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Bevel Razor Review

Founded in 2013, Bevel has cut its teeth in the men’s grooming space by offering up a wide range of products.

Today, we wanted to share with you a detailed look at their flagship safety razor.  In this review, we will provide you with an overview of the packaging, a comparison of the Bevel to other razors, and a shaving demonstration.

Let’s begin:

Important Review Notes: We paid for this product out-of-pocket. This is not a paid review.  This post contains affiliate links.  Tools of Men is independently owned and operated.  Bevel is not aware of this post prior to publication.

Bevel Safety Razor Packaging

The Bevel Safety Razor comes in a no-frills box:

bevel razor packaging on bathtub ledge
closeup view of bevel packaging opposite side
closeup view of bevel packaging side 1
Read these instructions if you have never used a safety razor.
closeup view of bevel packaging back

As you can see from above, the packaging here is standard.  A couple of quick notes we wanted to call out are the country of origin (designed in the USA – made in China) and the key tips on how to use a safety razor.  These tips are important especially if you have never used a safety razor previously – so keep them in mind when shaving.

Additionally, the box did get slightly damaged, so you may want to be aware of this if you’re buying the razor online as a gift.

Takeaway:  Not really a luxury or premium unboxing experience here.  However, this is fairly standard packaging for most safety razors as demonstrated in our review of the Merkur 34C.

Key Specs About the Bevel Safety Razor

The Bevel Safety Razor is the perfect blend of all major razor systems combined.


When it comes to the total length, the Bevel razor stands just under 4.5″ in length:

bevel razor length compared to several razors

As you can see from the comparison above, this razor is just about as long as the OneBlade Core (reviewed here) and the Merkur 38C (reviewed here).

As is often the case with safety razors, the Bevel is about an inch shorter than both the Schick and Gillette cartridge razors.  So if you are coming from one of these systems, the shorter length may take some getting used to.


Now when it comes to weight, here’s where things get a bit more interesting:

bevel razor weight compared to other razors

The Bevel Safety Razor weighs double (88g) the amount of a standard cartridge razor (43g), but not nearly as heavy as the Merkur 38C (111g).

Per the packaging, the Bevel Safety Razor is brass-weighted with a nice brushed and polished metallic finish.  

Quick Note: Merkur razors contain a brass-weighted handle along with a diecast-zinc head.  Both are chrome plated.


One of the features that I personally wasn’t really loving with the Bevel Razor is the handle design.  While it looks incredibly sexy on any bathroom countertop, the brushed texture along with the thinner body does make it a bit harder to get a confident grip when compared to other razors.

The Details

There are a few other details that you should know about with this razor:

First, the Bevel Safety Razor is a three-piece safety razor and includes a starter pack of 10 blades.

Additionally, the blades are interchangeable with other brands thanks to the universal fitting of the razor head:

bevel razor next to several safety razor blades
bevel safety razor cap with razor blade set

So while the 10 Bevel blades are great to start out with, you can test between various brands in order to find out which razor blade provides the perfect shaving experience for your facial hair and skin.

The Bevel is classified as a traditional double edge safety razor. As you can see, the cutting blade slightly extends past both sides of the head:

diagram of cutting blade on bevel razor

Lastly, the Bevel Safety Razor safety bar is solid and extends the entire width of the head (if you are a bit confused by some of these terms, don’t worry– we wrote a nice primer here about safety razors you should check out if you want to learn more).

Shaving with the Bevel Safety Razor

Now to the most important part of this review–shaving with the Bevel Safety Razor.

There are a few important notes I wanted to share with you prior to shaving so you have a better understanding of the experience today:

  • Beard Length: Trimmed down with a beard trimmer to about a two-day length stubble.
  • Facial Hair Prep: Applied a liberal amount of warm water to the face to soften both facial hair and skin.
  • Pre Shave Treatment: Using the Taconic Pre-Shave Oil
  • Razor Blade: Using the included Bevel razor blade.
  • Shaving Cream: Using C.O. Bigelow shaving cream (reviewed here).
  • Shaving Brush: Using Maggard’s synthetic shaving brush (reviewed here).

Here’s how things were looking for both beard length and shaving cream application:

view of man with slight stubble
man applying shaving cream with brush

Prep is complete, now on to shaving:

man shaving with bevel safety razor 5
Easy gliding on the cheeks.
man shaving with bevel safety razor 4
man shaving upper lip with bevel safety razor
Working the mustache with no problems.

Here’s how things looked post-shave:

man looking up to show neck after shaving with bevel safety razor

Overall Rating

Here is the rating of the Bevel Safety Razor:

FeatureNotesRating (Out of 10)
WeightNo real pressure needed here.  The weight of the razor alone was enough to cut through the facial hair.9
HandleThe thin and non-textured handle was disappointing.  Hard to control when shaving some areas and changing grip.5
AggressivenessNot aggressive at all.  Provided a comfortable shave.9
Razor BladesThe razor blades cut through the facial hair adequately.  Fairly standard performance.7
Skin ReactionNo redness or discomfort post-shave.10
ValuePriced at $50, it’s better than cheap, no-name safety razors.  The price puts it on par with Merkur’s lineup.8
OverallThe razor performed well when compared to others at a similar price point.  The handle was a miss but overall, still provided a nice shave.8
Bevel Safety Razor with Brass Weighted Handle and 10 Double Edge Safety Razor Blade Refills, Single Blade Razor for Men, Designed for Coarse Hair to Prevent Razor Bumps, Fathers Day Gifts, Silver
  • LUXURY SAFETY RAZOR – This razor is re-engineered to help prevent razor bumps and irritation using double edge razor blades and a generously weighted handle

What Problem Does the Bevel Razor Solve?

If you are considering the Bevel Safety Razor as an effective way to reduce the occurrence of post-shave irritation and razor bumps (ingrown hairs) – then it is a good choice, particularly if you have a dense, curly beard.

However, do know that this benefit isn’t exclusive to Bevel.  To put it more bluntly, they aren’t offering a unique value here that can’t be found in comparable safety razors.  

Safety razors, in general, reduce the occurrence of razor bumps as they rely on one blade.  Unlike a multi-blade cartridge razor that lifts-and-cuts (hysteresis) with each pass, the single blade featured on the Bevel Safety Razor doesn’t cut as low – reducing the chance of ingrown hairs.

So, if razor bumps are a common problem for you, then this razor (and all safety razors) should help to reduce them from happening again.

Common Limitations of the Bevel Safety Razor

Given that this is classified as a safety razor, it has a few limitations which you should be aware of:

  • Not TSA-Friendly: While the Bevel razor itself can be stored in your carry-on luggage, the blades are prohibited in an airplane’s cabin and must be stored in checked luggage.
  • Learning Curve: Like all safety razors, the Bevel razor does have a learning curve as it does not contain a pivoting head.  Expect some surface nicks and cuts when shaving.  With steady practice, you should see strong performance after 10 consecutive shaves.
  • Limited Use: The Bevel Razor performs best on facial hair and flat areas only.  Using this on other areas of your body (head, groin, etc.) is not recommended.

Where to Buy the Bevel Safety Razor

The Bevel Safety Razor is one of the few safety razors that are widely distributed and are likely available at a store near you.  While the razor featured in this review was purchased from Amazon, you can also buy it directly from Bevel or at Target.

Other Things You Should Know About Bevel

Bevel (Walker & Company) was founded in 2013 and has since been acquired by Proctor & Gamble in 2018, the same parent company as Gillette.  

While outside the scope of today’s guide, Bevel does make a wide array of men’s grooming products which includes the following:

  • Electric Trimmer
  • Face Wash
  • Body Wash
  • Shave Brush
  • Priming Oil
  • Face Gel

and so many more products that you can view here.

Closing Out

As an introduction to traditional wet shaving, Bevel does a good job at making a nice safety razor.  It delivers on performance and should work exceedingly well for those men who are susceptible to razor bumps.

We hope that this guide and review was helpful in your research and learning a bit more about the Bevel Safety Razor.

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