Timex Men’s T2N958 Watch Review

This is a great watch for being outside, as it is exceptionally resilient against the elements, and it just feels good on the wrist. Where this watch really shines, though, is in the water.

This is a diving watch from Timex’s Adventure Series, so you know it was made to be worn in the great outdoors. It features water resistance up to 660 feet, a resin band that stays on and doesn’t soak up water, and an easy to read dial that can be read in and out of the water.

It’s a tough watch too, and gives you more than just the time. There is a temperature gauge that goes from 0 to 40 degrees Celsius, giving you an idea of how hot or cold the ambient temperature is.

A date dial is present on the side to give you a fast reference for the date as well as the time. The hands are colored different colors to also help expedite the time-reading process. It’s a highly visible watch with the bright yellow resin band, and it complements the black case very nicely. The best part about this watch is the unbeatable price.