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Are These The Perfect Board Shorts?

Without a doubt, there has been a time when almost every beach goer has needed to open a bottle while soaking up the rays.

The sun is shining down and that cold drink is just begging to be devoured. However, sometimes the tools needed to crack open that pesky bottle cap are nowhere to be found and drastic measures must be taken in order to enjoy the sweet liquid.

But thanks to the innovative genius of Abe Allouche, the founder of Boardshort Bottle Opener (BBO), you will no longer have to experience such a situation ever again!

As a surfer himself, Allouche came up with the idea for BBO shorts after a beach incident involving a stubborn bottle cap, that then proceeded to bust a tooth.

Thanks to Allouche’s background in the clothing manufacturing business, he was able to develop the idea of a pair of shorts that provide all the tools necessary for cracking open a cold one; right within the convenient space of your board shorts!

Not only are these shorts practical, they are also made of high-quality, 4-way stretch material and completely affordable.

BBO shorts are available in multiple different colors and sizes, each one sporting a bottle opener attachment located within the flap of the right leg pocket. This kind of integrated tool is so useful for those minimalists who truly want to enjoy their beach activities without being weighed down by unnecessary objects.

While the BBO company is relatively new, founded in 2016, Allouche has been in the Board short business since 1998 when his company, Island Daze was founded.

The Island Daze products are well known for their overall quality, durability, and style.

Because of this commitment to quality, the company has grown to become one of the largest private distributors throughout the world. With such a great background, BBO has taken off with Allouche’s good friend, Pancho Sullivan, as the brand’s ambassador and Pacific Rim distributor. The pair have done an amazing job at creating a product that not only allows beach goers to be comfortable in high quality board shorts, but also have convenient access to a desirable tool.

Whether or not you are someone who loves to surf, wade in the shallows, dive, or sun bathe, these shorts may easily become one of your new favorite wardrobe items.

Allouche wants to fully embrace his philosophy of living the dream through his products.

Getting out and partaking in adventure should be something completely enjoyable, and with these Boardshort Bottle Openers, convenience is now part of the equation.

Not only are these innovative board shorts affordable, but they are comfortable and have a flattering fit that will keep you looking sexy while hitting the beach.

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