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7 Benefits of Mustache Wax

Anyone looking to style their facial hair has likely come across mustache wax as a potentially useful product. Mustache wax offers many benefits that you can’t get in other beard care products.

Today we’ll be looking at some of the key benefits of working mustache wax into your grooming routine.

Let’s begin.

1. Provides Order to the Upper Lip

Mustache hairs often grow in several directions. You might find yourself with hairs sticking outwards, growing sideways, or curling downwards. Mustache wax allows you to get all of your hair to point in one direction, providing a much more well-groomed and kempt look to your upper lip. 

While you cannot change the way your hair grows, a mustache wax with a firm hold can force the hair to sit in a certain way throughout the day.

2. Mustache Wax Makes Eating Easier

Longer mustaches, usually those growing for a month or more, can get in the way of eating and drinking, as they may curl around the lip and into the mouth. The hairs may then get food in them, which can look dirty and unsightly and even lead to foul odors. 

Styling your long mustache hairs with mustache wax will help to keep them away from your food and drink and in a style that suits their length more than just hanging over your mouth. Styles like the handlebar or the English particularly suit longer mustache hairs. 

3. Tames Wispy Hairs in the Rest of Your Beard

While it is called mustache wax, nothing is stopping you from using the wax on other parts of your facial hair. For example, you can use mustache wax to tame stray hairs on your cheeks, chin, or sideburns to keep your beard looking perfectly clean and groomed. 

You could also use mustache wax to tame any beard cowlicks. Beard cowlicks are when parts of your facial hair have grown in a different direction to the rest of your beard. These stubborn cowlicks can affect the way your beard looks, especially if you’re styling it. We recommend using one of the strong or medium hold mustache waxes we recently reviewed as they can help push these hairs in the right direction. 

Finally, to lock in the style, don’t forget to add a little heat with an electric beard straightener. 

4. Acts as a Natural Protectant for Your Facial Hair

Mustache wax is more than just a styling agent; it is also a natural protectant for your facial hair. The primary ingredient within mustache wax, beeswax, can help to prevent split ends and other mild damage by keeping the hair moisturized and protected. By keeping your hair protected, you can prevent dry and brittle strands, which lead to frizz and breakage.

Using mustache wax to style your facial hair will also mean that you touch it less, as you won’t want to ruin the style. Touching, stroking, and playing with your beard or mustache can lead to acne, as your hands may have bacteria or dirt on them. 

5. Nourishes Skin Underneath Mustache

Mustache waxes often contain carrier oils, which can help to keep the skin beneath your mustache and beard healthy and nourished. The carrier oil in the wax supplements the natural sebum oil produced by the sebaceous glands and often contains various ingredients that can benefit the skin. 

Common carrier oils found within mustache wax include jojoba oil, castor seed oil, and argan oil. Carrier oils have a range of benefits. Many contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds—these help keep the skin calm and smooth, preventing any beard itch. Carrier oils and beeswax can also help to keep the skin soft and moisturized, preventing beard dandruff

6. Can Give the Appearance of a Thicker or Fuller Mustache

You can achieve a thicker and fuller appearance by styling the mustache carefully with a mustache comb or brush. You can lock in this voluminous look when applying mustache wax before styling. You can also use this trick to cover patches and other troubling areas on your upper lip.

7. Some Mustache Waxes May Help Promote Mustache Growth

Generally, mustache wax is a styling product. If you’re looking primarily for growth, seek out a beard growth product

However, some mustache waxes may be able to spur facial hair growth, like those containing peppermint oil. Peppermint oil has been scientifically linked to an increase in hair growth, so products like the Beard Care Club wax may be able to encourage your facial hair to grow quicker. 

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