Leven Rose Beard Oil Review

By and far one of the most popular beard oils on Amazon with over 4,000 reviews is this organic and unscented beard oil by Leven Rose.

In this review we will be covering the fragrance free version of the Leven Rose beard oil. The rest of their lineup includes the following scents that are worth checking out:

  • Sandalwood
  • Cedarwood
  • Juniper Sage

What we really liked about this beard oil was its simplicity. The Leven Rose fragrance free oil contains only two primary ingredients:

  • Jojoba Oil
  • Aragan Oil

Both of the above ingredients are 100% organic as well, therefore you don’t have to worry about applying a product to your face that may have been heavily coated in pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

While we list the product as being made in the USA, the actual oils themselves are sourced both stateside and abroad.  According to the manufacturer, the jojoba oil is sourced from Arizona while the argan oil is sourced from Morocco (which is where the tree is naturally grown).

The key advantage that comes with a beard oil that only contains these two simple ingredients is that are no harmful parabens, GMOs, fragrances, or any false man made ingredients to simulate a lubricating surface like silicone.  Making this beard oil among the safest of all beard oils to apply regularly to your skin, beard, etc.

While we have talked exhaustively about the advantages of all the benefits of beard oils in other posts, the key benefit realized from any beard oil comes primarily from the carrier oils.

This particular beard oil by Leven Rose aside, carrier oils compose north of 95% of the solution in any beard oil. If you aren’t already familiar with carrier oils, here’s a quick overview:

Carrier oils, like the jojoba and argan oils contained in this beard oil, help supplement the sebum oil that you produce naturally on your skin. Sebum oil helps to keep your follicles and skin well nourished.

When your beard grows to greater lengths (usually a month or longer worth of growth), the sebum oil can’t keep up with the follicle length leading to poor beard results.

The classic symptom of when beard oil is necessary will be when you start to experience dryness, itchiness, and eventual beardruff (dandruff on your beard).

Therefore beard oils like the one that Leven Rose makes, will help to supplement your sebum oil in order to make for a much more comfortable beard.

After a few days of use, you will instantly notice a reduction in beardruff and eventual softening of your beard that will feel terrific when running your fingers through it.

If you have sensitive skin, this beard oil will be the best one to start with given both carrier oils contained in the bottle. Jojoba oil is found in many high end beauty products including soaps, shampoos, lotions, and more. Of all the carrier oils available jojoba is the closest you can get to the natural sebum oil you already produce, making it likely the safest for general use.

Argan oil, much like jojoba oil, is incredibly popular in beauty products, and in particular with shampoos. Nearly as mild as jojoba oil, argan oil is a great oil to start off with, especially if you have sensitive skin.

While 99% of the beard oils on the market contain essential oils such as tea tree, eucalyptus, peppermint, lemon, lavender, and hundreds more, this beard oil is noticeably absent of any sort of essential oil fragrances making it ideal if you prefer an unscented aura.  If you do wear cologne regularly, you can safely use this beard oil as it won’t clash with any other fragrances.

Its important to note that essential oils do actually provide additional benefits alongside carrier oils. Take for instance tea tree oil. Found in several different types of beard oils, tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic that has been actually proven to help combat acne.

Other essential oils like sandalwood or pine can give you that classic barbershop smell or one that is a bit more earthy and woodsy in nature as well.

So if you are looking for a classic beard oil that does have these scents then you should check out other scented beard oils on the market like this one.

Another facet to the Leven Rose beard oil that we really liked as well was the bottle design. While some beard oil companies like to be clever and just have a pour out bottle which can be incredibly cumbersome when your hands are slick with oil, this beard oil contains a dropper for easy application.

To use this beard oil, simply place about a dime sized amount into the palm of your hand to start. Next you will want to rub your hands together to ensure an even coating. Lastly you will want to massage the oil into your beard, starting with your skin and base of your beard follicle first then gradually working towards the tip of the beard follicles.

Lastly, the bottle is amber in color, which as we cover in our DIY beard oil guide, will help block harmful UV rays that will break down the integrity of the oils.

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