Beast Skincare Review

Founded in Nashville, Tennessee in 2015, Beast is a sustainable-focused skincare company that makes invigorating grooming products.  

This review will focus on a few of their more popular offerings, including the face wash, body wash, and body lotion.

You will learn about the packaging, consistency, and performance of each product.  Additionally, you will also learn a bit more about what makes this company so unique from others.

Why Should You Trust Us

Tools of Men is independently owned and operated.  We paid for the products featured in this post with our own money.  

Additionally, we do have an affiliate relationship with Beast.  This means that we get a small commission, at no additional cost to you, should you purchase a product by clicking on one of the links featured in this article. We don’t get paid if you return the product, which we think is a fair deal.

Onwards to the review:


First is the packaging of the products.  Honestly, there was nothing exceptional going on here.  

Here’s how our box arrived in the mail:

various beast skincare products lying flat on a table

As you can see, for a grooming product, it was pretty standard. However, it was nice to see that the body wash was sealed around the bottle to prevent leakage or damage during shipping.

Notably absent was an incentive to purchase again (i.e., discount code for future orders).  

However, you will see later on; their emails offer plenty of chances to save money on future orders.

For sustainability, the packaging didn’t appear to be too excessive or wasteful.  Perhaps you could nitpick and say that a smaller box possibly could have been used.  But again, this is a minor detail.

Individual Product Packaging

Here are a brief look and relevant notes about the packaging for each product:

Face Wash

font of the beast skincare face wash packaging

At 6oz in size, the face wash isn’t travel-friendly.  Currently, Beast only makes a face wash in this size.

On the backside of the face wash, you will find the following:

back of the beast skincare face wash packaging

As you can see, the label features pretty standard stuff here. However, it is worth noting the face wash is made in the USA.

Body Wash

front view of the beast skincare body wash

The body wash is available in a generous 16oz bottle.  The pump top works well and doesn’t feel too janky or cheaply made.

Like the face wash, the body wash is made in the USA.

While writing this article, Beast appears to be making changes to the body wash lineup.  It seems that they are discontinuing their bottles and replacing them with a pouch and aluminum Beast bottle (more on this later).  

Body Lotion

front view of the beast skincare body lotion

The body lotion is the most unique of all the products we reviewed.  What’s really cool about this body lotion is that it has a carabiner clip hole on the top right corner.  This allows for easy and quick application throughout the day.

At 3oz in size, the pouch is also TSA-friendly.  While traveling, you will find that the pouch design allows it to slide easily into any toiletry bag.

Additionally, the pop-top makes it easy to open and close – especially important if you have lotion on your hands:

closeup of the beast skincare body lotion cap

Like the face wash, Beast only makes the body lotion in one size.

Lastly, here’s a look at the backside of the body lotion:

view of the back of the beast skincare body lotion

Final Note: The body wash was the only product with a tamper-proof seal.  

Consistency and Viscosity

To give you a better understanding of the Beast products, here’s a detailed look at the consistency and viscosity of each of the products we tested.

Face Wash

Here’s a closer look at the face wash:

beast skincare face wash on fingertip to demonstrate thickness

The face wash has a very mild exfoliating grit to it.  

For viscosity, the face wash is thin but not watery.  I took the picture above approximately 5 to 10 seconds after applying it to the hand.

Body Wash

Here’s a closer look at the body wash:

beast skincare body wash on a finger tip to demonstrate thickness

As you can imagine, the body wash has a silk-like texture. 

For viscosity, the body wash was really thin. Make sure you have a washcloth ready when using it as applying it directly to the skin will likely lead to unnecessary product waste.

Body Lotion

Lastly, here’s a closer look at the body lotion:

beast skincare lotion on finger tip

The lotion felt much more like a face lotion than a body lotion. 

The viscosity was lightweight but not overly thin.  This allows you to work the lotion into the skin with minimal effort.


After using all of the products, here is what we thought about the performance:

Face Wash

This product also blurs the line between a traditional face wash and an exfoliator.  It wasn’t silky smooth like the Bulldog Skincare Face Wash we recently reviewed, nor as gritty as some of the more aggressive exfoliators on the market.  The Beast face wash provides a light grit that helps remove dead skin cells, dirt, and other grime that may be resting on the surface.

After using it, the skin felt smoother and noticeably refreshing.  The product was also able to rinse off with minimal effort.  

For the scent, Beast relies on what they call a “Bold YAWP scent.”  This is basically a light and refreshing unisex scent that has notes of eucalyptus and peppermint.  Overall, it’s fairly pleasant to the nose and dissipates rather quickly.

For a daily face wash, it works well.  The gentle exfoliation should help to clear your skin without irritating.

Body Wash

Like the face wash, the Extreme Yawp Wash has an identical scent profile that makes for a lovely and invigorating start to the day. In addition, the unisex scent makes it perfect for sharing with a significant other.

When using the body wash on a washcloth, it developed a nice bubbly lather which was nice to see, especially given the high concentration of natural ingredients. 

The body wash rinses off relatively quickly, and there was no evidence of soap scum or stickiness.  

Body Lotion

When using the body lotion, you will quickly notice how easy it is to work into the skin.  The light consistency and texture allow you to apply it quickly, whether for a midday moisturizer or after showering.

Of all the products reviewed, the scent for the body lotion seemed to be the mildest.  There was no lingering scent shortly after applying.  

If there were a concern here, it would be around value. At 3oz in size, you can expect to go through the pouch rather quickly – especially if used daily.  Do know that Beast does sell another body lotion; however, it does appear to be a slightly different formulation.

Beast Skincare Discounts & Promo Codes


If you are on the fence about trying Beast products and aren’t willing to part with a few extra dollars, there are plenty of deals available before making your purchase.

By just simply heading over to the site, you will find three deals at the top of the home page:

diagram pointing out the beast skincare website offers

Furthermore, when you scroll to the bottom, in the footer, you will find a few more offers:

diagram pointing out beast skincare promo codes on website

So whether you want to go it alone and save $10 or refer a friend and get $25 – you have a few options at your disposal.

Email Promotions

Beast flooded our inbox with offers after our first purchase.  In a couple of months, we got nearly 20 emails.

As you can see, it’s a blend of contests, product announcements, and promotions.  So there is plenty of opportunities for savings on subsequent purchases.

screencap of inbox with all emails sent by beast skincare

Of course, if you value a clean inbox, be sure to uncheck the marketing email signup when making your purchase.

Other Important Notes

For the completeness of the review, we wanted to touch on a few other details about Beast:

Return Policy

The Beast return policy is a bit stingy.  While they offer a 60-day return window, it appears that you will need to cover the shipping costs.

For an $18 face wash, you think they would either offer a free return or just simply refund you all your money – no questions asked.  

Once they received the returned product, Beast will issue a refund within seven days. But, again, this seems pretty frugal in the age of Amazon Prime.

Of course, you could purchase their products through a third-party retailer if you like additional flexibility for returns.

Sustainability Initiatives

One of the shining points of Beast is their social responsibility.  Beast uses primarily organic ingredients, relies on sustainable palm oil, and is committed to reducing product packaging waste.

Furthermore, Beast is also a part of the 1% For the Planet program.  Beast joins the ranks of highly respected companies like Patagonia, Boxed Water, OXO, and others.

Lastly, all Beast products are vegan and cruelty-free.  

You can learn more about Beast’s sustainability initiatives here.  

Upon closer look, you can see how Beast is genuinely committed to reducing waste. For example, with the recent introduction of the aluminum Beast Bottle, you purchase it once and reuse it indefinitely.

Beast sells equally sized pouches with a smaller waste footprint that you can squirt into the aluminum bottle when you need to refill the body wash.

This refillable pouch is similar to what other brands like Kiehl’s are doing with their Creme de Corps (body lotion) line.

Product Lineup

The Beast line of products appears to be rapidly expanding.  From shaving cream to nut butter, they have just about all areas of the body covered. 

This page has a collection of all the products that they currently offer should you want to see the latest lineup.

Where are Beast products made?

What seems like a straightforward question is surprisingly complex to answer.  From the website, we learned that their ingredients are sourced worldwide.  

But based on a 2018 interview, John Cascarano, the CEO and Founder of Beast, stated that the products are made in Dallas with a desire to move manufacturing to Tennesee.

When looking at the label of the products we reviewed, it appears that they are “Produced in the USA” and “Distributed by: Beast Brands, Inc.”

This could be inferred from the label that production remains in Dallas at this time.

Where to Buy

Beast started as a direct-to-consumer company.  However, recently they have begun to expand into other retailers.  While we are unable to verify if they are sold in brick-and-mortar stores, you can find them online at the following places:


Overall, Beast is an interesting new men’s grooming brand that is worth trying.  Beast not only is quickly growing and offering a wide range of products, but the quality of their lineup is well above typical drugstore or budget grooming brands. 

Their commitment to the environment, along with the reliance on sustainably sourced ingredients, is a great trend that I think we can all get on board with.

If you are looking for something new to add to your grooming routine, give Beast a shot.  

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