P.F. Flyers All American Hi’s Reviewed

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When you think back on brands that are the very fabric of American culture there are only a few that really make the cut – among them is P.F. Flyers.

While many men may remember this brand from the days when you went to your friend’s house and watched The Sandlot on VHS for the hundredth time, the P.F. Flyers brand lives on by making an excellent quality shoe.

If you are wondering what the P.F. stands for, you are not alone.

P.F. is an abbreviation of the original patent by B.F. Goodrich for the Posture Foundation insoles back in 1933.  Just a few short years after that patent, B.F. Goodrich later shortened it to simply P.F. and housed many different footwear lines under this brand (source).

What’s cool is that even after 84 years, P.F. Flyers of today still cherishes its roots as evident throughout the construction of their shoes.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of their All American Hi’s:

The Sole

When looking at the bottom of these shoes, you will immediately see the ‘Posture Foundation’ engraved along the outside edge:

posture foundation

On the oppose edge you will see indications of a ‘Non-Marking Sole’ coupled with a diamond grip provides incredible traction on just about any surface.  The best way we could describe this grip would be as gummy or tacky (in a good way):


The New Insoles Are A Game Changer

The insoles on these All American Hi’s have me quickly thinking about throwing out my old pair of Onitsuka Tigers.

Here’s why:

Back in in 2001 New Balance purchased P.F. Flyers.  Together, the teams from both of these comfort brands worked to completely reconstruct the classic ‘Magic Wedge’ insert by incorporating the New Balance ‘Fresh Foam’.

The mark of the reconstructed insert is evident in the red lettering pictured below:

fresh foam new balance

When walking the streets of NYC tirelessly, I never once felt that these shoes were uncomfortable or taxing which spoke to the quality and comfort of the insoles.
tying pf flyer all american his

Fit Of The Shoe

Beyond just the insoles of these incredibly comfortable shoes, the P.F. Flyer All American Hi’s have ample room for your toes.

I don’t consider myself to have terribly wide feet, but do find that more narrow shoes tend to be a bit tight at the front of my foot.

When slipping the All American Hi’s on for the first time and fully lacing them up, it was great having just an extra bit of room on the width which immediately put a smile on my face.

Exterior Construction

All the comfort in the world won’t mean anything if the exterior is poorly constructed.

On the outside of these All American Hi’s you will find a double-wrapped foxing tape topped with a green stripe that meets a durable 12oz duck canvas:

exterior construct all american his

The toe-cap features a vertically-ribbed tread that wraps around the top-quarter of the shoe:

quarter toe cap

Furthermore, you can find the classic P.F. Flyer logo along the bottom back of the shoes coupled with a Green and White iron-on ankle patch along the outside heel:

back patch pf flyers

Final Thoughts

Overall the All American Hi’s can make the perfect addition to any man’s wardrobe.  If you are looking for a pair of shoes for everyday wear or for the weekend, these All American Hi’s are definitely worth considering.

The attention to detail on the exterior of the shoe coupled with the incredibly comfortable insoles should withstand the test of time.

If you want to pick up these shoes, you can order them online at the P.F. Flyers store:

Buy Now

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