Pocket Size Buffalo Horn Beard Comb Review

A relative new comer to the beard comb market place, the Wild Wild West beard comb a comb made of both buffalo horn and Sandalwood.

Why would you be interested in using buffalo horn on your beard?

Much like both the wood and synthetic matieral combs that are hand cut, buffalo horn is terrific at preventing static from occuring when combing your hair.

This is critical when it comes to the very core purpose of any beard comb – styling ability.  I will touch on this a bit more below.

Regarding the actual size of this product, overall its much like the other wooden comb we reviewed by EQLEF (below).  It’s going to be about the same size as your standard pack of playing cards.

Unlike wood that may sometimes snag (should there be micro cracks from dropping or banging it up), buffalo horn wears nicely and will run through your beard smoothly.

General Styling Ability

This comb has a really sturdy feel too it and generally does feel pretty good in the palm of your hand.

However, the most common gripe that guys will have about this product is that its a bit on a smaller side (moreso functions as a pocket comb) and that the teeth are a bit more on the wider side.

Pros: Constructed from a high quality material.
Cons: Often out of stock and pricey.
Bottom Line: This comb is a great intermediary beardsmen comb. Being made of buffalo horn, it should serve you well for a long time. The largest drawback to the comb is both the price tag and the size of the comb. Coming in at about $30 (at the time of this review), its a bit on the higher side for most combs on the market. When compared to the Kent comb we reviewed, we think you simply get a much better with Kents 3 combs compared to just this one.