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DS Laboratories Review: Scientifically Proven Hair Care Solutions?

Very few companies make a splash like DS Laboratories.

A leader in advanced biotechnologies, they are single-handedly redefining the medicated shampoo and skin care category.

With captivating products like Revita, Dandrene, Spectral.DNC-N, and many other offerings (stay tuned), they are one of the very few companies that actually get it when it comes to delivering well-rounded products that contain active ingredients that have been proven to work.

While a lot has happened in their storied 12-year history, which we will touch on a bit more, the focus of this review is to look at their scientific credibility, the unique technology they employ within their products, along with a few reviews of the most popular products they currently offer.

Also, given that DS Laboratories is a company that a lot of you may not be familiar with, we will go over a few other details such as their return policy, promo codes, and our final thoughts about DS Laboratories.

Let’s take a deeper look.

Scientific Credibility

The most important factor when it comes to buying products relying on a healthy dose of medicinal ingredients is, of course, credibility.

You want to look at not only any third-party reviews, but also see if anyone from the medical community (specifically dermatology here) endorses their products.

As we found during our research, the highly respected and world-renowned physician and dermatologist, Dr. Antonella Tosti, has put her name behind the lineup of product offerings from DS Laboratories.

She has co-authored a staggering 764 studies on the National Institutes of Health (NIH) website (source).

If there is anyone you want endorsing your products, it’s her – she’s the real deal when it comes to dermatology.

Beyond an endorsement of a highly respected doctor, DS Laboratories employs proprietary technology to make their solutions much more effective than their competitors through a unique Nansome Delivery System (more on this in a minute).

To help you understand why certain products from DS Laboratories include specific ingredients, we recommend that you check out the science section on their website.  There you can see research reports demonstrating the efficacy (the success of a treatment option) of their shampoos when compared to both placebos and market leading solutions (i.e. Minoxidil).

In addition to claims, you can also see third party research that was done on unique ingredients such as ketoconazole, phosphatidic acid, and many more.

Nansome Delivery System

If there is one unique factor that separates DS Laboratories from any of the other topical treatments that you find at your local drugstore, it would be their Nansome Delivery System.

An overview of it goes like this:

  1. They encapsulate the active ingredient into small nano-sized liposomes (tiny little spheres).
  2. Then they mix and deliver these ingredients into the product.
  3. Once delivered, they penetrate deeper into the skin.

What does this mean?

Rather than applying a typical over-the-counter hair regrowth treatment or shampoo which is just simply a solution mixed with a few ingredients that takes a long time to see any results, the Nansome delivery system penetrates deeply, and quickly provides more effective results.

This means that you don’t have to wait that dreaded 6 months to possibly see some peach fuzz on your scalp or mild relief from severe dandruff.

Instead, you can typically see results in as little as 90 days.

That still might seem like a long time, but when it comes to wanting to see actual results, this unique technology will be a huge game changer.

Review of DS Laboratory Products

While we have touched on a few DS Lab products here on the site in the past, we thought it best to highlight a few of their best sellers to give you a better understanding of not only the breadth of the products they sell, but the quality.

Here’s a look first at their shampoo and conditioner:

Revita Shampoo & Conditioner Review

One of DS Laboratories most popular products would undoubtedly be their Revita line – which includes both their shampoo and conditioner.

Made for both men and women, this unique shampoo was designed to combat the effects of hair loss, including androgenic alopecia.

The approach that Revita takes, which is unlike most other hair loss products on the market, is that it is specially formulated to not only strengthen existing hair follicles, but to also add volume, and improve the overall appearance of your hair.

In order to make this work, Revita relies on four key ingredients (some having been proven countless times in studies) to make your hair look and feel better.

Revita includes the following:

  • Dihydrotestosterone blockers (DHT Blockers)
  • Ketoconazole
  • Caffeine
  • Biotin

Of course, DS Laboratories is relying on their Nansome Deliver System in order to encapsulate and deliver much more effective results.

On the Revita webpage, DS Labs has shared some key information of what others have experienced when using Revita for the recommended 90 days.

Key findings were as follows:

  • 92% experienced a decrease in hair loss
  • 85% experienced improvement in overall appearance of their hair
  • 70% experienced a reduction in hair loss rate

While we are only just scratching the surface of the effectiveness of Revita and the ingredients included in the shampoo and conditioner, they do list all the ingredients on their site.

Furthermore, for the eco-conscious and animal rights-conscious men and women out there, you will be happy to learn that unlike large mega corporations, Revita wasn’t tested on animals.  In addition, their bottle is made from biodegradable plastic.

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Dandrene Shampoo Review

There is no way around it, living with dandruff is brutal.

While your hair may look and feel great, having flakes occur can make you instantly self-conscious every minute of the day.

In order to combat dandruff effectively, you not only need a shampoo that can remove the initial set of flakes that are on your scalp, but also target the cause of dandruff and fully remove it from coming back ever again.

Truth be told though; dandruff can be caused from a variety of factors.  This could be from simply having a dry scalp, all the way to having a fungal infection.

Dandrene expertly fights the leading causes of dandruff, allowing you to feel confident with your hair 24/7.

Specifically, this shampoo was designed to not only get rid of flakes, but to reduce any sort of itchiness and redness while providing both key moisture and nutrition to your scalp.

Their leading ingredient in the bottle is zinc pyrithione.  This complex zinc compound inhibits the division and spread of both fungal and bacterial cells (source) – making it effective at treating seborrheic dermatitis.

Beyond zinc pyrithione, like Revita, Dandrene contains a whole host of other ingredients including hydrolyzed lupine protein, which delivers not only key proteins but also essential amino acids in order to support healthy and strong hair growth.

Like their other products, Dandrene does rely on the Nansome technology to produce more effective results with regular application.

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Spectral.DNC-N Review

You may already be familiar with Minoxidil.  If not, it’s the active ingredient that is found in the popular over-the-counter hair loss solution for men, Rogaine.

This FDA approved ingredient has been proven to regrow hair (source).

DS Laboratories has combined Minoxidil with Aminexil to create their own unique (and proprietary) ingredient, Nanoxidil.

Relying on the same Nansome Delivery Technology discussed earlier, this nano encapsulated ingredient ensures the continuous release of the active ingredients contained within (Minoxidil and Aminexil) to deliver higher efficacy and longer-lasting results.

This results in a product that can penetrate your scalp for over 12 hours after application.

Given that Nanoxidil was developed and trademarked by DS Laboratories, you aren’t going to find it anywhere else.

According to DS Laboratories, the results that men experienced when regularly using Spectral.DNC-N were quite remarkable.

Here’s what they shared on their site:

  • 95% noticed less hair loss
  • 90% noticed increased hair strength
  • 75% noticed increased hair growth

If you aren’t ready to lose your hair yet and are looking for a proven solution, then at the very least, Spectral.DNC-N is worth considering.

Beyond the key ingredient, Spectral.DNC-N also has a wide mix of other ingredients, both chemical and naturally based, that have been, in some instances, scientifically proven to alter the course of hair growth.

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Revita Styling Gel Review

We won’t cover this one too heavily as it is simply an extension of the Revita product line which we reviewed earlier, however, we wanted to make a quick note of it.

While hair clays, pomades, and sea salt sprays may be what all the younger men are using these days, the Revita styling gel is groundbreaking.

In all our years of reviewing men’s hair styling products, not once have we come across a product that had hair growth ingredients contained in it – this seems like a no-brainer!

Revita Styling Gel not only keeps your hair in place, but it adds volume, stimulates hair growth throughout the day, and doesn’t flake, all while adding necessary moisture to your hair follicles and scalp.

If you are all-in on reversing your hair loss trend and currently use a hair gel daily, then you might want to switch it up to the Revita Styling Gel.

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DS Laboratories Return Policy

When trying new products, especially in the hair loss treatment category, return policies are important.

The last thing you want is to get some product that performs at a sub-par level and simply wastes your money.

According to the DS Laboratories return policy, you have 30 days under their satisfaction guarantee.

Furthermore, if you are disappointed in the performance of any one of their products, you can follow their easy returns process and find a better match or receive a full refund within 90 days.

DS Laboratories Promo Codes

Truth be told, paying $30 for a single bottle of shampoo is a tough sell.  But given that DS Laboratories relies on actual proven ingredients instead of just a complex mix of essential oils that may work, the price is worth the admission.

To help bring the cost down on these products, we found that DS Labs does regularly promote a 20% off your entire order when you use the code FT20.

It’s a significant savings that should make trying a few of their products much more affordable.

Final Thoughts on DS Laboratories

Overall, we think that DS Laboratories may be on to something.  They aren’t just another fly-by-night hair loss company that is relying on far eastern medicine that may or may not work.

Instead, their products are relying on proven ingredients that have been heavily cited in scientific publications available on the National Institutes of Health (NIH) website.

In addition to being highly cited and with proven ingredients, they also have the backing of a leading dermatologist.

If you are on the fence about trying DS Laboratories, give them a try.  They offer a compelling lineup of products coupled with an easy return process should you be disappointed with the results.

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