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Dorco Prime Review

Today I have the pleasure of review the Dorco Prime Starter Set!

Before I dive into the review I need to cover a few quick things.

First off there are a TON of double edge safety sets out there.

But not only is there such a wide selection, but also a huge variance in price.

Just a quick search on Amazon, and I found sets ranging from $15 to over $80!  For the most part, the sets themselves will come with a few blades, the handle itself, and maybe a carrying case.

The kit I am reviewing today is the Dorco Prime Starter Set of which currently costs $25 on the Dorco site.

Secondly, I was not paid for this review.  But I was given this set for free by the folks over at Dorco.  So this is my personal opinion on the Dorco Prime Starter Set.

The Unboxing of The Dorco Prime Start Set

Before I jump into the actual shaving of this set, let’s first talk about the box.

If you plan on giving this as a gift, it makes a pretty great first impression.  When you initially look at it, you would think that this is likely going to cost you north of $50.

Included in the starter set are the Dorco butterfly shaver, 30 Dorco platinum blades, and a portable travel case:

dorco prime starter set unboxing - tools of men

As you can see in the picture above, everything comes neatly packed in its own spot and presents pretty well.

On the far left in the picture above you have the compact carrying case (which I will go into detail in a minute), butterfly razor, and the 30 razor blades.

Personally, if I received this as a gift, it would definitely put a smile on my face!

Built With Portability In Mind

dorco prime double edge safety razor in the portability case - tools of men

Contrary to even some of the more expensive double edge safety razor sets, the Dorco Prime set comes with its own travel case.

This is great if you want to take your favorite razor on the road with you.

Just a reminder for business travelers out there, bringing a double edge safety razor on the plane is prohibited and you must check your bag.

The travel case itself is made of plastic and should serve well to protect your razor handle and blades from being bounced around inside your luggage.

What’s also great about the travel case is that it will not only keep your razor handle intact, but you can also store 10 blades just below the razor.

Unless you plan on traveling for more than a few months, 10 blades will be well more than enough to cover you for your entire trip.

As far as the size of the kit itself, you can see in the picture below, it was easily able to fit into the palm of my hand:

dorco prime razor fits into the palm of hand - tools of men

Mind you, while this case is great for traveling, it’s also great for home use as well.

Being that I have a small one always on the run, I like to keep this on the top shelf discretely put away in the medicine cabinet.

With it being out of sight and mind, I feel pretty comfortable that he won’t find it anytime soon and accidentally hurt himself.

Sure It Looks Pretty – But How’s The Shave?

All good beards must come to an end – especially when reviewing a double edge safety razor.

For the razor aficionados out there, yes I realize I am not holding it properly, this was a prop pic ????

Prior to christening this razor for the first time.  I made sure that I used a beard trimmer to hack away most of the beard so I was left with just a bit of stubble.

Like any good shave, I made sure to hop into the shower in order to make sure my pores were open and my beard follicles were fully absorbed with moisture to ensure even a smoother shave.

So I went ahead and lathered up some shaving cream and took my first stroke with the razor:

first stroke with the dorco prime double edge safety razor - tools of men

The Dorco platinum razor blades glided effortlessly through my beard stubble and removed almost all the hair after a couple of short strokes!

Here is a bit closer view of the same side after two side by side strokes:

closeup of the dorco prime razor blade cut - tools of men

As you can see there are a few small stubbles there in the midground, that will be easily cleaned up on the next swipe with the grain.

Here was the closeup of the same side after I was done shaving:

cheek close up after shaving with a dorco prime double edge safety razor - tools of men

Here’s the same side but a little bit further away.

whole face overview of the dorco prime safety razor - tools of men

Personally, I felt it was a pretty good shave that was able to navigate around my face effortlessly.

Final Thoughts On The Dorco Prime Double Edge Safety Razor Starter Set

Overall I was thoroughly impressed with this set.

What stood out to me the most however was the value.

For such a low price you get a double edge safety razor (that will easily last you your whole life), 30 razor blades, and a carrying case to keep it all in order.

For some of the other popular double edge safety razor brands, you pay more just for the handle alone when compared to this entire kit.

If you are looking to pick this up you can buy it on the Dorco website.

Whether this is for yourself or for someone else, it’s a great entry into the world of wet shaving and starting to use a double edge safety razor.


  • Affordable
  • Nice travel case
  • Butterfly design makes it easy to switch blades


  • Not heirloom quality
  • Hard to find

Overall Rating: 7/10

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