Leven Rose Beard Comb Review

The teeth on this comb are WIDE!

That is both a good thing and a bad thing for guys.  If you have a beard that is a bit on the shorter side, this comb is not for you.

With such wide teeth, you will not get much styling acheived with this comb.

On the flip side to that, if you have a much longer beard, this comb can work relatively well.

The size of the comb should be able to fit into the palm of your hand and can be considered a classic pocket comb.

Its important to note though, that some men may be turned off by the uneven depth between each one of the teeth on the comb.

Therefore this comb tends to cater to a very specific niche audience – men with long beards, who want a pocket comb, and don’t mind having a wooden comb.

Personally we at Tools of Men love

General Styling Ability

Our biggest and largely only gripe with is product is the spacing of the teeth.

It makes it too geared towards men with larger beards and really confines it from also being able to effectively comb your mustache as well.  In fact for your mustache you would likely have to get a separate mustache comb to compliment this one.

With its streamline construction, this will fit well in your pocket for when you might need to do a bit of a midday clean up on your beard.

Pros: Affordable beard comb from a respected beard oil manufacturer.
Cons: Wide set teeth make this useful for men with yeards.
Bottom Line: Personally we at Tools of Men love Leven Rose beard oil for its simplicity and effectiveness. However for this comb, we unfortunately can't give it high marks given its specific niche audience that its trying to serve. There are simply much better combs out there on the market that you should check out and would be worth your money. If you do decide to give this comb a try, based on other users feedback, Leven Rose customer service appears to be top notch. Therefore they should be able to handle any issues that you may have.