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Jorg Gray JG8300-14: Define Your Time

Jorg Gray was founded in 1988 as a small, private label company in the United States.

Focusing on high quality watches that fit any gentleman’s style, they soon blossomed into a world-renowned brand that is recognizable by their superior craftsmanship and their timeless design.  In fact, Jorg Gray was the #1 choice for former President Barack Obama.

They strive for perfection, and each watch is a testament to their attention to detail.

Their watches are bold, often featuring striking colors to complement the color of the watch face. There is nothing out of place; every piece, from the gears to decorative stones, are placed with extreme care.

Jorg Gray 8

A Comprehensive  Look At The JG8300-14

The JG8300-14 looks like everything that a Jorg Gray watch should look like.

It features a bright blue face decorated with sterling silver, and a matching wrist strap made of integrated silicone. The hands of this handsome watch are also a shining sterling silver, and they offer a fantastic contrast against the deep blue background that it is sure to stand out.

Jorg Gray 4

The watch has a fairly large face, and it is rather heavy to wear, but it isn’t necessarily uncomfortable.

For reference, I am 5′ 8″ and find the JG8300-14 to be pushing the limits regarding wristwatch size for my frame.

Regarding masculinity, the JG8300-14 definitely sets a tone with its beveled edges and mechanical look.

This watch is made to stand up to daily wear and tear and will look good while doing it.

When you purchase this watch, the box that it comes in is just as beautiful as the watch it contains:

Clad in leather with clean stitching around the sides, it is a pleasure to look at and makes for a fantastic presentation if gift giving. The inside is covered in a soft felt/velvet material, thus protecting your watch from dust and other external hazards.

This box can easily be used for either storage or travel purposes.

It’s one more reason why Jorg Gray’s quality and attention to detail is hard to beat.

The JG8300-14 features a 47 mm case with a 12.5 mm case thickness.

The sapphire crystal lens is another quality choice for a watch such as this. Sapphire crystal is used in these high end watches to help resist scuffs and scratches, so it is ideal for a watch meant to be worn every day.

As you can see in this picture below, the watch almost glows in low light settings, making easily grab the attention of those around you:

As for the movement of the watch, the JG8300-14 utilizes Swiss RONDA movement. With this superior technology, the watch is powered automatically with your day to day movements, requiring no batteries to keep it powered.

This saves you time and money, as you will not have to worry about a battery leaking all over the gears of your watch. Plus, keeping it in time is easy; all it needs is a little shake of the wrist to keep going.

Jorg Gray 7

This watch has three hands, one each for hour, minute, and second, and also features a small date dial just on the face so you can keep track of the day as well as the time. The integrated silicone wrist strap is comfortable, and allows the watch to sit on your wrist without having it slide around.

The silicone strap is also a feature that speaks about this watch’s submersion capabilities.

The Jorg Gray 83000-14 can be submerged in water up to 100 meters.

You don’t have to take it off while you shower, or while you are washing your hands, as the watch is designed to withstand the splashes and spills of every day life with it’s screw down crown to ensure a tight seal.

If you are considering buying a watch that suits your daily life, the JG8300-14 is one of the top watches to choose.

Besides being sleek and comfortable, it is also incredibly affordable to own and maintain. Good quality automatic watches are hard to come by; many end up losing time after a couple of weeks, and some lose time after only a couple of wears.

With Jorg Gray, you are not only buying a watch, you are investing in quality, in longevity, and in a watch that works for you.

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