Paula’s Choice Spot Treatment Review

Unlike Skinceuticals’ pigment restorer, Paula’s Choice uses ascorbic acid, or Vitamin C, to restore your skin to its natural look.

This product is great for zeroing in on dark spots, and you only need to apply a little to get the results you need.

This spot treatment utilizes a timed release on the product, meaning that the product works for longer than other competing solutions, and it is ultimately less harsh on the skin.

Because of this, this particular product is ideal for any skin type, with any degree of damage.

You have two sizes to choose from with this product, a small 0.17 oz trial size and a whopping 0.5 oz full size with vastly different price points.

If you are wanting the full-sized tube, expect to be dishing out around $60 for the product.

With that being said, men do say that it works as a great spot treatment, and their discoloration has visibly receded.