Kent Men’s Handmade Comb, Set of 3 Review

Kent combs are known as the gold standard when it comes to the best beard combs.  While the competition is without a doubt tough when compared to the others listed in this review.

We found that hands down, the Kent handmade beard comb, is simply the best beard comb on the market.

With its hand polished finish and just the right balance of weight to size, this beard comb just simply ‘feels right’ when placed into the palm of your hand.

The craftsmanship of these combs are absolute stellar, and its something that Kent takes great pride in.

This company has been around since 1777, yes you read that right.

Now, one thing reviewers will notice that this is a 3 pack that is getting reviewed and that might seem unfair to the others listed.

Which it is.

This was accounted in the overall value score of the product (while not a huge downfall).

To note: Having a variety of combs accessible for you is the proper way to go.  This kit has a comb for your mustache, one for travel, and lastly one for your cabinet back home.

General Styling Ability

This gets high marks across the board for the ability to easily style your beard no matter if its .25″ or 5″.

The teeth are evenly spaced out and glide effortlessly through your beard without the feel of any tugging or pulling.

Pros: Simply one of the best beard combs on the market.
Cons: This comb is perfect.
Bottom Line: This set of combs gives you the best styling control for your money. Recommend by the biggest and most influential beard enthusiasts everywhere Kent combs also get high praises when it comes to the peer score. Another important note, Kent combs are made in U.K. unlike some of the other combs listed here that were made in China.