Red Sandalwood Pocket Beard Comb by EQLEF® Review

This beard comb overall is a good entry level beard comb that offers two distinct distances between the teeth of the comb.

With its finer teeth (pictured left side), and wider teeth (pictured right side) will be able to suit most mens beards whether they are either on the thicker or thinner side.

One thing that we at Tools of Men really dug about this comb was that its made from wood.

Therefore the amount of damage that you will be doing to your beard follicles (as outlined how important this is above), is for the most part pretty minimal and forgiving.

But the wood benefits will last long into the life of the comb.  You see the more you use this comb, unlike a plastic comb, the more softer the edges are going to naturally become.

Word of warning though – suspect quality is surrounding this comb in regards to the reviews on Amazon.  Folks have found that some splinters may show up between the teeth of the comb and it appears that this company ships their products directly from China.

General Styling Ability

One of the major drawbacks of this comb is that its relatively smaller – 10cm x 5cm (roughly 4″ x 2″).  With such a smaller size, this would probably suffice better as a pocket comb over a full on styling comb.

Even so, with it being a pocket comb, it still is pretty chunky!

Its just about .5″ longer than your standard deck of cards.

How does this all relate to the general styling ability?

You see pocket combs are great when you need to clean up on the go, but if you are preparing your beard in the morning, pocket combs simply aren’t the go to option since they are a bit more on the clumsy side when it comes to handling.

This puts this product in an awkward niche of not being the best pocket comb nor the best general comb for your beard – therefore receiving generally negative styling ability scores.

Pros: Incredibly affordable wooden comb for your beard.
Cons: From a price for performance perspective, you are better off investing in the higher rated combs we reviewed.
Bottom Line: While its awesome to pick up a wooden comb and use it on your beard, there are much better options out there, even if this is priced at a competitive sub $10 price tag. Styling and handling issues aside, with this comb having suspect quality issues stemming from perhaps poor manufacturing it China, its probably safer to pick up an alternative comb reviewed.