Beard Brush for the Modern Gentleman by Liberty Premium Grooming Co. Review

The biggest part of this brush, and why you should pick any brush, is due to the bristle quality and construction. Unlike other other brush that we reviewed, this brush seemed to have 100% boars hair bristles throughout. Not only were we suspect given the other brush, Liberty Grooming backs up this claim by stating that their brush is indeed “100% Boar Bristle”.

As far as the performance of the brush, it does a terrific job in getting every single beard follicle down to the skin. This is a critical component in making sure your beard product gets to the skin beneath your beard.  In addition to being able to get down to the skin, this brush does a great job in evenly distributing oils among your beard follicles rather well whether you have a very short beard or even a yeard.

The one thing to be mindful of when purchasing this brush is the actual size. While the horsehair brush that we reviewed above was rather small, this brush on the other hand is rather large. While this might not be a bad thing for the seasoned beardsmen, men who have only been growing their beard for only a month or two might be a bit intimidated by the size of this brush initially.

However it would be a mistake to stray away from this brush simply due to the size. Given its excellent construction its a great brush for any beardsmen to effectively grow into and therefore shouldn’t be overlooked given its size. Secondly, given its size and that it has boars hair bristles, some men may experience discomfort given the stiffness of the bristles. It’s important to remember that this is going to hold true for just about any boars hair bristle brush given the natural tendencies of these bristles . Remember, the stiffness of boars hair will help train your beard to grow in the proper direction.

Now with the size of this brush being a bit larger, this might be a problem for the beardsman that is always on the go. But luckily this was compensated by their complementary comb that is actually included with the purchase of the brush!

While this review is about brushes specifically, we do want to of course mention that Liberty Grooming Co does actually include a comb which makes quick touchups a breeze and an awesome extra touch.

The peer reviews for this particular brush were through the roof! It’s important to note that this brush was one of highest rated beard brushes online.

As far as gripes about this particular brush there were only two minor problems that we found. First off its made in China. While some people don’t hold much weight on this, we of course are based in the USA and therefore support products that are made by fellow Americans.

Secondly, this was the most expensive brush reviewed. However we feel that these two shortcomings of both country of origin and price can indeed be overlooked given the high performance output of this brush that will last you for a long time.

Editors note: Since we originally published this review, this specific beard brush has been often out of stock and experienced a significant price increase.  We recommend checking out alternatives on the market. 

Pros: It's a quality boar brush that should help get your beard in shape.
Cons: Since our initial this review this brush has increased singificantly in price and often out of stock.
Bottom Line: While a terrific brush, we recommend other higher rated alternatives that we reviewed.

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