American Crew Anti-Dandruff Plus Sebum Control Shampoo Review

If you want an uncompromising salon quality shampoo that also doubles down as a dandruff deterrent, then this shampoo by American Crew is likely calling your name.

Containing the same active ingredient in the Dove Men+Care and Head & Shoulders shampoos, this product by American Crew relies on Pyrithione Zinc.

This means that the soap will perform on par with the other big brands with its antifungal fighting properties.

What really sets this shampoo apart from the rest is that it includes a wide array of essential oils as well.

One in particular worth noting is the inclusion of Rosemary. If your scalp is oily due to the over production of sebum oil on your sebaceous glands, the rosemary included within will help to reduce production, and hopefully keep your dandruff in check.

Just don’t forget, this is a shampoo only, so be sure to pick up the conditioner alongside your purchase.

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