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Review of Indochino And Their Made To Measure Suits

When it comes to buying a suit, the options are surprisingly limited (as we found out when review all the best suits for men).

You could either go to your local suit ‘warehouse’ and buy one off the rack where they make a few modifications to fit your measurements, get a custom made suit, or go all out and buy a bespoke suit that will set you back a fair chunk of change.

It’s through this limitation in selection that companies like have come to fruition.

A pioneer in the made-to-measure suit market, Indochino has put together a compelling offering that are making the hard-working hustling men of today’s workplace take notice.

Today we wanted to not only provide a full review of Indochino and what they can offer to you, but how they really stack up to some of the other made-to-measure competition within the marketplace.

But furthermore, we wanted to walk you through the options you have at your disposal when you do decide to go with (which we think you will want to once you are done reading this review), along with a look at their return policy (which is incredibly important should a suit not fit well), coupon or promo code offerings, along with the general quality you should expect when purchasing from them.

Before we get started just a quick note:

This is NOT a paid review nor a sponsored post.  Indochino did not pay us or communicate with us prior to this review being written.

To get things started, we first want to look at their stellar product selection:

Review of Indochino’s Wide Array of Products

While primarily known for their made-to-measure suit offerings, it would be remiss of us if we didn’t mention some of the other great products they offer for men who value higher end style.

Made To Measure Suit Aside, Indochino’s Shirts Are Something Else

Beyond the suits, you can find a great selection of shirts.

Shirts are broken into three primary categories:

  • Dress
  • Premium
  • Tuxedo

Even for the men out there who don’t ‘get’ fashion but still want to look great, this categorization not only makes it dead simple, but will make it incredibly easy to restock your wardrobe when the garments begin to look a little tired.

While the sensible categorization is one thing, it’s worth taking a moment to look at bit more in detail at the shirts themselves.

The Hartland Blue shirt that caught our attention is a 100% cotton (i.e. breathable fabric) that will not only wear well with time, but will present perfectly:

Indochino Review Dress Shirt

Indochino didn’t go too light on the fabric, instead they went with a hefty 147 GSM (grams per square meter) fabric.

But what does this mean?

Well if you sweat profusely, the slightly thicker fabric will absorb your sweat a bit more gracefully while still making you look great (although you should be wearing a good undershirt in the first place if sweat is a concern).

Of course, this shirt is geared towards the cooler climates (i.e. fall/winter use), but you could probably get away with using this shirt into the late days of spring without feeling too overheated (remember its using breathable cotton fabric as opposed to polyester that so many other companies like to rely on).

…but this shirt gets even better.

Very much like the suit process that you will see in just a minute, when going with an Indochino shirt, you have total and complete control over the construction of it…

…you will definitely love this part.

A quick look through the customization process you will see that you can modify the shirt collar:

Indochino Review - Dress Shirt Collar

With the following options available:

  • Medium Point
  • Spread (most popular)
  • Cutaway
  • Button Down
  • Pinned
  • Mandarin

Once your collar is selected Indochino even allows you to select the cuffs that you prefer (yes, pretty crazy isn’t it?!):


For the cuffs you have a pick from the following:

  • Two Button Barrel
  • Two Button Angled
  • One Button Angled
  • French Cuffs Barrel (Formal)
  • French Cuffs Angled (Formal)

For the men who like to roll up their sleeves and get dirty, Indochino dress shirts offer that extra design flair that makes a quality shirt look like it came straight from the runway:


With 5 different trim options, you can pick a favorite Gingham pattern or solid color to really make your dress shirt stand out (in a good way) from the rest of your co-workers.

Lastly, the monogram:


Who doesn’t love a monogram?!

Should you want one on the cuff or chest of your shirt, you can add up to three characters (all at no additional cost).

For the men out there who are a bit more conservative, don’t worry, you can elect to keep the monogram off the dress shirt as well.

Accessorize Your Style

Once you are finally settled on a full suit and shirt, Indochino does offer a few key accessories that will bring an additional dimension to your overall style.

Within the Accessories section you can browse the following:

  • Ties
  • Pocket Squares
  • Tie Clips
  • Cufflinks
  • Collar Pins & Stays

With over 80 ties alone, you shouldn’t have any problem finding a tie to match your suit and shirt.

It’s definitely worth noting that like the suit, the accessories are equally affordable.

Expect one of Indochino’s ties to set you back about $39 bucks and the pocket squares come in at $30 each.

Comparing Indochino’s Lineup of Suits

To make the suit selection process a fair bit easier, we went ahead and rounded up some of the more popular lines that Indochino offers:

AltonStandardSuper 100s265All Seasons100% Merino
AshfordStandardSuper 100s315Seasonal – Cooler100% Merino
BinghamStandardSuper 140s250Seasonal – Summer100% Merino
BrentwoodStandardSuper 140s250Seasonal – Summer51% Merino / 49% Linen
ColburnStandardSuper 140s225Seasonal – Summer100% Merino
DarkStandardSuper 100s285All Seasons100% Merino
DartfordStandardSuper 120s280All Seasons44% Merino / 51% Linen / 5% Polyester
ExeterStandardSuper 100s220Seasonal – Summer96% Merino / 4% Silk
FinchleyStandardSuper 110s275All Seasons61.5% Merino / 38.5% Linen
HamiltonLuxurySuper 110s225Seasonal – Summer86% Merino / 14% Mohair
HamptonTuxedoSuper 140s305All Seasons88% Merino / 6% Cashmere / 6% Silk
HarrogateLuxurySuper 140s260All Seasons95% Merino / 5% Cashmere
HartfordPremiumSuper 100s270All Seasons94% Merino / 6% Polyester
HaylePremiumSuper 120s280All Seasons100% Merino
HemsworthPremiumSuper 100s280All Seasons100% Merino
HowdenPremiumSuper 100s285All Seasons100% Merino
KendalStandardSuper 100s235Seasonal – Summer100% Merino
KingsbridgeStandardSuper 100s280All Seasons100% Merino
KingstonStandardSuper 120s235Seasonal – Summer100% Merino
LeytonStandardSuper 120s220Seasonal – Summer80% Merino / 15% Spandex / 5% Polyester
MiddletonStandardSuper 100s250Seasonal – Summer97.5% Merino / 2.5% Silk
NelsonStandardSuper 110s240Seasonal – Summer100% Merino
NewportStandardSuper 100s240Seasonal – Summer96% Merino / 3% Linen / 1% Silk
WhitehallStandardSuper 100s265All Seasons95% Merino / 5% Spandex

What the columns mean:

  • Suit Line – Type of fabric, GSM, and S number found within the line (each line typically has several colors)
  • Type – Quality of the suit (Luxury, Premium, Standard, Tuxedo)
  • S Number – Corresponds to the fineness of the wool fiber and the number of times it has been twisted. A higher S Number means a lighter, softer, and more luxurious of a suit.
  • GSM (grams per square meter) – Relates to the weight of the suit. Higher GSMs (300+) are for winter, while lower GSMs (250 or less) are for summer/warmer days.

Review Of The Indochino Ordering Experience

Once you visit the suit section of the Indochino website, you quickly see it’s a pretty straightforward process for customization.

At the time of our writing of this, Indochion offered suits in the following options:

  • Standard
  • Luxury
  • Premium
  • Tuxedos

Today, we will go ahead and go through the customization process of the Hemsworth Navy Suit:


Dubbed as being ‘classic, versatile, and reliable’ the Hemsworth is a suit you should have in your wardrobe.  Great for just about any occasion, the Hemsworth strikes the right balance in fabric weight and composition.

As you might have noticed in the picture above, the Hemsworth can be either purchased immediately or through a customization method.

If you have a few minutes (no more than 5 total), we highly suggest that you go with the customization method – this way you can get a suit to your exact fit and preferences (trust us on this).

When customizing your suit, you have total control over everything.  First up, the lapel:

Suit Exterior – Lapel Selection


You have the following to choose from:

  • Notch
  • Notch Slim
  • Peak
  • Peak Wide

If this is your first suit, go with the Notch.

Notch slims are a bit more trendy, and may fade with time, whereas the Notch is timeless.

Peak and Peake Wide, while look great, are reserved for more prestigious or formal events – don’t go with this one unless you know what you are doing!

As you make your way through the process by simply clicking the big blue ‘Next’ button, you will be greeted with the Jacket Vent options:

Suit Exterior – Jacket Vent


Unless you plan on going to a super formal event (in this case you likely would have selected the peak lapel in the previous selection), go with either the one or two vented jacket.

Jackets with no vents are largely suited for black or white tie gatherings and as Indochino has so nicely told us in the dialog box to the right – no vents are best suited for tuxedos.

Suit Exterior – Jacket Buttons

Another area of customization you have over your suit is the button selection.  If it’s your first time ordering a suit, then we would highly recommend going with the two-button option.

This button layout is best for most occasions.

Single buttons are a bit more old-school whereas the double-breasted option is for more formal.

Today we are going to go with the two-button layout:


Now, just a quick style note:

Very rarely will you ever see a notch lapel with a double breasted button layout.  Typically, double breasted buttons are only found on suits with peak lapels (remember step one).  This is one of the sticking points to made-to-measure suits, men may incidentally have committed a fashion faux pas by mixing unorthodox styles.

Suit Exterior – Pocket Flaps


While most any of the options can work on a notched lapel suit, pocket flaps (depending on their layout) can actually be translated as a trendy style believe it or not.

If you are more of a traditional man, then go with the suggested pocket flaps.  However, if you want a more modern take on your custom suit, then you might want to consider the slanted pocket flaps instead – its largely a personal opinion above all else.

Suit Interior – Jacket Lining


My personal favorite part when putting together this review of Indochino was their jaw-droppingly amazing selection of jacket linings.

With 64 different patterns to choose from, you can truly find a jacket lining that is completely unique to not only your suit, but your personality as well.

If you are a bit more conservative of a guy, the first couple of rows are straight forward with some subtle polka dot designs.

However, when scrolling through the results you will find some awesome intergalactic and even tailor blueprint designs.

Truly a cool aspect that Indochino delivers on.

Suit Interior – Jacket Monogram


Last but not least on the jacket design is the monogram.

With a 20 character limit for both of the lines you can have a succinct monogram embroidered on the inside of your jacket.

Whether its first and last name or perhaps your phone number (should the jacket ever be misplaced), this completely free option provided by Indochino is a greatly underrated feature of their process that you should take full advantage of when purchasing your next suit.

Suit Pant Pleat Selection


Once your jacket design has been decided upon, the next option you must choose from will be the pleats on your pants.

Indochino offers up a couple to choose:

  • None
  • One

For men looking for an updated style, you will want to go sans-pleats.

Not only will no pleats look much more sharp when you are wearing them, but the lack of pleats will make it much easier for you to press completely flat (especially if you find yourself traveling often with your suit).

Extras To Include With Your Indochino Suit

Once you finally add your suit to your shopping bag, you will notice that you will have a few extras to add to your basket – notably an extra pair of pants along with an additional vest:


While we strongly advocate to add the pants (especially if you plan on wearing your new suit often), the vest is largely up to your discretion.

Some men may think that the vest is a bit too formal, while others may want to have it on hand should they find themselves going to events where you will want to have your appearance on point.

When compared to the overall price of the suit, the pants and vest are relatively a modest investment at $99 each.

Can You Only Buy Indochino Suits Online?

Since Indochino started in 2007, they have begun to roll out showrooms across the United States and Canada.

At the time of the original publication of this article, Indochino has showrooms in the following countries and cities:

United States


  • Beverly Hills
  • San Francisco

District of Columbia

  • Washington D.C.


  • Chicago


  • Boston


  • Minneapolis

New York

  • New York – 424 Broome St.
  • New York – 25 Broad St.


  • Philadelphia
  • King of Prussia

South Carolina

  • Charlotte


  • Nashville


  • Dallas
  • Houston
  • Austin


  • Seattle



  • Calgary
  • Edmonton

British Columbia

  • Burnaby
  • Vancouver


  • Ottawa
  • Mississauga
  • Toronto – 143 King St.
  • Toronto – 3401 Dufferin St.

At the showroom, you can be measured, shop the fabrics and styles, and build your custom suit.

If you are interested in purchasing a suit right away, you will want to make sure that you set up an appointment on this page.

Depending on the reason for your visit will dictate how long the appointment will be:


Made To Measure Means Strict Return Policy

One of the biggest sticking points that come with companies like Indochino will inherently be the return policy.

Given that their suits are made to measure, it provides you (and them) with very little wiggle room when it comes to returns.

As Indochino clearly states on their returns pagefabric is cut based on your measurements and your customizations’.

Now, if there are problems with the cut of the suit you receive or you have any questions on the general quality, you can reach out to their customer experience team within 10 days to work a solution out.

Free Shipping With Indochino

No one likes getting nickel and dimed, and Indochino appears to know that.

That’s why any purchase that is over the $150 mark you will receive free shipping no matter where you live in the world (yes you read that right).

Now if you don’t hit the $150 threshold, you will need to pay a pretty hefty $20 shipping fee.

So, if you plan on just getting a shirt, then we would recommend doubling up the order or throwing in a few pocket squares and ties in order to get you over the limit should your budget allow.

Shipping speed is another story…

Of course, while we would all love to get a brand new suit in only 2 day’s time (Amazon Prime has really spoiled us), Indochino does take a few weeks in order to make and ship your custom suit.

If you have a big occasion coming up and you plan on ordering a suit, you will want to give at least 30 days for the suit to be made and shipped to you.

This 30 day window will allow you to get any last minute alterations done or square up anything with their customer service department should anything go amiss.

Made To Measure Doesn’t Mean Absolutely Perfect

If there is one part of the made to measure suit buying process that still trips up men, it’s going to be the likely need for additional tailoring once you receive the suit.

Indochino knows this, but unfortunately most of their shoppers may not.

This is why on their Alterations & Returns page, Indochino will give you up to a $75 credit towards alterations – which is really going above and beyond:


If you don’t live by one of the Indochino showrooms that we listed above, you can simply head to your local tailor with suit in hand and get it measured to the exact lengths.

Once you are done and paid for the alterations, you can shoot back Indochino a copy of your itemized receipt and get a full refund – not bad.

Get The Tailoring Kit For Complete Satisfaction

Two of the biggest complaints you will read about Indochino online will be about the alterations required after you receive the suit (which they give you a credit for) and the color of the suit (which is why they offer a tailors kit).

The tailors kit is how you can get your hands on up to 16 different swatches of the Indochino fabrics and two fabric tape measures.

When you get the swatch, you will know exactly what to expect when your suit arrives…

…but it gets even better.

Indochino even went as far as to offer a full credit on the $29 tailors kit should you purchase a suit – not bad!

Couple that with the promo codes we are going to go over next and you can knock $100 off that entire order!

Indochino Promo or Discount Codes

While the sticker price of a $800 suit may be a bit of a shock for some men (which is completely understandable), you might find yourself looking for some deals before you click that ‘Buy Now’ button.

Based on our research, we were actually able to find some great (and reliable) promo codes you can use when you go to make your purchase.

These aren’t promo codes listed on some sites (not naming any names) that say they have been used 100 times today and for some reason they just don’t work for you – these ones are actually legitimate!

Here’s how you can quickly save a bundle of money on your next order:

Indochino has this secret page on their site (well maybe not so secret if we found it), that lists out all of the coupons they are currently accepting at the moment.

While often geared towards shirts, you might come across a random promo code for your suit.

Secondly, we found that the little ‘Subscribe’ link on the has an INSTANT 10% off coupon when you simply sign up for their mailing list:


That’s right – just simply signing up for the list will get you about $70 bucks off your suit order (that will probably be the easiest $70 you ever saved – you can thank me later!).

Pictures of Men Wearing Indochino Suits

It’s one thing to look at a suit online, but it’s another to actually see a man wearing one.

Therefore, we wanted to round up some pics of incredibly stylish men sporting their new Indochino threads to give you a better idea on what you should expect:

Indochino Review micahlikes

What Other Men Have Said About Indochino Suits

As with most companies, there will always be the rabid fans and those that aren’t too thrilled in the product – and Indochino is no different from most.

The biggest sticking point that we saw in many of the online reviews we read while researching this article was around the fit of the suit when it arrived.

Some men found that some parts of the suit might have been a bit looser or ill-fitting than expected.

Naturally, with a made to measure suit coupled with the amount of money you spend on it, you will have understandably higher expectations.

Based on our research, it appears (although we can’t say with absolute certainty) is that many of the men who were displeased with the results could have had the problem resolved by simply getting the suit tailored once it arrived (remember, they offer a tailor credit up to $75 to account for this).

Therefore, when you do decide to finally purchase an Indochino suit, make sure that you bring it to the tailor immediately (within 10 days) – this way you get the perfect fit for you free of charge.

Here are a few Indochino suits that caught our attention and ones you may want to add to your wardrobe:

Hemsworth Navy Suit


A classic and versatile suit that can go with just about any setting, the Navy suit is a perfect addition to any man’s wardrobe.

In a sea of black suits, the Hemsworth Navy suit can make you stand out in a sophisticated and stylish way.

There are a lot of great things to really love about this suit.

While you have total control over the details including lapel, pockets, monograms, and more, the fabric that this suit uses will ensure that it not only can withstand the test of time, but will feel (and look) incredibly sharp as well.

Indochino smartly uses 100% merino wool for the Hemsworth line.

The 100% merino wool coupled with the 280 GSM will allow this to be a suit that you can wear any day of the year.

It’s perfect mixture of fabric and weight will ensure that you don’t feel like you are about to break out in a sweat every time you put the jacket on.

The Super 100s of the Hemsworth refers to the number of times that the wool on the suit has been twisted.  Super 100 is pretty standard for most suits, but as you will see, some of the softer and luxury suits will have a higher number.

Buy Now

Harrogate Suit


For the more formal occasions (think black tie events), the Harrogate line of suits will be your best pick.

Featuring Super 140s – the fabric on this suit will feel incredibly soft and luxurious.

Furthermore, the suit itself is crafted from a blend of merino wool (95%) and cashmere (5%).

While the cashmere composition may seem a bit light, the additional 5% found in the Harrogate line will be enough to feel incredibly soft to touch.

So, if you plan on getting intimate with others or simply plan on having a romantic dance, the fabric of the Harrogate will make you feel incredible.

The GSM of this suit does skew a bit lighter that most making it a summer only suit.

While this can seem a bit too light for some men, it ensures that during formal events you won’t feel suffocated by the suit in any way.

When compared to the other lines that Indochino offers, the Harrogate line is an amazing deal given the uncompromising quality of the fabric.

Buy Now

Brentwood Teal Suit


Last but not least we want to talk about the Brentwood line.

Built for summer from the ground up, this lightweight 51% merino wool and 49% linen suit will be the ultimate in breathability.

The airiness of the linen found in this suit will be unmatched, especially if you find yourself wearing suits in the dog days of summer.

At only 250 GSM, the long staple linen fibers will feel much lighter and softer.

Another noticeable feature of this suit that the merino wool is Super 140s.

This means that the highly spun wool will equally match the linen fiber found in the suit to ensure further ventilation for you.

So if you plan on making a visit to the southeast of the US or have a summer wedding on your calendar, take a look at this suit.

Buy Now

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