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OldSchoolCool + 2017: 12 Ideas On What To Get The Old Man For Father’s Day

Father’s Day, the day that you get to show your dad how thankful you are for putting up with your trouble all these years.

Dads can be hard to buy for.

How do you sum up your love for your old man in one gift?

Let’s face it:

Your father doesn’t need a 100th necktie.  Men in general are hard to buy for, and often times, we aren’t the best gift givers either.

But, have no fear!

We have some great and unique ideas that go far beyond your typical father’s day gifts.

best skeleton watches for men

1. Give The Gift Of Detail With A Skeleton Watch (for any budget)!

Not your average watch, skeleton style watches are a great piece to give your father as a gift.

They are timeless, unique, and come in any budget.  Find yourself pinching pennies this year?

There are some really nice skeleton watches for as little as $50.  Or, if you find yourself swimming in gold, there are pieces upwards of $1,000 that will really wow your dad.

Skeleton watches are unlike any watch your father has.

They can be dressed up or dressed down and are a great conversation starter.

Your father is sure to be impressed with the classic transparency that skeleton watches provide.  And unlike your drab gifts of the past, your father will definitely put this gift to use.

Check out our reviews of the best skeleton watches for men.

signs of a sophisticated man

2. A Dash Of Style To Any Ensemble

Another unique gift idea is a new pair of cufflinks.

If your father wears a dress shirt to work everyday, this is a great gift that will be put to use often.

Cufflinks can easily be made sentimental.

The online store has cufflink designs from owls to Christmas sleighs.

Find a pair that means something to both you and your dad.

Nordstrom is a great site to shop for classy and sophisticated cufflinks.

If you are looking for something and aren’t able to find it at those two places, check out Amazon.

Amazon has great budget options and designs that are quirky and fun.

You could grab a classy pair and a pair that means something to both of you.

old man with beard

3. Keep That Crazy Chin Curtain In Check

For the coolest dad around with a beard, grab some grooming products.

If your father is retired and growing a Letterman style beard, we can bet that he’s a pretty cool guy.

But, just because he doesn’t need to shave anymore, doesn’t mean his appearance kicks the can.

The first item your dad needs is some beard oil.

Beard oil will help condition and protect his wiry whiskers to keep them looking smooth for the rest of time.

But wait, there’s more!

Your old man is also going to need some beard soap, a comb or brush, and some sharp trimming shears.  Beard soap is going to help him wash and clean his beard without damaging the hair or irritating his face.  It’s specially formulated to help keep the beard clean and looking great.

If his beard is more than just short facial hair, he’s going to need a comb or brush.

The last thing any dad needs is to have knots in the coarse and hard to brush hair on his face.

And last but not least, get that man some trimming shears!

Shears allow for way more control than your average beard trimmer.  This will allow him to shape and style his beard to be perfect.

Put all of these products together and you have one manly gift basket.

best slippers for men

4. Nothing Beats Sliding Your Feet Into Slippers On A Cold Winter Day…Nothing

Are the ideas above not checking everything off the list?

Maybe your dad is the practical type, doesn’t buy much, a man’s man.

Well then, slippers are a great option for him.  Slippers are comfy and get used day in and day out.

They are also the perfect item if you’re on a budget.

You can rest assured that while you can’t spend a ton, your gift will be loved and used.

There are some great pairs of slippers in the $20-30 range that will last your dad for years to come.

what is a double edge safety razor

5. Old School Shaving With A Safety Razor

Get ready for a great throwback and classic gift!

Most likely, your father learned to shave using a safety razor.

Bring him back to his adolescent days of shaving and get him a new safety razor.

Men, we cannot talk about safety razors enough!

They are, simply put, awesome.

Not only do they last a lifetime, but they are incredibly cheap, make for a much smoother shave, and cause less irritation.

Pick your dad up a safety razor for a great Father’s Day gift.

Hey, while you’re at it, grab yourself a safety razor too!

We promise you will be converted to the one blade lifestyle very shortly.  Want to make it a cool and manly gift basket?

Pick up the safety razor, a stand, some shave cream, and a shave brush.

Best. Gift. Ever. 

6. 2x Colognes For Day & Night

All men have some cologne that they wear.

Add to your father’s collection by buying him a brand new bottle.

You can’t go wrong with a classy bottle of cologne.

Buy a totally new scent or if he’s a one-scent type of man, replenish his supply of his favorite bottle.

If you are looking for a daytime scent grab something that is fresh and clean smelling.

During the day, you want cologne to be light and airy.

If you are buying him an evening scent for a night out, go with something musky or spicy.

The evening is the time to try out a bold new scent without being overpowering.

Check out our full review of the best smelling men’s colognes.

best dopp kit for men

7. TSA Approved: Dopp Kits Will Keep The Grooming Gear Together When Traveling

Have an old man who loves to travel?

A new dopp kit or toiletry bag is the perfect gift for him!

A dopp kit is a small bag that is able to carry all of your grooming essentials.

A dopp kit is a great gift to pick out on any budget.  Check online for different styles and brands.

Reading the reviews on each item will ensure you are getting exactly what you want.

Find a bag that matches your father’s favorite piece of luggage, or a neutral bag that matches his everyday wear.

If you want to make your gift extra special, there are a few online places that can embroider a special message on the dopp kit making it a great sentimental gift.

8. Happy Trails – Hip Flask Make For An Awesome and Cheap Gift

A hip flask is the perfect gift for the dad who is constantly hitting the trails.

Hip flasks are small enough to carry with him but big enough to carry the perfect serving of his favorite beverage.

Hip flasks are easy on the wallet and a good one can be bought for under fifty dollars.

If you want the gift to mean even more, many hip flasks can be monogramed or engraved with initials or a small message.

Your father will always have a little piece of you with him whenever he is carrying around his personalized hip flask.

This is a unique way to say how much you appreciate him for Father’s Day.

9. Spin Up The Old LPs

If your dad is still hoarding his hundreds of vinyl records with no way to play them, the turntable is for you.

Don’t let another day pass by with your father’s records collecting dust, turntables aren’t nearly as hard to find as they used to be.

You can thank hipsters for reigniting the vinyl revolution.

Let your old man play his records from the summer of ’69 on a brand new record player.

For some great bargain turntables check out our article here.

10. Get Personal (well sort of), With An Amazon Echo (or Echo Show)

Alexa, what’s the perfect gift for Father’s Day?

“The perfect gift for Father’s Day is me.”

No, Alexa is not a personal housekeeper or maid, Alexa is what Amazon Echo’s artificial intelligence responds to.

The Amazon Echo or the Echo Show are both great Father’s Day options.

The Amazon Echo can simplify the life of your father.

Want to know the weather, set an alarm, make a grocery list, or find out the latest sports scores?

Alexa can do all of that for you if you simply ask.

The Echo Show comes with all the capabilities of Echo but with a screen for video chatting.

You can easily check in on your father and contact him whenever you miss him.

If you both have the Show, you can preapprove each other so that you can check in anytime.

This allows for you to make sure that your father is okay and doing well no matter where you are in the world.

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11. Tile Mate

Honey, where are my keys?

If this sounds like your father, you’re not alone.

Men are a forgetful bunch and as we age, we start to lose more items.  Thank goodness for the Tile Mate.  The Tile Mate is a great way to keep track of your items that you lose frequently.

You simply place the locator on whatever item you frequently lose and if it’s lost, pull up the app and it will show you directions to where your item is located.

This is a thoughtful gift for anyone who frequently loses items but won’t always admit it.

Your old man can use this on keys, luggage, his wallet, etc. and when he loses one of those items, he’ll be sure to thank you for helping him find it.

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subscription box service

12. Subscription Box Service

Alright procrastinators.

Yes, I’m talking to you.

You made it all the way to the bottom of the post without jumping at one of the other ideas.

You can say it’s because it wasn’t the perfect gift, but we all know it’s because you’re reading this with Father’s Day right around the corner.

You’re thinking there isn’t time to get a great gift for your dad.


Even procrastination is not enough to stop us from giving you a great gift idea.

We have three words for you:

Subscription Box Services. 

There is a subscription box for everything these days!  This is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

If you buy your father a subscription box, he’s not only getting one gift, he’s getting a new gift every month.

No matter what your dad loves, we can find a subscription box for you.

If your dad likes to cook but never knows what to make, BlueApron is a great box that provides the ingredients and recipes needed to make delicious meals for the week.  Does your dad have a sophisticated beverage palate?

Winc is a wine club that will surely deliver to his tastes.

Dollar Shave Club or Harry’s is a great shaving box and Birchbox Man comes with an array of grooming items.

If you are looking for style, TrunkClub or Bespoke Post will be the box for you.

Subscription boxes are fun, unique, and may just be our favorite gift yet.

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