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Cella Shaving Cream Review

Cella is a tallow-based and Italian-made shaving cream that has been in existence since 1899.  In this article, we will share with you the lathering and shaving experience of this shaving cream.

Specifically, we will be reviewing the Cella Crema Da Barba Almond Shaving Cream.

Let’s begin:

Review Disclosure

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  • Cella has no knowledge of this review prior to publication.
  • We paid for this shave cream out-of-pocket – it is not complimentary.
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Cella Shaving Cream Lathering Process

When lathering with this shave cream, you will immediately notice that it has a rather firm body, akin to most shaving soaps:

hand holding up cella shaving cream showing consistency

Therefore, hand lathers are out of the question.  Instead, you must resort to using a shave brush.

For this demonstration, we will be using a cheap synthetic shave brush.  After initially soaking the bristles and wringing out the excess water, it was time to lather.

When loading the brush, I found that you need to press rather firmly on the shaving cream to get a nice lather.  After doing this for about 30 seconds, I was able to get an acceptable amount loaded up:

man holding a shaving brush loaded with cella shave cream

When working the shave cream onto your face, you will notice that it goes on quite nicely.

After a bit of work, you can expect a rather thick lather in very little time:

man looking upwards with cella shave cream coating his face

Now, there are a few important notes I wanted to share with you about this lather:

  • The thickness and cushion of the shaving cream were stellar.  It developed into a really nice lather.
  • The shave cream is described as a sweet cherry and almond-scented shave cream.  Personally, I didn’t find this scent at all pleasant – in fact, quite the opposite.  I know this is highly subjective.  For reference, I typically like classic or invigorating scents like TOBS or Proraso.
  • Unlike my recent review of Chiseled Face shave soap, Cella didn’t dissolve or dissipate on the face when applied for an extended period.  Therefore, if you are using a straight razor or like to take your time while shaving, you won’t need to feel rushed nor need to re-apply halfway through the shave.

Using Cella Shaving Cream with a Safety Razor

Before we get into the shaving experience, there are a few important details you should know:

  • Facial Hair Prep: Splashed a liberal amount of warm water onto my face.
  • Pre-Shave: Applied a coat of Proraso Pre-Shave Cream (reviewed here).
  • Beard Length: Working with a one-day-old beard (mild stubble).
  • Safety Razor: Using a Merkur 38C safety razor – video review here.
  • Razor Blade: Using a fresh Personna blade.

Once the face has been prepped, here’s what you can expect when using this shave cream:

man using a safety razor on face with cella shaving cream applied 1

And here’s how things looked once the shave was complete:

man looking upwards after shaving with cella shave cream 1

Here are my notes about the entire shave experience when using Cella:

  • The shave cream made for a really nice and comfortable shave.  As evident in the post-shave pictures above, there was no irritation to speak of.
  • The lubrication or slickness of the shaving cream allowed for the razor blade to glide effortlessly across the surface of the skin.
  • Scent-wise, this shave cream was still a miss for meIt never got any better.  However, after rinsing my face and applying a post-shave moisturizer, the scent was nearly gone.
  • As far as staying power, I found that the loaded shave brush could only last for about two passes.  So, you will need to reload your shave brush if you like to make several passes with your preferred shaving tool.

The Bottom Line

The Cella Shave Cream had its fair share of ups and downs.  The performance of this shave cream is strong and should work well for most men.  However, the scent and the required load of the lather came up short.  Ultimately, if you are feeling adventurous, it may be worth giving it a shot.

Cella Milano Shaving Cream Soap Almond, 150 grams
  • Traditional shaving soap that creates a creamy leather
  • Ancient formula used

Other Important Details About Cella Shave Cream

Here were a few additional items we wanted to share with you about this shaving cream from Cella:


The ingredient label for the Cella Shaving Cream is rather clean:

close up of ingredient list on cella shave cream

As you can see above, there are very few ingredients within this shave soap – which is surprising given the performance it delivers.  It just goes to show you that you don’t need much to make a good shave cream.

Now it is worth calling out a couple of ingredients – namely the tallow and sweet almond oil.

  • Tallow: This is derived from animal fat (typically cows).  Therefore, this is not a vegan or animal-friendly shave soap.  
  • Sweet Almond Oil: Men with severe nut allergies, or who live in a house with others that have severe nut allergies, should exercise caution here.  Always do a patch test prior to full use.

Packaging Pictures

Here are a few closeup shots of the Cella Shave Cream for your review:

front of cella shaving cream packaging
bottom of cella shaving cream packaging

Where Is Cella Made?

Cella Shave Cream is 100% made in Italy.  Their headquarters are in Milan and they were established in 1899.


The price of this shave cream varies slightly across retailers.  You can typically find this shave cream available in the USA with a price point between $12 and $16.  

Wrapping It All Up

As you learned today, the Cella Shave Cream is a well-performing product that may be a nice addition to your morning routine.  While it does have some subjective downsides (scent and value), it’s definitely worth considering.