Stuhrling Original Dive Watch Review

Stuhrling watches are top of the line watches, capable of doing so much more than tell the time. They aren’t overly complicated, but they aren’t so simple either. This Stuhrling Original timepiece is beautifully crafted with a bright blue face, dotted with stainless steel markers all around.

A magnified date window is also present for quick reference. The band is brushed stainless steel, making it just bright enough to stand out, but not exceptionally shiny. For as handsome as this watch is, it was designed with water in mind, and that’s where this piece really shines.

This watch is water resistant to 200 meters, ideal for diving, swimming, and snorkeling. When under the water, you can see this watch perform just as well as if you were on land, and the bright blue is fantastic underwater. It is powered by Swiss quartz, and is protected by a sapphire crystal window that helps to resist scratches while you are outside.

A unidirectional bezel decorates this watch, and the coin-cut case makes this unique timepiece really stand out. Whether you want this watch for it’s water-resistant capabilities, or just to wear around, you can’t go wrong with a Stuhrling.