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18 Mustache Styles for Any Face Shape

It can be challenging to decide which style is right for you when growing a mustache. While you could just let it grow in a maintenance-free manner, styling can be fun to express your personality.

Here are some popular mustache styles you may want to consider:

mustache styles

The Anchor Mustache

About the Anchor Mustache

The anchor mustache is a subtly styled facial hair look popular in the 2010s. 

Famous Anchor Mustaches

Anchor mustaches were popularized mainly by a few men, namely David Beckham, Robert Downey Jr., and Johnny Depp. But others have also worked this glorious stache, including Brad Pitt and Jeremy Renner. 

How To Grow An Anchor Mustache

  1. Shave your cheeks, and anywhere you will not need hair to achieve the style 
  2. For the remaining facial hair, to a heavy stubble 
  3. Check for symmetry as you shape, and be sure not to trim too much away
  4. Rinse your face with cold water and apply a balm or moisturizer to your skin to soothe any irritation


The anchor mustache looks great, but you must regularly trim it once every few days to keep the kempt appearance. 

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Consider Using the Following

To help maintain your facial hair and to keep your anchor mustache looking sleek and stylish, you will need the help of a few beard care products. We’d recommend investing in a good beard trimmer, a natural moisturizer for your skin, and perhaps wax for styling wispy hairs. 

The Beardstache


About the Beardstache

While not a formal mustache by definition, the beardstache is a classic look and involves a thick mustache and a shorter beard or stubble. It has recently come back into fashion and has been seen on many famous faces in recent years. This style is great if you have strong and uniform facial hair growth.

It is also an excellent style for anyone with a prominent upper lip or great jawline, as it gives your look a little bit of edge while not hiding your natural features under facial hair.

Famous Beardstaches

You’ll be in good company if you decide to rock a beardstache. Celebrities like Henry Cavill, Jamie Dornan, Ryan Gosling, and Donald Glover have all worn this facial hair style.

How To Grow A Beardstache 

  1. Allow your mustache and beard to grow to a length that you’re happy with
  2. Trim your cheeks and sideburns to a heavy stubble
  3. Allow your mustache to continue to grow into a thick, prominent style 
  4. Trim your mustache when necessary and regularly trim the beard to keep the style 


The beardstache is low-maintenance. You’ll only need to trim your mustache to prevent it from overlapping your lips too much and getting in the way when you eat and drink. Daily, this look takes minimal effort. You might choose to apply a balm or oil to your facial hair, and you can brush and style your stache – but this is all optional. 

Consider Using the Following

You might want to invest in a few products if you’re going to wear this style for a while. First, a moisturizer will help soothe your skin and hair, giving it a healthy and youthful appearance.

It may also be worth investing in a pair of beard shears and a mustache comb to help you keep your mustache nice and tidy between barbershop visits. If you plan to style your stache, you might also want to find a light-holding mustache wax.

The Chevron Mustache

chevron mustache

About the Chevron Mustache

A chevron mustache is angled downwards to the corners of your mouth. It is thick and robust but doesn’t cover your mouth. Particularly popular in the 1970s-1990s, the chevron has recently seen an uptick in popularity again. 

Famous Chevron Mustaches

The chevron mustache was made famous by Tom Selleck, but it has since been worn by Henry Cavill, Joe Jonas, Daniel Craig, George Clooney, and Zachary Quinto. 

How To Grow A Chevron Mustache

  1. Let your mustache grow
  2. Keep your cheeks and chin clean-shaven 
  3. Trim the mustache so that it is no longer than your lip 
  4. Angle the mustache downward towards the corners of your mouth

The chevron is a great mustache for any face shape and is a great way to have stylish facial hair even if you have patchy growth on your chin or cheeks


One of the chevron mustache appeals is that it takes minimal effort. Of course, you need to shave the rest of your face regularly, but the mustache can be left alone, requiring just a regular trim when the hairs begin to get in the way. 

Of course, you can use mustache wax, shampoos, and oils on a chevron mustache, but they’re not essential in getting the style. 

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Consider Using the Following

The chevron mustache is low maintenance. Trimming is best done with shears rather than a beard trimmer.  

The Dali Mustache

dali mustache

About the Dali Mustache

Named after surrealist artist Salvador Dali, the Dali stache is an extreme take on the Handlebar. It features two thin, pointed ends which point completely upright, perpendicular to the rest of the mustache. It is most often is worn with a clean-shaven face. 

Famous Dali Mustaches

The Dali stache is something truly extraordinary when done right, and that might be why there are not many famous people who have tried it since the man himself.

To Grow A Dali Mustache

  1. Let your mustache grow 3 to 4 inches
  2. Train the hairs to go sideways, parting in the middle. You can do this using mustache wax and a comb
  3. Once your mustache is long enough, twist the ends up using a heavy-duty mustache wax


Perhaps one of the reasons that the Dali has not been featured anywhere for a while is its nature as a high-maintenance facial hair style. The look involves gravity-defying wax and regular trimming, and a clean-shaven face. 

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Consider Using the Following

If you decide to go with the Dali mustache, you’ll need all the essentials: shears, razor, beard shampoo, a strong mustache wax, and a little artistic creativity. 

The English Mustache

english mustache

About the English Mustache

The English mustache is bushy and then is styled out to fine points which stretch out from the lip.

Famous English Mustaches

The modern English mustache is typically associated with the kind of ‘hipster’ look that arose in the early 2010s, as it is often shaped like a calmer handlebar or Dali. 

How To Grow An English Mustache

  1. Let your mustache grow for about two months
  2. Use a comb to direct your hair to go sideways
  3. Once your mustache is long enough, twist the ends to a fine point using a mustache wax

The English mustache provides you with multiple styling choices. For example, you can opt for a more significant gap at the philtrum (the dip between your nose and your lips), longer points, curved points, and a thick or thin overall body. 


The English mustache does involve a reasonable amount of maintenance. It would help if you used wax daily and so will need to be able to wash this out each evening. A clean shave and careful trims are also necessary.

Consider Using the Following

Consider applying a strong wax for the tips but a medium wax for the rest of your mustache. Given the longer length, you should use shears for regular cleanup.

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The Fu Manchu Mustache

fu manchu mustache

About the Fu Manchu Mustache

Opposite the Dali, the Fu Manchu is a high-maintenance and longer mustache style. There are many variations of this style, differing in thickness and length. Some people choose to style their Fu Manchu mustaches to grow straight down onto the chin and then stop; others grow them as free hanging strands. Many people pair a Fu Manchu with a beard, but you don’t have to. 

Famous Fu Manchu Mustaches

Fu Manchu mustaches are typically associated with villains in cheesy 70’s – 90s movies like Christopher Lee played in The Brides of Fu Manchu.

How To Grow A Fu Manchu Mustache 

  1. Shave your chin and cheeks so that the only facial hair left is your mustache
  2. Introduce a philtrum part by shaving in a gap in the dip above your lip 
  3. Trim the mustache regularly, allowing only the ends to grow 
  4. Continue to keep the rest of your face clean-shaven 

The long-hanging whiskers can be frustrating for many and not worth the look it provides. So be sure that this is the style for you before committing to any shaving. 


You must keep your philtrum clear, your mustache shaped, and the rest of your face clean-shaven. However, there is not a huge amount required for this look in terms of daily styling. 

Consider Using the Following

If you’re not a fan of free-hanging whiskers waving around in the wind, you could use mustache wax to help cement your Fu Manchu mustache in place. 

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The Handlebar Mustache

handlebar mustache

About the Handlebar Mustache

The Handlebar is the most famous mustache style. With its signature bushiness and curled tips, the Handlebar mustache works well on its own, with stubble or even a full beard. 

Famous Handlebar Mustaches

There have been some historical handlebars like Archduke Franz Ferdinand, Joseph Stalin, and, less historically, Mr. Monopoly. Since then, A-list celebrities like Johnny Depp have pulled off the sleek look. 

How To Grow A Handlebar Mustache

  1. Grow out your mustache for a couple of months
  2. Once long enough, use a mustache comb to provide direction to the hairs
  3. Apply mustache wax
  4. Use a pencil, pen, or marker to twist the ends of your mustache into the characteristic curls

This mustache is excellent for men who want a sleek and stylish facial hair look. It has been popular for a long time and is likely to remain so. 


Requires a trim with shears once every week or two to maintain shape and remove stray hairs. Daily, the handlebar mustache involves washing and applying a bit of mustache wax. 

Consider Using the Following

Shears work better than an electric beard trimmer for this style. A medium to firm hold mustache wax will provide structure to the stache.

The Horseshoe Mustache

horseshoe mustache

About the Horseshoe Mustache

The horseshoe mustache is a simple stache style with a full top lip and then two tails growing down the side of the mouth. 

Famous Horseshoe Mustaches

Arguably made famous by Hulk Hogan, many men have since worn this macho facial hair style. It is sometimes associated with bikers and celebrities like Michael Cudlitz and has continued to show the style’s masculine aesthetic. 

How To Grow A Horseshoe Mustache

  1. Use a precision trimmer to remove all facial hair except the areas you’d like to keep for the mustache. 
  2. Let it grow to the desired length. Most men prefer about two or three months of growth.
  3. Mustache wax application is optional for this style.


Horseshoe mustaches take a little bit of trimming and combing to maintain shape. 

Consider Using the Following

Invest in a beard trimmer that includes a detail or precision trimming head. You can also apply a moisturizer to prevent any itchiness to the mustache.

The Hungarian Mustache

hungarian mustache

About the Hungarian Mustache

You can wear a Hungarian mustache on its own, or it can look great with stubble or a full beard. It’s an ideal style for any man who can grow a reliably thick mustache. 

Famous Hungarian Mustaches

This look is quite a statement, and when paired with a big beard, it creates a masculine, lumberjack appearance. Unfortunately, not too many celebrities have worn the Hungarian mustache style.

How To Grow A Hungarian Mustache

  1. Let your mustache grow out to a sizeable length (about 3 or 4 months) 
  2. Once you have reached the right length, trim or shave the rest of your facial hair
  3. Comb and style your mustache to keep the hairs from getting in the way when you eat and drink 
  4. Add a touch of mustache wax to provide structure
  5. Use fingertips to form the slight curls at either end


A Hungarian mustache does require daily styling. You need to comb and apply mustache wax to provide shape. Careful styling will also help prevent food, drink, or other debris from getting caught up in your mustache and making it look unsightly. You will also need to shave the rest of your face continuously unless you’re keeping the beard.

Consider Using the Following

A medium hold mustache wax is ideal for helping keep your mustache looking clean and styled all day. In addition, shears for trimming and a beard wash will keep things looking and feeling neat.

The Imperial Mustache

imperial mustache

About the Imperial Mustache

The imperial mustache is a parted style with ends that go up the face in an almost “W” shape. The look is not as common now.

Famous Imperial Mustaches

Made famous by Kaiser Wilhelm, the last emperor of Germany, the imperial mustache boasts prestige, style, and masculinity. 

How To Grow An Imperial Mustache

  1. Grow out your facial hair and beard for a few months 
  2. Apply a firm holding mustache wax
  3. Start from the parting and shape the style with your hands

This style takes a reasonably long time to perfect, as it can take people a while to grow enough facial hair.


Like similar styles, the imperial mustache requires the wearer to regularly keep their mustache orderly and shaped and also requires daily styling. So it isn’t recommended for men who live a get-up-and-go lifestyle. Leaving it unstyled may lead to a drab, messy appearance. 

Consider Using the Following

A good mustache comb and wax are required for this style. You might also want to get a blow dryer for your beard to help set the style in its position. 

The Lampshade Mustache

lampshade mustache

About the Lampshade Mustache

The lampshade mustache is similar to the chevron mustache. The hairs point toward the nose and then angle down towards the corners of the mouth. This style is relatively easy to grow and relies on precision when cutting and styling. 

Famous Lampshade Mustaches

One very famous man rocked this style – Mr. Freddie Mercury. Even when dressed in stockings and heels, Mercury’s lip was adorned with a lampshade mustache.

How To Grow A Lampshade Mustache: 

  1. Using a precision trimmer, trim straight lines from your nose to the corner of your mouth on both sides
  2. Using shears, ensure the bottom of your mustache is flush against your lip and cut straight 
  3. Shave the rest of your face to create contrast

The lampshade mustache was most popular in the 80s. However, it has been seeing a recent rise in popularity. 


The look requires trimming now and then to maintain the straight lines. 

Consider Using the Following

This style is all about precision. Shears and a precision trimmer will make detailing your lampshade mustache easier. In addition, a small razor can help clean up the area between the top of the mustache and nose.

The Painter’s Brush Mustache

painters brush mustache

About the Painter’s Brush Mustache

This longer mustache style is excellent for anyone looking to soften their features slightly.

Famous Painter’s Brush Mustaches

Many famous people have sported this style, but some noteworthy men include Tom Hardy and Dev Patel. 

How To Grow A Painter’s Brush Mustache

  1. Let facial hair grow for a month or two
  2. Trim so the hairs down extend past the corners of the mouth
  3. Trim the hairs, so they don’t extend past your upper lip
  4. Cut a small triangle at the philtrum

The painter’s brush mustache has gently curved lines from the nose down the mouth and then is flush atop your lips. 


A painter’s brush look requires relatively frequent trims with some shears and ensuring the rest of the face stays clean-shaven. This makes it an appealing look for busy or on-the-go men who want to still have some facial hair without trying too hard. 

Consider Using the Following

To maintain this style, you will need shears and a razor. You will also need a mustache comb to provide a uniform presentation. 

The Parted Pencil Mustache

parted pencil mustache

About the Parted Pencil Mustache

This style is sleek, precise, and shows a level of commitment. It is often associated with the 1940s, as that was when it first became a fashionable choice. It’s great for guys who may have a patchy mustache.

Famous Parted Pencil Mustaches

While most commonly associated with the 40s, celebrities have brought this look back to the modern-day and its sibling, the normal pencil mustache. One such celebrity who sports the parted pencil is Michael B Jordan. 

How To Grow A Parted Pencil Mustache 

  1. Grow your mustache .25″ in length
  2. Shave the rest of your face using your usual shaving routine
  3. Using a precision trimmer, trim a thin line between your mustache and your nose – be careful to keep this line straight. 
  4. Use the same trimmer to break the mustache in the center – you can make this gap as big or small as you’d like
  5. Trim down the mustache hair as short as you would like it

The parted pencil is a great look, but it takes quite a bit of practice to learn how to trim it to suit your face and give you the desired appearance. 


Perhaps the downside of this style is that it does require quite a lot of maintenance. In addition, stubble will begin to grow on the face, above and between your pencil stache pretty quickly. This can make the look a little bit less effective. 

Consider Using the Following

Consider visiting a barbershop for the first trim if you decide to grow a pencil mustache. This will help set the lines you easily maintain at home. 

The Pencil Mustache

pencil mustache

About the Pencil Mustache

The pencil mustache is another star from the 1940s and is just like the parted pencil mustache, except it goes the entire way across the mouth. 

Famous Pencil Mustaches

Perhaps the most famous pencil mustache belongs to John Waters, but others such as J.K Simmons, Bud Abbott, Erroll Flynn, and even Prince. 

How To Grow A Pencil Mustache 

  1. Grow your mustache to .25″ in length
  2. Shave the rest of your face using your usual shaving routine
  3. Using a razor, clear most of the hair between your nose and upper lip
  4. Leave only a .25″ high strip of hair lining your upper lip
  5. Trim down the mustache hair to make it slightly thicker than a heavy stubble


The downside of the pencil mustache is how much work it takes to maintain. In addition, mustaches grow relatively quickly, so stubble can quickly reappear around the mustache and ruin the look; plus, the look is best kept clean-shaven on the rest of the face, which might mean for some men a daily shave. 

Consider Using the Following

A precision trimmer and a razor are essential for this style, especially if you’re new to it. It takes a steady hand and a lot of practice to get the style exactly right. 

The Petite Handlebar Mustache

petite handlebar mustache

About the Petite Handlebar Mustache

Like its larger counterpart, the petite Handlebar is stylish and well suited for men wanting to make less of a statement.

Famous Petite Handlebar Mustaches

Petite handlebars aren’t too mainstream. So you’ll be hard-pressed finding a celebrity wearing a petite mustache.

How To Grow A Petite Handlebar Mustache 

  1. Let the hair grow for one to two months
  2. Part in the center
  3. Direct it using a comb and wax
  4. Curl up the corners by twisting the hairs gently between your finger and thumb.


Regular shaving and daily styling are part of the maintenance for this style. To get this style just right, we recommend having shears, mustache wax, a small mustache comb, and a bit of patience.

Consider Using the Following

Getting a fine-toothed mustache comb will make styling this mustache easier, as it will help remove any tangles before styling. 

The Toothbrush Mustache

toothbrush mustache

About the Toothbrush Mustache

This small tufty mustache is trimmed to be a central rectangle or umbrella shape in the center of the face. It is subtle but simultaneously makes quite a statement. 

Famous Toothbrush Mustaches

Charlie Chaplin and Oliver Hardy sported these dapper little staches.

How To Grow A Toothbrush Mustache 

  1. Let your mustache grow until it is thick and covers part of the top lip 
  2. Trim the sides of the mustache away, so it’s 1″ wide
  3. Trim stray hairs with shears

This style was hugely popular in the 19th century after being brought over to Western Europe. But unfortunately, one man ended the mustache’s popularity. As a result, we doubt that it will ever become popular again in our lifetime.


This mustache style requires regular trimming and shaving. 

Consider Using the Following

A toothbrush mustache must be free of tangles with hairs pointed downward. Shears, a razor, and a mustache comb are required for this style.

The Walrus Mustache

walrus mustache

About the Walrus Mustache

The walrus is a reasonably low-maintenance, easy-to-achieve style that instantly grabs people’s attention. It’s big, masculine, and has been around forever. 

Famous Walrus Mustaches

This style is commonly worn by pogonophiles (beard lovers) as it requires that you grow your whiskers to terminal length. The most famous person to wear a walrus mustache is actor Sam Elliott and Wilford Brimley.

How To Grow A Walrus Mustache 

  1. Let your mustache grow
  2. Comb it regularly 

That is pretty much it for a walrus mustache. If you want to be clean-shaven elsewhere, then, of course, shave according to your usual routine. The mustache should cover your top lip. 


You may choose to style it just for fun using some wax – but styling isn’t essential. Be sure to wash regularly as food can be a problem with this particular style.

Consider Using the Following

Shears and a comb are required to keep the walrus mustache looking great.

The Zappa Mustache

zappa mustache

About the Zappa Mustache

This two-part facial hair style involves a small horseshoe mustache paired with a small tuft of hair on the chin.

Famous Zappa Mustaches

While this mustache is named after Frank Zappa, it has also been worn by Will Smith, Colin Farrell, and Ryan Gosling. 

How To Grow A Zappa Mustache

  1. Trim your beard, leaving the mustache, chin, and side of your mouth longer 
  2. Using a precision trimmer, line out your soul patch 
  3. With the same trimmer, line out two sides of the mustache down just past the corners of your mouth
  4. Shave the rest of the hair away

It is quite an intricate style, and many men who have this mustache choose to go to a barber to get the style cut in and trim it at home. 


The hair around your Zappa mustache will eventually begin to grow back, so it will take regular trimming and precision to make sure that you keep the look as clean as possible. 

Consider Using the Following

You will need a trimmer with incremental length settings to style and maintain this mustache.

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