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Boardroom Socks Review: Finally, Quality Dress Socks Made In The USA

When it comes to considering dress socks, most men put very little thought into the quality and craftsmanship of the sock itself.

Most dress socks are made in faraway places and are intended to be only worn a few times before they begin to stretch and simply fall apart.

For too long, we men have been putting up with crummy dress socks for no apparent reason.  

When Nathan James, President of Boardroom Socks, reached out and invited me to review their dress socks, I was all ears…

Here’s why:

Unlike virtually every other dress sock out there, Boardroom Socks are made here in the USA (North Carolina, to be precise).  

Furthermore, Boardroom Socks specializes just in socks.  

They aren’t another men’s fashion company trying to spread themselves too thin and are offering chinos, dress shirts, and countless other office fixtures.

Instead, they make and specialize in the craftsmanship of dress socks for men.

In this review, I will take a look at Boardroom Socks in greater detail by covering their company and reviewing their trademark dress socks and no-show socks.

Let’s begin:

Boardroom Socks Review Disclosure

You deserve to know what is happening behind the scenes when a detailed review is being written, such as this one.  Therefore, here are a few important notes about my relationship with Boardroom Socks:

  • This review was my idea, Boardroom Socks did not pay me for this coverage.
  • I do have an affiliate relationship with Boardroom Socks.  This means that if you click on this link and decide to purchase a pair of their socks Tools of Men gets a small amount of money. 
  • If I don’t like these socks – you will know.  Just like my recent review of Manscaped (where they also sent product for free), I didn’t shy away to say bad things about them (spoiler: I thought their trimmer was average at best).

With that being said, I hope that you can trust my word going forward in this review.

About Boardroom Socks

As I eluded to in the introduction, Boardroom Socks is based in North Carolina and has a rich history in the textile industry.

With roots going back seven generations to 1837, they are one of the few USA-based textile manufacturers that remain in business to this day.

Not only do they lean on that expertise to make quality dress socks that can withstand those long days at the office, but they remain committed to making their socks here in the USA rather than trying to squeeze out an extra dollar of profit by having them made overseas.

While they cover more about their history on their About Us page – here is a great 2-minute video to check out if you enjoy learning more about the folks behind the socks:

Another important point to call attention to is that Boardroom Socks isn’t owned and operated by some large conglomerate with slick marketing hiding behind an American brand – they are Family-Owned and operated.

Looking At Boardroom Socks

When reviewing a product, you must understand what it is made from and how that translates into product performance.

When looking at the socks that I received, you can see that they rely on the following composition of fabric:

Boardroom Socks Review 1
  • 67% Merino Wool
  • 30% Nylon
  • 3% Spandex

What will this mean for you?

When it comes to performance, this delicate balance of fabrics provides enough warmth and comfort without being overly stretchy or tight when worn for extended periods.

Furthermore, the reliance on Merino Wool is a really smart move on Boardroom Socks’ behalf.  This fabric has some excellent properties when used as socks.

Not only does Merino Wool have natural moisture-wicking properties (i.e., it draws moisture away from the surface of your skin), but it also helps to regulate the temperature of your feet in both the summer and winter months.

Therefore, these socks are great for year-round wear and won’t ever feel stuffy or hot. 

As noted in the tag, these socks are also machine washable.

Boardroom Socks Product Selection

On the Boardroom Socks website, you will find that they offer dress socks in two distinct cuts:

  • Over the Calf
  • Mid-Calf

Furthermore, they also make their socks in 10 different colors and several subtle patterns, so you will have no problem finding the perfect sock to match your own distinct style.

Trying on Boardroom Socks

Now to the most important part of this review, actually trying on and wearing the socks.

First, I want to note that these were a personal favorite of mine – the American Flag Over the Calf socks (you can get them here):

Boardroom Socks Review 2

Here’s a shot from behind:

Boardroom Socks Review 3

And finally one from the side:

Boardroom Socks Review 4

As you can see in the pictures above, there is very little branding on the socks other than the logo that is on the bottom – seen here:

Boardroom Socks Review 6

Making these suitable for formal office use.

Lastly, here is a picture of the sock when worn with a pair of dress shoes:

Boardroom Socks Review 7

As you can see, thanks to the reliance on Spandex in the material composition, the fabric doesn’t drape at all to the sides of the dress shoe.

When it comes to comfort, I found that these socks were extremely comfortable.  Never did my feet feel too hot or sweaty.

Not only did the fabric feel great against my skin, but the body of the sock didn’t feel like they were constricting my calf too tightly, nor were did they ever feel like they were going to fall – truly a perfect balance of material choices.

Now one of the important things to evaluate when reviewing dress socks is the heel and toe area.  These two areas are often the first places to show signs of wear.

While there is no distinct coloring on either the toe or heel, when feeling the socks carefully, you can notice that the fabric in these areas is a touch thicker than the rest.  

So they should be plenty durable to meet your needs.

Overall, I was really satisfied with these socks and would definitely recommend them to men looking for a quality dress sock that has been well made.

Boardroom No-Show Socks Review

Boardroom Socks Review No Show

Boardroom Socks just recently introduced a new product line: no-show socks.

After receiving and testing a few samples, we are really excited to share these with you.  Like their line of dress socks, the no-show socks are made in the USA, feature a quality fabric composition, and wear incredibly well.

For the fabric, Boardroom Socks depends on a blend of merino wool (74%), nylon (24%), and Spandex (2%).  This allows for a breathable fabric that is naturally moisture-wicking and will stay firmly affixed to your feet throughout the day.

To further prevent slippage, Boardroom Socks features a transparent non-slip grip on the heel that is roughly 1.25″ wide by 1″ high:

Boardroom Socks Review No Show Grip

This provides plenty of area for your heel to grip.

When test driving these socks, we pushed these to the max. However, after several miles, they held up quite well.  Here’s a pair that I wore excessively for several days:

Boardroom Socks Review No Show Fabric Quality
Boardroom Socks Review No Show Fabric Quality2

As you can see, there was some pilling of the fabric.  However, the seams and bottom of the sock showed no signs of wear – truly a testament to the quality American craftsmanship by this brand. Additionally, no adjustments were necessary due to slippage.

Currently, Boardroom Socks makes the no-show line in black and beige.

Whether you are wearing them for casual use or paired with your favorite loafers or boat shoes, they are a quality pick that should hold up well.

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Promo Codes & Coupons 

Men in search of a deal often like to look for promo codes before checking out.  While coupon sites in their own right can be quite frustrating, I tried to do some of the legwork for you.

In my search, I found no such coupon codes available.

However, to get savings on your order, Boardroom Socks does offer a discount for larger orders.

So if you test drive a pair of socks and really love them (which I think you will), then you can opt for a 12 pack and save a decent amount of money.

Shipping & Return Policy

One shining point about Boardroom Socks is their shipping and return policy.


Standard shipping at Boardroom Socks is free should you live in the United States. However, if you live in Canada or elsewhere in the world, an extra surcharge is applied to the shipping rates.  You can learn more about them here

Returns & Refunds

The return policy for Boardroom Socks is terrific.  Once ordered, they provide you with a 90-day no-questions-asked return policy. After that, they will either issue you a replacement or refund.

But what makes it even better, and a testament to the character of this company is that even after 90 days, they still want to know what went wrong so they can fix it. So many companies could learn a thing or two from this humane approach to customer service!

Read their full refund policy here.

Final Thoughts On Boardroom Socks

When everything is said and done, Boardroom Socks are special.  Not only do these socks feel incredible when worn, but the company itself is top-notch.

If you need some better dress socks and are tired of having to resort to mass-produced garbage that needs replacement in a few weeks, then you should definitely consider the quality dress socks made by Boardroom Socks.

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