Maple Holistics Natural Dandruff Treatment Review

This incredibly popular dandruff shampoo by Maple Holistics is a great solution for those with a severely sensitive scalp.

With its hypoallergenic formula, this shampoo will gently cleanse your scalp of any loose skin flakes that are causing dandruff.

Now if you have psoriasis, this may not be the best choice, instead this shampoo is aimed at men who are experiencing dandruff simply due to overly oily hair.

This shampoo is a degreaser of sorts that will adequately strip all the excess sebum oil from both your skin and hair follicles.

But you will notice that on the side of the bottle, there is a heavy reliance on carrier oils like jojoba oil. This oil will help to regulate sebum production and make dandruff quietly subside.

If you are looking for an all-natural yet hypoallergenic solution, then this is worth your consideration.

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