JASON Natural Cosmetics Dandruff Relief Shampoo Review

Created on Long Island by the Hain Celestial group, JASON is another product added to their lineup that relies on natural ingredients to get the job done.

Within this product, you aren’t going to find coal tar, nor will you see pyrithione zinc or essential oils, instead you will find Sulfur alongside Salicylic Acid (both at 2% concentration) that will work to keep your dandruff in check.

Now this shampoo is not for the faint of heart. While it may contain a very natural profile of ingredients, many have reported that the scent is akin to sulfur upon use.

While some men may be able to handle this, others may find it a bit too much. However, if you find yourself reaching for a hair clay or pomade, then it likely won’t be a problem as your hair product will likely mask the off-putting scent.

Overall this is a great product that doesn’t include parabens, SLS, petrolatum, or coloring and phthalates.

If you are looking for a natural shampoo that’s both affordable and made in the USA, then check this one out.

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