Go-Comb – Wallet Comb + Bottle Opener Review

By and far one of the most versatile beard combs that we reviewed comes from the company Go-Comb.  Offering a variety of combs that just about any man (or lady) could ever need, Go-Comb gives companies like Kent a run for their money.

Specifically in this review we are going over their stainless steel + bottle opener comb.

First off lets talk about versatility.

Whether you are tailgating on a Sunday afternoon with your buddies, or are simply outdoors at a BBQ, it can be incredibly annoying when you don’t have a beer bottle opener handy.  Usually someone at the party knows a cool trick of popping off the bottle with a lighter or using the ledge of the picnic table to their advantage.

However, without all the effort of trying to pop open a bottle of your favorite cold one, Go-Comb smartly fitted the edge of this  comb with a built-in bottle opener – making this more than just a beard comb!

But you would think given that this comb is so incredibly thin, the opener will probably break after two uses right?


In fact, this beard comb has been crafted from a steel base that will perform incredibly well.

Bottle opener aside, you are probably most curious about the combing aspect, right?

Well you will be happy to know that this fine-toothed comb will keep your beard in check.  With perfectly spaced teeth that have been polished down, you shouldn’t experience any snags when running the comb through your beard.

Another benefit to the metal teeth design is that it won’t chip or break like wooden or plastic combs.

One caveat to this design is the spacing of the teeth.  Unlike the Kent comb that has both narrow and wider set teeth on the comb, the Go-Comb only offers one width.  Therefore if you want to straighten up your mustache hairs, it may be a bit tougher to style.

Last, and perhaps most importantly, is the size of the Go-Comb.

While I like to make sure that my beard looks great on the go, one of the biggest pains with the other beard combs that we reviewed is their size.  Usually way too big for your pocket, other beard combs often have to be stored in a messenger bag or your car throughout the day.

go comb beard

With the Go Comb, its the same exact size as a standard credit card (3.2″ x 2″), it can very easily fit in your wallet without it feeling too bulky.

While the steel bottle opener comb is a bit heftier, Go-Comb does offer lighter options in a black mesh.

Pros: One of the best portable beard combs that we reviewed.
Cons: With its 3" width, it may be a bit tougher for styling a yeard and mustache hairs.
Bottom Line: Overall this is one of the best beard combs for every day carry fans. It's credit card shape design will fit into virtually any wallet.