SmartMouth Toothpaste Review

A professional grade clean is just a brush away. This toothpaste by SmartMouth is designed to clean your teeth as though you had come from the dentist.

It targets plaque and odor-causing bacteria responsible for bad breath and other health concerns. It achieves this by using Smart-Zinc, a compound specifically designed to remove bad breath effectively after just one brush.

This toothpaste also serves to prevent cavities and remove plaque, which improves your overall oral health. The fluoride formula keeps your teeth sparkling white as well, resulting in a handsome smile.

This toothpaste comes in three 6 ounce tubes, perfect for keeping in an overnight bag or just on your bathroom counter. The price tag is considerably larger than you might expect from such small tubes, which may be a downside to buying this product. But, if the product works, the cost may just be worth it.

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