Gosasa Tritium Luminous Dive Watch Review

This is such a great looking watch for whatever you need. It’s sufficiently dressy enough to wear out, but definitely passes as a casual watch as well. It utilizes Ronda technology to keep it going, and the Tritium enhancements present in the watch give it a truly unique feel.

The lights in this watch are bright enough to read in the dark, but they aren’t overbearing, perfect for low light conditions without standing out. The stainless steel band is sturdy, and can stand up to whatever you decide to throw at it.

This watch is water resistant up to 200 m, perfect for diving, swimming, and snorkeling. This watch was designed with the great outdoors in mind, and performs admirably in the water.

There are some small inconveniences with this watch, such as making sure that the crown is pushed in properly, but otherwise, reviewers have had no real complaints about how this watch works. In fact, many buyers are pleased with how this watch operates, saying that it is a fantastically balanced watch that works well and looks good. This watch is also incredibly inexpensive, clocking in at under $100.