The Beardman Beard & Hair Brush Review

Needless to say, when reviewing this product we were pretty darn excited. This brush had a staggering 4.5 out of 5 rating on Amazon with over 400 reviews. I mean it had to be good right?

Unfortunately for this boars hair bristle brush, a lot was left to be desired.

First and foremost the worse thing about this brush was the composition of the bristles. When examining it closely, we were a bit apprehensive whether or not this was truly indeed boars hair bristles, but it appeared actually that there were also plastic filaments that were also added into the production of this brush.

As far as the performance of the brush, amazingly it wasn’t too bad in making the beard look a bit better. However, the bristles were a bit firmer than expected given that this was advertised as a “soft” boars hair bristle brush.

In addition to the mediocre brush bristle, as also experienced by several other beardsmen across other sites as well, this brush tends to actually shed its bristles after the first few uses which to us showed not exactly the best care and attention to construction.

In regards to the actual packaging of this brush, we will say that it is nice that the brush does in fact include a canvas bag as a nice touch. While the use of the bag is likely going to be limited past the initial opening of the box, its at least a nice added touch that many beard brush manufacturers tend to skip on.

Our overall thoughts on this beard brush is that beardsmen should check out the alternatives that do exist within the marketplace. Given the super low price point of $11 (at time of publication in April 2016) its a great entry level beard brush for the beardsmen that is on a really strict budget, however if you are willing to spend a few extra bucks there are much better brushes to choose from.

Pros: Affordable brush that might be best for he beardsman on a budget.
Cons: Qustionable fiber filaments, lack of handle may be a problem for some men.
Bottom Line: Skip on this one, there are better options out there in the market.

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