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Products Designed For Men? Marketing Hype or Fact?

Products Designed For Men? Marketing Hype or Fact?

Alright guys, here’s a little secret that I didn’t know for several years that I wanted to pass along to you – if you are sharing a bar of soap with your wife, girlfriend, or simply a family bar of soap – you need to stop.

At the core of your genetic makeup rests some very significant differences when it comes to our skin when compared to a woman’s.

First and foremost, a man’s skin is 25% thicker.

But not only is it thicker, it’s a whole lot rougher in texture as well.

Therefore when you see that there are products that are geared specifically for men, whether it’s a top notch body wash or a bar of soap – it’s really not just marketing fluff.

Beyond the manly scent that you get out of some of these products – they also will do a better job at scrubbing your surface clean with natural ingredients to help smooth out your naturally rough texture.

While thickness and texture is just one component to your skin – there is another critical component – sebum oil:

Your Sebum Oil Output On Your Face Differs Significantly From A Woman’s

At the base of every one of your hair follicles you have these tiny glands called sebaceous glands.

The primary focus of a sebaceous gland is to produce an oil called sebum oil.

In fact, these little glands are found throughout your body with the exception of your feet, palms, and lips.

A primary focus for these glands is to keep both your skin well nourished and moisturized throughout the course of the day.

Women have these same sebaceous glands as well – however the output of oil drastically differs.

On the whole, men do secrete a higher amount of sebum oil than women.

It’s at this increased secretion level that you will notice men carry acne on their face much later in life.

So, what does this mean for you?

Well, when using all products on your skin and face, ones specially formulated for men is key in helping to offset the production of sebum oil.

What’s more is that when you use products full of natural carrier oils like jojoba, argan, or sweet almond oil to just name a few, they will act as a balancing agent to your skin without clogging up your pores.

How Shaving or Growing A Beard Has An Impact On Your Face

bearded man

Growing facial hair or shaving daily can have a huge impact on the overall health of the skin on your face.

First, lets talk about growing a beard:

While we talk extensively about beard care here at Tools of Men, it’s important to always step back and take a look at what goes on at the surface of your skin when facial hair starts to sprout up.

As we covered earlier, there are sebaceous glands at the root of everyone of your beard follicles.  This sebum oil is responsible for making your beard appear healthy throughout the course of the day.

But here’s the kicker:

As your beard gets longer and longer, even though you excrete more sebum oil than women, it still isn’t enough to keep your beard adequately hydrated.

While there is no exact scientific approach on when your beard will need a beard conditioning agent like beard oil or beard balm – typically for most men their beard will begin to feel dry and itchy after about a few weeks to a month’s worth of growth.

Its at this time that your beard sucks your face dry of all the sebum oil and is looking for additional nutrients.

Beard oil is a relatively inexpensive product that will drastically increase overall comfort for your face and will help to make your beard feel incredibly smooth (in a good way) along with making it look incredibly healthy.

If your beard goes untreated with any sort of beard conditioning agent, then you will be susceptible to beard flakes (i.e. dandruff on your beard) which can be unsightly and easily prevented.

For a full review of the top beard oils, be sure to check out our in-depth guide.

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum if you shave regularly, whether it’s with a cartridge razor or a double edge safety razor, the fact still remains:

You are dragging an incredibly sharp razor (5 blades or 1 blade) across the surface of your skin.

This very act of shaving serves as an incredibly deep exfoliation on the surface of your skin.

Even if you have incredibly productive sebaceous glands, your face is going to be dried out, especially if you are using inferior products.

For all men that I talk to, I like to recommend the 3 essential products to their grooming routine that will make a material difference:

A Close And Comfortable Shave Begins With Pre Shave Oil

pre shave oil will help make your face feel much better

Pre shave oil acts as a primer for the whole shaving ritual.  Its oil heavy ingredient profile will act as a gentle lubricating barrier that rests between your skin and shaving cream.

The core purpose of pre shave oil is to help the razor blade glide effortlessly across your skin in order to prevent any sort of chopping or skipping motion.  In addition, pre shave oil will help to prevent any tiny rips along the surface of your skin.

Just be sure to apply immediately after a hot shower.

Reviews of the best pre shave oils outlined here.

Shaving Cream – Not The Can Type

creamo shave cream for your head

If the shaving cream that is sitting in your bathroom right this very second comes in a can, then you need to read this.

There is a high likelihood that the shaving cream is loaded with cheap ingredients that will dry out your skin.  One of the biggest suspect ingredients are usually alcohol derived – which mind you are great for disinfecting properties but not for skin hydration.

Instead what you should use are products geared towards men that will naturally compliment your rugged and tougher skin.

These rich shaving creams aren’t heavily marketed – therefore they typically are only found at online retailers as opposed to the local grocery store or supercenter.

Most quality shaving creams will come in a tube or tub form and are reliant on you to whip up a lather with a shave brush.  However, once your lather has been generated, the natural ingredients found within the shaving cream will let your razor blade sing as it glides effortlessly across the surface of your face with ease.

While she can use your manly shaving cream, you should never rely on hers, unless you are in an absolute pinch.

Reviews of the best shaving creams for men.

No, Aftershave Shouldn’t Be Painful

nivea aftershave balm

There is this misconception that aftershave should sting after application.  Perhaps it was due to Kevin McCallister screaming in front of a mirror after applying it in the movie Home Alone – or just that it was likely due to your first ever exposure to the product itself.

You see aftershave comes in different varieties such as splashes, lotions, and balms.

While we talk in great detail about each one of these variants in this post – just know this:

Splashes and lotions typically contain alcohol – which of course stings when applied to an open wound – even if it is incredibly small.

While the alcohol will flush out your pores of any bacteria – it will also dry out your skin considerably.

Instead what you should use is an aftershave balm.  Balms are typically void of any alcohol – therefore they will provide a soothing relief when applied to your skin.

But what about the disinfectant properties?

Aftershave balms usually rely on essential oils like sandalwood or tea tree oil – which naturally carry antiseptic qualities.

Therefore, you can have a much more  pleasant experience that will help to compliment your sebum oil in order to reduce the occurrence of ashy or dry flaking cheeks post shave.

In addition, aftershave balm will help to considerably reduce post shave skin irritation.

Reviews of the best aftershave balms currently available.

The Fact Remains You Are Getting Older – But Your Skin Isn’t…

best hand lotion for men

Check this out guys:

Your skins age is considerably younger than a woman’s.

Not by the years measured, but in how a woman’s skin loses collagen and elastin (source).

There are some estimates that a man’s skin will look anywhere between 10 to 15 years younger than that of a woman’s due to our high collagen density.

But here’s the deal:

Men are lazy on their skin care regimen.

While men might have more collagen than a woman, we do an incredibly poor job at taking care of ourselves throughout time.

Since we do such a lackluster job, as we get older, we gradually catch up to women and begin to have deteriorating skin as well.

So how can we delay this process to retain our youthful look?

Simple – take care of ourselves properly.

One of the biggest missed opportunities, especially for men when no hair like myself, is that we often go without regular application of any sunscreen.

Whether it’s the dog days of summer or the brisk cold days of winter, you need to get into the habit of applying sunscreen – bald head or not – daily.

The sun will still pour down harmful UV rays that deteriorate the quality of your skin, therefore this should become a daily habit.

If this seems like too much effort for you – then we would recommend checking out a face cream that has UV protection built in.

This way you can clean your face while still getting a layer of protection from the sun.

Reviews of the best face creams designed specifically for men.

Don’t Delay On Not Taking Care of Yourself

Whether you are in college or currently trying to raise little ones, there is no excuse to not take care of your skin.

Proper skin care can give you an overall healthier look that will likely up your confidence as well.

If you follow some of the simple steps outlined above, you won’t have to be self-conscious about beard flakes or dry ashy cheeks if you shave regularly.

No matter if you are single or married, be sure to use a face cream daily to ensure that you get that extra layer of protection from the sun.

Oh and don’t forget to use a body wash or bar of soap that is designed specifically for you and your skin.

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