Bass Brushes Brush Classic Men’s Club Style Review

When we reviewed the Bass brush, we found it to be just average as best. Shaped in more of a classic paddle brush form, this brush seemed to make sense for beardsmen that have been sporting a beard for quite some time.

Therefore its not nearly as versatile as some of the other brushes reviews.

Performance wise however, we found that at first he brush was considerably underwhelming. Many of the bristles did indeed fall out of the brush making us suspect of the quality (more on that in a minute).

However, after the initial shedding of the bristles, this brush did perform ok. Given the performance of this brush, there are just simply better alternatives out there.

The one thing that we found highly disappointing about this brush is the actual composition of the bristles may not be indeed be of 100% boars hair. Instead we, and many other folks who have tried this brush, found that the bristle composition is likely going to be mostly nylon with some added boars hair within the mix.

When applying beard oil, this brush just simply didn’t do a good job trapping in the oils to the bristles to help ensure an even spread (likely given that many of the bristles are nylon).

Besides the actual composition of the brush, we found that it was also made in China, which may lead to some of the low quality standards.

Performance and country of manufacture aside, this brush was rated alright online and is priced relatively competitively. At the time of this review, the Bass brush was priced at $12 online.

Pros: Extremely affordable and will get out tough tangles in your beard.
Cons: Qustionable fiber filaments.
Bottom Line: An incredibly cheap beard brush that comes with a handle. Better off spending a few extra dollars on a better brand.

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