CanYouHandleBar’s Beard Oil Brush with Travel Case Review

We were excited to definitely review this brush given horsehairs recent uptick in popularity especially in the mens grooming realm. This compact little brush is an ok brush for when you are in a quick pinch and are looking to clean up your beard. Given the size of this brush compared to the others reviewed, it was substantially smaller.

However, there’s a catch:

While we were in love with this same company’s beard oil that we had recently reviewed, unfortunately this brush just simply misses the boat.

As we described at the top of this article, typically a horsehair bristle brush will do a great job in distributing the oils pretty well within ones beard, hence our excitement in reviewing this brush. However this brush by CanYouHandlebar was promoted as having “soft” horsehair, which isn’t a good thing, especially if you are growing a really thick or very long beard. You see, given that the bristles are so soft, they just have a very difficult time in getting to the root of your beard follicles.

As any expert beardsmen would know, this spells disaster for several reasons. When applying beard oil or balm regularly, you absolutely need a brush that will help make the oils travel to the surface of your skin.  Proper coverage of oil on to your skin will help prevent the occurrence of beardruff and just general dryness and irritation when growing a beard.

This brush may be best suited for men with a shorter and thinner beard.

Peer review wise this brush wasn’t too bad with a general consensus of fairly good across other sites, however, it was still not rated among the best beard brushes relative to competing products in this space.

But look, not all was lost:

The biggest bonus point of this brush is the fact that it comes with a nice little tin to keep your brush stored in. As we touched in the beginning of this brush’s review, this is a great brush for travel purposes and for the infrequent touchups that you need to do when on the go. Therefore if you are going on a weekend trip or a shorter trip overseas, you can tuck this brush away and use it specifically for those occasions.

In the end we really wanted to like this horsehair beard brush and gave it a fair shot, however, we just can’t recommend it except for the rare occasion of travel. Therefore we recommend that you check out some of the other brushes reviewed as they simply just deliver a bit better of performance.

Pros: Compact design that comes in a travel case. Especially useful if you are placing in your favorite dopp kit.
Cons: Pricey for the size. If you grow a longer beard, may no longer be suitable.
Bottom Line: This brush is good for a guy with a shorter beard that is always on the go. Otherwise there are better brushes out there.
Can You Handlebar Beard Oil Brush
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