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SlideBelts Review

Founded in 2007, SlideBelts is on a mission to redefine how we think about belts.  By relying on a new patented ratcheting technology, SlideBelts allows you to get a perfect fit every time you put on one of their belts.  

But just because the way of securing the belt is new, does that make it better?  

See our thoughts in our review of SlideBelts below.

Why You Should Trust Us

Tools of Men is independently owned and operated.  We paid for our belt out-of-pocket; it was not complimentary.  Review our editorial policy here to learn more.

We have an affiliate relationship with SlideBelts.  This means that if you click on a link decide to purchase a new belt, we earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.  SlideBelts is not aware of this review before publication.

We will be straightforward and honest with you in the review below.


For a belt, the packaging is standard.  In the bubble envelope, you will receive just the packing slip and the product, no discount codes or marketing inserts:  

SlideBelts Review - Packaging from Mail

It was nice to see a foam box to prevent the belt or buckle from being damaged during shipment:

SlideBelts Review - Packaging Open

Lastly, here’s a closeup of the SlideBelts box:

SlideBelts Review - Packaging

The packaging should be good if you intend to purchase this as a gift.


The belt comes in two components, the belt strap and the buckle.  


Here’s a closer look at the belt buckle:

SlideBelts Review - Top Buckle

As you can see, it comes in a premium-looking brushed metal finish. In addition, the buckle looks sleek, making it suitable for semi-formal wear.

SlideBelts Review - Made in China

On the side, you will see the belt is made in China, and SlideBelts proudly stamps in the metal that the design is patented.

Related: View all of SlideBelts patents

Lastly, here’s how the underside of the belt buckle looks:

SlideBelts Review - Buckle Underside

All around, the buckle has a fairly streamlined design.

Belt Strap

The belt strap is a unique design.  Rather than coming in pre-set lengths, SlideBelts requires you to trim to size.

As you can see on the belt strap, SlideBelts smartly guides where you should trim based on your current waist size (in inches):

SlideBelts Review - Overview of Strap Sizes Etched into Belt

When taking a pair of scissors to the belt, it was able to cut through the faux leather material with relatively little effort:

SlideBelts Review - Trimming Strap to Waist Size

Here’s a closer look at the composition of the belt once cut:

SlideBelts Review - Strap Cross Section

As you can see, there is a veneer of the finish material paired with what appears to be a foam (bottom portion) and filler material (top portion).

SlideBelts makes belts in many other materials, including full-grain leather, top-grain leather, canvas, and more.

Rather than relying on a traditional pin-and-hole design, the belt has many ribs on the underside that the buckle can latch onto when securing:

SlideBelts Ribs

This difference in mechanics allows you to adjust the belt to your exact preference for comfort and security.

The belt will seamlessly adjust to your waistline if you are between sizes or simply putting on or taking off weight.

At a standard width of 1.25″, the belt shouldn’t dig into your sides when sitting or bending over:

SlideBelts Width


After trimming the belt strap, it’s now time to attach it to the buckle.  

Admittedly, it wasn’t as obvious as one would expect.  However, after a quick inspection, you will simply slide the clipped end into the buckle with the teeth side:

SlideBelts Review - Sliding Strap into Buckle

Once in, you will then firmly press down on the metal flap until it is fully fastened:

SlideBelts Review - Fastening Strap to Buckle

Putting On & Taking Off the Belt

Like any other belt, the SlideBelt is easy to put on. 

However, where it differs from others significantly is in the tightening. Rather than pulling and lining it up the pin to a hole, you simply pull the belt until it is at your preferred comfort:

SlideBelts Review - Securing Fit

However, one major downside to this ratchet design is the noise.  To demonstrate just how loud this belt is, here is a short video (I did not alter the audio in post-production):


It’s fairly loud.  Whether quietly getting ready in the morning, or fastening the buckle in a public restroom, expect to get a few side glances.

Luckily, taking off the belt is silent and relatively effortless.  By lifting the buckle, the belt will disengage the ribbed underside and will unfasten easily.

SlideBelts Review - Unbuckle


Once fastened, the SlideBelt wears well.  Here are a few different looks at it when standing and sitting down:

SlideBelts Review - Front Side View
SlideBelts Review - Front View
SlideBelts Review - Side Seated View
SlideBelts Review - Back Seated View

When sitting down, notice that it doesn’t have a large gap between your back and the pants.  The secure fit will prevent any embarrassing “plumbers crack” from occurring.

Final Review

After wearing the SlideBelt, here are some candid thoughts about the design, performance, and comfort:

What We Liked

  • The ability to fine-tune exactly to your waist size is the most significant advantage to this belt.  It is nice to get an always secure fit.
  • While subjective, the design is versatile and should work on most occasions.  
  • While we opted for their flagship black belt, the ability to upgrade to finer materials is excellent for those men who want greater versatility and durability.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The noise was the biggest turn-off of the belt.  The ratcheting noise is loud and cheapens the experience.  
  • To further lower the perceived quality of the belt, having to cut and fasten it to the buckle feels silly.  I get why SlideBelts does this, but having to cut-to-size makes me wonder why I just paid so much for a new belt.
  • $45 for faux leather is a bit too much.

Bottom Line

I appreciate the innovation that SlideBelts is doing here.  Men’s belts haven’t really changed over the past several decades and are ripe for disruption.  However, the loud noise and the requirement to cut and assemble the belt drag on the overall experience.  For a ratchet belt, it’s good.  However, if you want a higher build quality and more traditional experience, better alternatives are available.


About SlideBelts

When researching the history of SlideBelts, there were a few things that we wanted to share. First, SlideBelts was founded in 2007 by Brig and Michelle Taylor. Second, SlideBelts is based out of El Dorado Hills, California.  Lastly, SlideBelts started through a successful crowdfunding campaign that raised a total of $1 million on StartEngine (source).

Discounts & Promo Codes

If you are looking for a few ways to save when ordering from SlideBelts, your best bet is to head directly over to their site for promo codes that actually work.

By just sitting on the page for a moment and letting the lightbox activate, SlideBelts should present you with a 10% discount on your first order by simply providing your email address:

SlideBelts Promos

Additionally, when you scroll to the footer, you should also see an area where you can provide your email for “…exclusives, offers, and the latest from SlideBelts.”


SlideBelts currently offers a one-year limited warranty on all belts.

This warranty only covers defects in materials and workmanship.  You can read more about warranty terms here.

Return Policy

The return and exchange policy for SlideBelts is interesting. The SlideBelts official return policy states the following:

SlideBelts accepts returns for unused, unaltered, and undamaged items for a full refund within 45 days of the original purchase. That being said, we proudly stand behind our products and assess returns on a case-by-case basis with guest satisfaction as our highest priority. We’ll always do our absolute best to deal with each situation with the best possible judgement and fairness; we hope our guests will be fair and reasonable with us as well.

Interestingly, when you buy a SlideBelt, you need to cut (i.e., alter / damage) the belt for it to fit correctly. So while I didn’t exercise the return policy for this review, I could see where things could go south quickly with them denying a return.

Ratchet Belt Alternatives 

While SlideBelts has a patent on the ratcheting mechanism, there are a few alternatives to consider should you be interested in ratchet belts:


SlideBelts provides a new way for fastening a belt.  While it does have some advantages, the major drawbacks of cutting the belt to size and noisy closure get in the way of the otherwise sleek design.  

We hope that this review helped you learn more about SlideBelts and their unique belt.


Adam Williams

As the lead editor of Tools of Men, Adam loves men's grooming products. Particularly of interest is managing facial hair and perfecting the art of the modern man's skincare routine. His work has been featured or quoted in several publications, including New York Magazine, Vice, Sharpologist, MIC, Elite Daily, and more.

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