The Blades Grim Cinder Beard Oil Review

From shave soap to beard balms, colognes and more, The Blades Grim produces a wide array of men’s grooming products all at a relatively competitive price point.

For instance, the Cinder beard oil is priced at an incredibly affordable $13.50 which is actually cheaper than the fragrance free beard oil by Leven Rose by .47 cents. Which by comparison is pretty large whenever you look at the ingredients of the two oils.

Unlike the Leven Rose beard oil that only contains organic jojoba and argan oils, this beard oil by Blades Grim contains apricot kernel and avocado carrier oils along with Vitamin E oil and lastly fragrance.

While many standard beard oils tend to either have jojoba, argan, or sweet almond oil as a base for the carrier oils, we were surprised to see that The Blades Grim decided to forgo this and use apricot and avocado instead.

While its not what we expected to see on the side of the bottle, the results of this beard oil will┬átend to be a bit dryer of an oil when compared to other classic oils. It’s not to say that its a bad thing at all, however it is an important distinction that makes this beard oil starkly different from the others on the market.

We were equally surprised to see though that this beard oil does actually contain a Vitamin E oil which is pretty impressive and typically reserved for oils that are a bit more premium.

If you aren’t already aware, Vitamin E oil can help ward off free radicals that will accelerate the aging process. Therefore regular use of Vitamin E may help in delaying skin aging with regular application.

In addition to wrinkles, Vitamin E oil can help to nourish and moisturize your skin (in combination with the carrier oils already in use) that will leave your skin, and ultimately your beard, to feel incredibly soft.

As it goes with any beard oil, not exclusive to The Blades Grim, is that a beard that is well nourished and moisturized will help to ward off beardruff (that is essential flaking from your skin due to dryness) and leave your beard follicles being much more pliable. Pliable beard follicles will greatly reduce the risk of split ends on your beard.

The one ingredient that we weren’t thrilled to see within the beard oil, and likely the reason that it has such a low price point is the inclusion of “fragrance” on to the ingredient list.

Unlike the “fragrance” that was listed in fragrance is rated a 8 out of 10 as a high hazard ingredient, The Blades Grim, from our research uses the other type of “fragrance”.

What do we mean by this?

Within the cosmetics word, fragrance is a pretty dirty word and is actually considered a harmful ingredient within beauty products. According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG) that regularly examines the ingredients within a wide array of beauty products for both men, women, and children, fragrance is rated a 8 out of 10 as a high hazard ingredient.

The primary concerns that EWG outlines with this ingredient are the following:

  • Strong evidence that its a known human immune system toxicant, allergen
  • Causes irritation for eyes, skin, and lungs
  • General organ toxicity

You can read more about the dangers of fragrance here. The other downfall to this ingredient is that the term fragrance/parfum is actually an umbrella term used to actually mask the inclusion of up to 3,100 ingredients! Therefore as a consumer, you never truly know what the components are of the fragrance ingredient.

While we have also mentioned in other reviews for shaving creams and soaps our dismay that this ingredient is making its way into beauty products for men, we just wish it weren’t. Therefore its always important to reduce the use of products that include this ingredient.

Now with it comes to the actual smell of this product, we weren’t too in love with it. In addition, it seems like the manufacturer is also equally a bit confused on the smell that they are trying to achieve as well. For their listing on Amazon, they state that its “a warm and toasty mix of Venezuelan Tonka, Orange Peel, Mandarin, Coriander Leaves and Star Anise” whereas on The Blades Grim website its “Dark Tangy mix of bergamot, lemon, fir, and geranium with a hint of wood, leather, and musk”.

From our results we think it smells a bit more like the former than the latter of the two. Of which just simply wasn’t all that pleasing to the nose. In addition the scent is rather strong and will likely last with your beard throughout the entire day unlike other beard oils that usually dissipate after a couple hours of wear (likely attributed to the use of fragrance than all natural essential oils).

Regarding the bottle design of this particular beard oil its very similar to the distinct design by Beardbrand where its more rectangular shape with the inclusion of a restrictor valve. This makes for incredibly easy application time and time again without accidentally spilling excess liquid all over your hands leading you to have to purchase more beard oil regularly.

In addition the bottle does come in a dark amber color that will help maintain the integrity of both the apricot and avocado carrier oils along with the Vitamin E oil.

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