Refined by Manscaped: Will This Be Your Next Cologne?

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There are some things in life that you can’t live without – cologne being one of them.

But finding a cologne that truly compliments your sense of style and swagger is incredibly tough.

What’s even tougher though – is trying to find one online.

Without the convenience of retail testers, it’s nearly impossible to find a good smelling cologne with a few simple clicks…

…that is until I tried out this Refined cologne by Manscaped.

You may have heard of Manscaped before as I covered them in this full review over here, but to give you the gist of it – know this:

Manscaped serves up a killer package of below-the-belt grooming tools all in one convenient dopp kit.

But when they reached out to me to cover their brand new Refined cologne, I was apprehensive to say the least (namely due to the reasons why I mentioned above).

Editor’s Note – I received this cologne complimentary.  This isn’t a paid sponsored post.

However, after one pump of the bottle – I was hooked.

But why?

First off  – the blast of citrus.

Now I am not too fruity of a guy – I’ll tell ya that.

But as a top note, the citrus isn’t too overly heavy…

…by this I mean that it doesn’t stick around.

After a few minutes, the citrus will start to dissipate.

That’s when you start to peel away the layers of this cologne one-by-one.

After the citrus, there is a hint of jasmine that then rounds out to a pretty soft woodsy smell.

The woodsy smell is like a slight whiff of a pine tree that doesn’t scream lumberjack – and that’s a good thing.

Refined is a pretty nice daily scent that doesn’t announce “HEY EVERYONE, [INSERT NAME] IS IN THE ROOM!” – instead, it’s subtle.

Like really subtle…

…and that’s why I loved it.

When doing the female sniff test, the field results were pretty positive as well.

I didn’t remind anyone of their creepy grandfather that bathes in cologne before stepping out the door in the morning.


Once you are done soaking in the scent, the next part is packaging.

Overall, it’s pretty solid.

The cap might be a sore point for some as it’s a faux chrome (i.e. plastic) that doesn’t have that familiar heft you might find in some of the more luxurious colognes, but it’s passable.

The glass bottle itself is spot on.

It’s got the weight and the thickness to withstand getting tossed around in a dopp kit or gym bag while not feeling too dainty in the palm of your hand.

At a 50ml capacity, it’s not only travel friendly – but should last you for a couple of months with regular use.

Lastly, for the patriots out there – Refined is made in the USA!

Final Thoughts


Colognes are tricky to review as they are highly subjective.

But based on my interaction with even some of the far nicer ones on the market, I think Refined by Manscaped holds its own.

Given that it doesn’t have a huge designer name attached to it, you don’t have to pay that premium.

For $39.99 (at time of publication), I think this cologne is a steal.

So, if you are feeling adventurous and want a light, yet subtle, daily workhorse of a cologne – give this one a shot.

We think you will dig it.

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