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Chiseled Face Cedar and Spice Aftershave Review

Founded in 2013, Greenville, OH-based Chiseled Face is an artisanal grooming company specializing in natural, handmade goods. While we recently gave their Ghost Town Barber shaving soap a detailed look in this review, we wanted to change our attention to their aftershave.

Winning high marks in shaving forums and on boutique shaving supply stores we just had to take a closer look at the fuss.

Here’s what we found out:


The composition of the Chiseled Face Cedar and Spice Aftershave is pretty simple and contains only a select set of ingredients. The most notable is alcohol, witch hazel, aloe vera leaf juice, fragrance (derived from essential oils), and vitamin B5 pro.

These are all common ingredients in aftershaves and have been used for generations of wet shavers. You can expect the alcohol in the aftershave to thoroughly disinfect and perhaps deliver light stinging sensations should any micro-abrasions or nicks be present.

The witch hazel will work to soothe and tone the skin, while the aloe vera leaf juice and vitamin B5 pro will help moisturize.

For an aftershave, it’s an incredibly well-balanced blend that should leave your face feeling refreshed, toned, and hydrated.


So Chiseled Face makes its aftershave available in several different fragrances (more on this later). Cedar and Spice, in particular, delivers a warm, woody, and slightly sweet scent with a touch of a menthol-like top note.

To my nose, it’s a perfect fall/winter fragrance that isn’t too heavy or cloying. It’s also a scent that is versatile enough to be worn both formally and informally.


Given the careful blend of ingredients paired with a balanced fragrance, it should be no surprise that the Chiseled Face Cedar and Spice Aftershave performs quite well. It has a nice consistency that is neither too thin nor too thick, and spreads evenly across the face. After application, I was left with a cool and refreshing feeling throughout the day.

As for the fragrance, it lingered nicely and was never overwhelming. I also didn’t experience any irritation, which is always a good sign.

We came across this great video by Shootin the Shave, which provides an excellent visual overview of the Chiseled Face Cedar and Spice Aftershave. If you’re interested in seeing how it looks and works, check this out:


Priced at $14.99 for 3.4oz, the Chiseled Face Cedar and Spice Aftershave aligns with what you expect to pay for a quality product. In fact, it’s cheaper than some of the big-name aftershave brands out there.

Other Chiseled Face Aftershaves

screen cap of the chiseled face website

As we touched on briefly, Chiseled Face offers their aftershave in several different fragrances. If Cedar and Spice isn’t your cup of tea, they have several other options that might better suit your fancy. A few that caught our attention were the Ghost Town Barber, a more traditional barbershop scent; the Sherlock, a warm tobacco fragrance; and Cryogen, a bright menthol scent.

You can check out the full line-up of Chiseled Face Aftershaves here.


With wet shaving seeing quite the renaissance in recent years, a few options are available on the market. Here are a few that come to mind that might be of interest:

  • Proraso Aftershave Balm: A budget-friendly Italian import with a more traditional lotion consistency.
  • Baxter of California After Shave Balm: A slightly more expensive option with aloe and glycerin to help soothe and hydrate the skin.
  • NIVEA Aftershave Balm (reviewed here): This widely available drugstore product is a great entry-level option.


The Chiseled Face Cedar and Spice Aftershave is a high-quality product that should appeal to wet shavers of all experience levels. It’s got a simple yet effective composition and a well-balanced fragrance, and it performs as advertised.

Here’s our final rating:

CompositionIt’s got it all – alcohol, witch hazel, aloe, vitamin B5, and essential oils to deliver a well-balanced aftershave.90
FragranceA perfect fall/winter scent that is woody, slightly sweet, and has a touch of menthol.95
PerformanceCooling, refreshing, and moisturizing. The fragrance also lingers nicely without being overwhelming.90
ValueAt $15 for 3.4oz, it delivers excellent value for the money.96
OverallIf you like to try new things and are looking for a perfect fall/winter fragrance, the Chiseled Face Cedar and Spice Aftershave is definitely worth checking out!92.75

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