here are a couple of views to give you a better idea of what to expect:

Lather Results of Duke Cannon Soap

As you can see, expect to get some great visual and tactile feedback when whipping up a lather.

Slickness & Stickiness

When using the soap, it was incredibly slick.  In fact, it was so slick that as the lather rinsed off, the bottom of the bathtub felt noticeably slippery.  Not sure if this is typical, but it is worth mentioning.

But here’s the kicker:

While the soap felt smooth and slick upon first contact, the skin started to feel slightly tacky or sticky when rinsing off.  This may result from the ingredients interacting with the water – therefore, your results may vary.

Ultimately, the slickness followed by the tackiness wasn’t a dealbreaker – but it does provide a unique experience compared to a traditional bar of soap.


As you saw in the packaging pictures above, I decided to give the Leaf & Leather scent a try.  Striking a pleasant earthy and masculine fragrance, it smelled glorious. But, if there was anything wrong here, it is that it just wasn’t potent enough.  After drying off, the scent had entirely dissipated, making me want to jump back into the shower and use it again.

One thing about Duke Cannon that I love is the variety of fragrances available – you should have no problem finding a scent to suit your preference.


Perhaps the most significant advantage that Duke Cannon has over virtually all other soaps in the market is value.  The Big Ass Brick of Soap only costs a modest $9.  Compared to other brands, it’s a steal.  It is worth repeating; this soap isn’t made in some faraway place to provide these savings – it’s made right here in the USA – who says you need to pay a premium to buy American?

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Big Ass Brick of Soap is an all-around good soap and the reason why it made our roundup of the best soaps for men.  While the size can be a bit awkward at first, you’ll quickly get past that due to the pleasant fragrance paired with the unrivaled value.  

If you are on the fence, give Duke Cannon a try – we think you’ll like what they have going on here.

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