Beardbrand Tea Tree Beard Oil Review

Among some of the best marketed beard oil that you can pick up today will come from Beardbrand’s vast line up of beard oils.

From cheaper beard oils found in their Blank Slate line up starting at just $14.99 to a premium beard oil that costs $79.99! Beardbrand has unequivocally paved the way for many of the beard oil companies that have since flooded the market.

So how does their Tea Tree beard oil stack up to both the new and existing manufacturers in the field?

Quite well.

To understand any beard oil its important to first examine the ingredients actually used in the product. Like any beard oil on the market, if the ingredients aren’t listed on the side of the label, we typically pass on them.

Here’s the oils that Beardbrand uses in their Tea Tree beard oil:

  • Simmondsia chinensis oil (jojoba)
  • Vitis vinifera oil (grapeseed oil)
  • Prunus dulcis oil (almond oil)
  • Ricinus communis oil (castor oil)
  • Fragrance (essential oils)
  • Citrus grandis (grapefruit) seed extract
  • Glycerin (vegetable derived)

What we liked about this beard oil is that it contains jojoba oil as a base. As mentioned in other reviews and posts on our site, jojoba does a terrific job at being an all natural supplement to the sebum oil that you are currently producing.

One of the most mild oils that you can use regularly, jojoba will help ensure that your skin stays well nourished and moisturized. Should you have regular acne or oily skin, you shouldn’t be alarmed by the use of this beard oil and others like it that contain jojoba oil. Jojoba itself is extremely similar to the oil that your skin is already producing and will typically balance out the oil production from your sebaceous glands.  As with any beard oil product, be sure to always do an allergy test before applying just to make sure your skin agrees with it.

Another great addition to this product is the infusion of glycerin. As noted above, the glycerin used in the Beardbrand Tea Tree oil is naturally derived from vegetables and can be safely applied to your skin.

If you aren’t familiar with glycerin, here’s just a quick overview:

Glycerin is found in several different types of products, from pharmaceutical to sweeteners, it has a large variety of uses. Its key role within this beard oil is to act as an all natural humectant that will assist in locking in the moisture on your skin helping keep both your skin and beard looking absolutely great.  Think of it as an alternate to Vitamin E that is typically found in other premium beard oils.

The last ingredient that we want to call out is the use of “fragrance”. While its not explicitly stated on the bottle, the fragrance is derived from a mixture of essential oils.

Its important to understand the difference between the fragrance in this beard oil and the generic “fragrance” term that is used heavily in the cosmetic industry. When we see the term “fragrance” on a cheap bottle of shampoo or other skin care products, it actually serves as an umbrella for a ton of chemicals (3,100 to be exact). This fragrance that is used so widely has been causing a lot of red flags with consumer watch-groups (source). Therefore its extremely important to make note that the fragrance in this beard oil isn’t the same as the fragrance from a budget shampoo.

Regarding the design, the rectangle shape bottle for this particular beard oil is pretty unique when compared to the typical cylindrical ones on the market. However what we do like on this particular bottle is that its amber in color. As mentioned in other beard oil reviews and in our complete DIY beard oil guide, the amber color of the bottle will help ward off harmful UV rays that can destroy the integrity of the of oils leading to a less than effective beard oil.

One feature that is noticeably different with this beard oil when compared to the others on the market is the lack of the dropper. While the dropper is a nice touch, and our preferred method of application, the restrictor valve found atop this beard oil gives a clean slick look to the bottle itself.

Therefore instead of having to pour out the bottle carefully that will likely lead to oily hands and a messy bottle, the restrictor valve allows you to tip the bottle over and apply a few drops to the palm of your hand safely prior to application.

When it comes to the scent of this beard oil, theres a lot of obscurity around it given that the essential oils aren’t explicitly listed. However, Beardbrand dubs this product has having notes of peppermint, tea tree, and vanilla and elicits a smell that is ‘cool, clean, and crisp’.

Furthermore, with the scent, it may seem a bit on the stronger side at first, however should likely dissipate after a few hours of wear. Therefore you shouldn’t feel that the scent ‘lingers’ in a bad way.

When it comes to actually hydrating your skin and beard, this oil performs well. With its impressive array of carrier oils outlined above, after a few days of regular application you should immediately begin to see a reduction in beardruff and a much softer beard.

Our biggest gripe about this beard oil is going to be from a price point. While we outlined at the beginning of this article that Beardbrand has compensated for this in their Blank Slate lineup, this particular beard oil is an extremely tough pill to swallow when commanding a $25 per ounce charge.

As we outlined in our post of comparing 80 different types of beard oils, it was clearly demonstrated that this particular oil is an outlier when compared to other brands on the market. Therefore if you have the discretionary money to burn and you are looking to always explore new beard oils, then you should give it a try.

However, just note that more affordable beard oils are available on the market and even within Beardbrands own lineup.

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