Mountaineer Brand WV Timber Review

From the beautiful state of West Virginia comes this fine beard oil developed by longtime beardsman Eric Young. Unlike many beard oils that started up within the past year or two that are trying to capitalize on the latest trend in beards, Mountaineer has been around since 2013. Therefore this company has the beardsman in their heart and not just trying to make a quick buck.

So with their history of working with beardsmen far and wide, how does their beard oil stack up when compared to other popular brands in the marketplace?

Overall, they deliver, and at an incredibly affordable price as well!

This 2oz bottle of beard oil comes in at a very affordable $12.50 – which makes it nearly as cheap as making it yourself.

Regarding the bottle design, this comes with a restrictor valve, making for a easier application and measuring out pre-determined drops. In addition, the dark blue color of the bottle will help to block out harmful UV rays that would otherwise destroy the integrity of the carrier and essential oils.

What’s In The Oil?
You would think that being this beard oil is so affordable that Mountaineer likely skimped out on the ingredients by using cheap silicone based fillers, however that’s simply not the case. In this beard oil you will find the following ingredients:

  • Grapseed Oil
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Castor Seed Oil
  • Cedarwood Oil
  • Fir Needle Oil
  • Eucalyptus Leaf Oil

General Aroma

Generally speaking this beard oil delivers a nice mixture of both pine and cedarwood ultimately giving you that classic woodsy scent that many men desire in their favorite beard oils. Expect this terrific scent to last you a few hours and gradually dissipate throughout the day.

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