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Western Rise Review

Buying fewer quality articles of clothing that can be worn for many different occasions not only saves you money but can also help to reduce needless waste.  And as an added benefit, it makes getting dressed in the morning quite easy.

Founded in 2014, Western Rise is set out in crafting well-made clothes that are timeless in style yet versatile in function.  With a labelless and minimalist design aesthetic, their clothes can be worn for casual, travel, work, and performance wear.

Today, we will look at several of their clothes so you can determine if the selection from Western Rise is worth your consideration. 

Editor’s Note: The clothes presented in this guide are complimentary in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.  Tools of Men is independently owned and operated.  Western Rise did not review this post before publication.

About Western Rise

Western Rise was founded in 2014 by Kelly & Will Watters.  As stated in the Our Story section of their website:

Western Rise was founded with an adventurous spirit and a lofty goal: one set of performance clothing that works for anything your day may bring.

Presently, they make a wide range of clothing options which includes the following:

Western Rise Selection

Western Rise headquarters are located in Telluride, CO.  According to LinkedIn, they have a fairly small team with only 1-10 employees (source).

Western Rise makes their clothes in several different countries, including the USA, India, New Zealand, and Vietnam.

Movement Short & Session Tee Review (Athletic Wear)

First for our review is a detailed look at the Movement Short and Session Tee:

Movement Short

Made from 100% stretch polyester fabric, which has been sourced from Toray in Japan, the Movement Shorts are well made, comfortable, and durable:

Western Rise Movement Short Review

With a 7″ inseam, these activewear shorts are designed to replace both your running shorts and swimsuit.  

With two deep side seam pockets coupled with a zippered back and security side pocket for valuables, you should have no problem finding a suitable pocket to store your gear:

Western Rise Back Pocket

The fabric on these shorts feature a nice bit of stretch, so whether you are making a full lunge or simply walking upstairs, the range of motion you get with these shorts is excellent:

Western Rise Range of Movement

Around the waist, the Movement Short features an elastic waistband and drawstring.  

Noticeably absent from these shorts are an internal mesh. Therefore, you may want to pair them with boxer briefs when worn for a long-distance run. Lastly, the Movement Short relies on a flat weave which provides a smooth texture.

Session Tee

While an old corporate-branded shirt you received from the annual company picnic can work for a running shirt, you will instantly enjoy the upgrade for both design and performance when slipping on the Session Tee.

Constructed from a wickedly light Deltapeak mesh, it feels silk-like against your skin:

Session Tee Fabric

But don’t mistake the lightweight construction for compromise.  With UPF 50+ protection from the sun, your skin will stay safe during those midday runs.

The Session Tee features a four-way stretch fabric that won’t restrict movement, leading to increased comfort.  Additionally, the material is naturally odor-resistant and moisture-wicking.

With a loop along the back collar, the tee can be stored easily onto a hook when not worn (great for gym lockers when changing):

Western Rise Shirt Hook

Minimalist in design, this tee doesn’t have any bold logos visible on the front or back.  

Lastly, the shirt features a hem that allows for a better range of motion:

Session Tee Hem

Performance Review

To give the Movement Short and Session Tee an honest evaluation, I decided to go on a 5mi run to see how they perform. 

Here are a few important stats you should know:

  • The temperature was 60℉, clear skies, and sunny.
  • Running pace was at a moderate 9:15/mi.

Here’s how the shirt and shorts looked prior to the run:

Western Rise Pre Workout

And here they are 5 miles later:

Session Tee and Movement Short Post Run 1

Lastly, a closer picture so you can see the light sweat marks on the fabric during cooldown:

Western Rise Session Tee Post-Workout

What Went Well

  • The performance of the Session Tee was top-notch – it will be worn repeatedly for future runs.  The shirt was light, breezy, and felt super comfortable against the skin.
  • For long-distance running, the fabric should be light and soft enough to prevent any nipple chafing.
  • The Movement Short exhibited more wind-blocking properties.  
  • The side pocket on the Movement Short is well designed.  The pocket is angled towards your back, so the contents won’t shift when walking or running.

What Didn’t Go Well

  • The lack of underwear webbing may be a deal-breaker for some who prefer to keep everything close to the body.

You can check out the Movement Short here.

You can check out the Session Tee here.

AT Slim Pant Review

The AT Slim Pants were one of my favorite offerings of Western Rise.  Relying on a performance woven nylon, the AT Slim Pants felt relatively light on the body while having a nice bit of stretch.

What is also pretty neat about the AT Slim Pants is that the fifth pocket, on the right side of the hip, is built to store modern smartphones:

Western Rise AT Slim Pants - Smartphone

As you can see in the picture above, I was able to fit an iPhone 11 comfortably into the pocket.  To note, there was only a little extra room in the fifth pocket.  So, if you use a sleeve on your phone, you should be fine here. However, a thick Otterbox-like case might be a bit too large.

The rivets on the pants are minimal and flat:

Western Rise AT Slim Pants - Rivets

The AT Slim Pants are only available in one inseam length of 32″.  Therefore, you will likely need to get these altered – for context, I am 5’9″:

Western Rise - AT Slim Pants Length

Should you be taller, there is extra fabric within the cuff that extends the inseam to two extra inches.

Of course, you can always cuff the pants as well:

Western Rise - AT Slim Pants Cuffed

For movement, the material within the pants does have a nice bit of stretch:

Whether you are kneeling or climbing stairs, the added flexibility here is welcomed.  However, for the waistband, there is no stretch, so size accordingly.

Beyond casual or workwear use, the AT Slim Pant also makes for a great pair of travel pants as the back pocket does have a zippered security pocket inside of it:

Western Rise AT Slim Money Pocket

You can use this pocket to store important valuables such as your passport, ID, or extra cash.

You can check out the AT Slim Pants here.

X Cotton Tee Review

The X Cotton Tee is a well-made everyday shirt that is designed for casual use.  Constructed from a blend of cotton (60%), polyester (35%), and elastane (5%), the X Cotton Tee offers a heavy-weighted fabric (220 gsm) that provides plenty of structure.

With this heavier weight, you can expect that chest hair won’t be as visible underneath and ultimately provide a nice drape:

Western Rise - X Cotton Tee

The details of the X Cotton Tee are high-quality.  As seen in the picture below, the collar lays completely flat against the body:

Western Rise - X Cotton Tee Collar

Additionally, the X Cotton Tee offers a higher quality side-seam as opposed to a tubular structure:

Western Rise - Side Seamed

Therefore, you can expect the shirt to retain its form with repeated washings.

Given the unique blend of fabrics, the X Cotton Tee offers some odor-resistant properties thanks to the silver ion technology embedded.

The inclusion of elastane provides the X Cotton Tee with a fair bit of stretch as well:

Here are some additional pictures to give you an idea of the overall fit:

Western Rise - X Cotton Tee Fit Pictures 2
Western Rise - X Cotton Tee Fit Pictures 1
Western Rise - X Cotton Tee Fit Pictures 3

The shirt worn in the pictures above is a medium.  Admittedly, a size small may be more suitable for my frame.  However, I went with a medium as I am currently carrying more weight in the midsection – particularly in the stomach and love handles. 

If this stubborn weight can ever be lost, then a small would likely fit much better.

You can check out the X Cotton Tee here.

Evolution Pant Review

While the Evolution Pant may appear similar to the AT Slim Pant at first glance, when examined closely, you will find that they are pretty different from one another:

Western Rise - Evolution Pant Overview

While lightweight, the Evolution Pants feature a woven texture similar to chinos:

Wester Rise - Evolution Pant Twill

Constructed from Supplex, the Evolution Pants enjoy a synthetic fiber that is naturally abrasion-resistant, water-resistant, lightweight, and breathable (source).

Like the Session Tee, the biggest takeaway for these pants is the weight.  Weighing only 10.4oz (294g), they fold up small and are hardly noticeable in your backpack.

For context, the AT Slim Pants weigh 15.7oz (445g) and a pair of Flint & Tinder Raw Denim weigh 1lb 6.4oz (635g).

Thanks to the reliance on Supplex, the Evolution Pants also enjoy odor-free and antimicrobial properties, requiring them to be washed less frequently than pants made from cotton.  Lastly, the Evolution Pants also features a security zip-close pocket on the back.

The Evolution Pants are available in waist sizes from 28 to 40 and a 32″ inseam.  A trip to your local tailor will likely be necessary to get them either extended or hemmed (two extra inches can be added).  

To note, Western Rise does have a 30″ inseam available for purchase.  Waist sizes, however, are slightly more limited.

With 4% elastane woven into the fabric, the Evolution Pants provide some stretch in the material (although not as much as the AT Slim Pants):

Additionally, the fifth pocket on the Evolution Pants is adequately-sized to carry your phone:

Western Rise - Evolution Pant Phone Pocket

Here are a few different looks at the Evolution Pants with a faux hem, cuffed, and uncuffed:

Western Rise - Evolution Pant Faux Hem
Western Rise - Evolution Pant Cuffed
Western Rise - Evolution Pant Uncuffed

You can check out the Evolution Pant here.

Final Thoughts of Western Rise

There was a lot to look at in this review of Western Rise, from the athletic performance of their Session Tee and Movement Short, to a more casual and travel-focused review of their other clothing.  In totality, I think Western Rise puts together a thoughtful lineup of clothing that can suit the needs of a lot of different men out there.

If you are trying to streamline your wardrobe by having one well-made piece that can serve many different purposes, consider adding a few of their clothes to your daily rotation.

Check out Western Rise.

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