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26 Men’s Grooming Gifts That Are Guaranteed To Be A Hit

Whether its simply a gift for Christmas or to thank your groomsmen at your wedding, a simple (yet quality) grooming gift can go a long way.

Especially something like this beard oil or shave brush.

Let’s face it:

Guys are notoriously bad for re-evaluating their grooming lineup on a regular basis.  I’ll be the first to admit, about 10 years ago I used to just rely on my trusty bar of Irish Spring soap to do EVERYTHING.

But now a little older and perhaps just a little wiser, I now know better when it comes to a proper grooming routine.

So whether you are purchasing something for yourself or someone else, here’s a compilation of some of the best-in-class grooming gifts for men to not only make them look better, but feel better as well.

To make things easier, we split up the sections in to the following:

  • Men with beards
  • Men who shave
  • Everything else

Here’s our 2017 picks of the best grooming gifts for men:

Best Grooming Gifts For Men With Beards

Beard Comb

Unlike your standard comb that you might pick up at the drug store, beard combs will help to keep an unruly mane in check.

Of all the very best beard combs on the market, we found that this Kent comb is the one comb that beardsmen both novice and expert have come to rely on for years.

Not only will it achieve a perfect style to any beard, it’s teeth are hand-polished to ensure no painful snags.

Beard Balm

For men who live in slightly dryer or cooler climates, beard balm will be much more effective at conditioning a beard.

This balm will this instantly make a beard much softer to the touch and will also provide instant relief to any sort of beard itch a man may be facing.

With the addition of beeswax in beard balm, this will give any man the light to medium hold they are looking for in order to keep a dapper style throughout the day.

Makes for an excellent stocking stuffer.

Beard Oil

Very similar in nature to a beard balm, beard oils are perfect for any man who has a beard.  Whether you are picking this up for a man that works from 9 to 5 or for the hipster who longs to live in Brooklyn, any man will instantly love the benefits of beard oil.

The carrier oil + essential oil base of this tonic will not only make a beard feel much softer, but will make it smell incredible as well.  Perfect for men with a beard of any length.

This combo offering by CanYouHandlebar will be perfect for men who are looking for great results and excellent scents.

Beard Brush

While beard combs provide ultimate control in styling, beard brushes are perfect for men who are looking for a bit more fuller of a beard.  So whether its for yourself or someone else, they will love the way beard brushes add volume and distribute product (i.e. beard oil or beard balm) throughout their chin curtain.

Only the finest beard brushes rely on boar’s hair bristles to get the job done.

Beard Wash

If you start to put product into your beard, you best be washing it out as well.

But unfortunately so many men tend to rely on their standard shampoo or body wash to get the job done.  This not only can strip out key oils and nutrients from the beard, but can leave any man with an itchy beard afterwards.

While not nearly as widespread as beard oil and balms, beard washes are the secret weapon to gently clean any beard to make it look, feel, and most importantly, smell fresh.

Beard Trimmer

Having a beard is great, but having an unruly beard is not.

A top-notch beard trimmer will allow you to cut your beard to your preferred length every single time.

Unlike shears that might take a bit more effort, a beard trimmer will help speed up the morning routine for any man who finds themselves always short on time.

Best Grooming Gifts For Men Who Shave

Safety Razor

Traditional wet shaving is back, and in a big way.  With the costs of cartridge razors spiraling out of control, more and more men are starting to rediscover the beauty of traditional shaving.

Relying on universal blade fittings, no longer are you tied to one company and one razor system.  Safety razors are incredibly cheap to own and make for a great gift.

Oh, and they also are perfect for men who suffer from sensitive skin.

Merkur Model 38 Hd Classic "Barber Pole" Long Safety Razor
Cache Beauty Supply, Inc. - Health and Beauty

Traditional Shave Cream

Sure, a standard gel shave cream you pick up from the grocery store is nice, but a traditional shave cream is about 100x better.

Not only will these old school shaving creams whip up an incredibly rich and thick lather, but it will also make for a much more comfortable shave.

While shave creams like the one pictured above can be used without a shave brush, you would recommend against this.  Even a sub $20 shave brush will work wonders – and it presents well as a gift!

Traditional Shave Soap

While the shave cream above is pretty old school, shave soaps are even more of a classic grooming gift.

Having been around for centuries, shave soaps offer an unparalleled lubricated base for the razor to sing off of.  Perfect for men who have dry or sensitive skin, shave soaps do require a shave brush to be used in tandem with it.

Also shave soaps are great for those on budget.

Shaving Brush

When it comes to getting the most out of any shave soap or shave cream, nothing is better in quality than a silvertip badger hair shaving brush.

Designed to whip up a rich lather, shave brushes will make any subpar shave cream a whole lot better.  Secondly, shave brushes also help with the overall comfort of your shave by making the whiskers stand on edge in order to get a much cleaner cut when the razor passes.

Straight Razor

For the men who are looking to harness their great grandfathers favorite shaving tool should look no further than the straight razor.

A single slab of metal from a straight razor can provide a lifetime of use.  This makes it one of the best grooming tools you can get for the environment.

Electric Razor

The last razor on our list is the electric razor.  Coming in either foil (pictured above) or rotary variants, electric razors are perfect for men who demand efficiency in the morning or always find themselves on the road and don’t want to pack a wide array of shaving creams, brushes, and razor blades.

Electric razors of today can get much closer than ever before and rival even the best cartridge razors.

This is the one tool that will put a smile on any man’s face.

Aftershave Balm

Unlike an aftershave splash or lotion that stings and dries out your skin, aftershave balm nourishes it to provide post-shave relief.

Packed with a ton of natural ingredients and moisturizers, any man who shaves daily, has dry skin, or simply wants to feel better after they shave will love a bottle of aftershave balm!

Shaving Kit

While purchasing shaving items individually can be quite expensive, shaving kits make for a great way to savings while also presenting incredibly well.  If you really want to make an impression.

This Bevel shave system includes all the essentials that any many will want for a close and comfortable shave: safety razor, brush, shave cream, pre shave oil, aftershave balm, and extra razor blades.

Shaving Oil

Perfect for men with sensitive skin or who get nicked easily, pre shave oil plays a key role in providing a lubricating layer that sits beneath the shaving cream.

This helps the razor blade to glide effortlessly and not skip or chop the skin causing severe irritation.  Compatible with any razor system, this offering by The Art of Shaving is perfect for men who demand the perfect shave.

Plus its scented with Sandalwood oil, that classic barbershop smell so many men love.

The Art of Shaving Pre-Shave Oil, Sandalwood, 2 fl. oz.
The Art Of Shaving - Health and Beauty

Dollar Shave Club

Let’s face it, cartridge razors are incredibly pricey.  While safety razors are a great way to get a close shave at an affordable price, not every man wants to invest the time in learning a new shave system – enter Dollar Shave Club.

With affordable plans that can work with anyone’s budget, a subscription to Dollar Shave Club is the perfect gift that can last throughout the entire year.

Other Great Men’s Grooming Gifts & Tools

Hair Pomade

Pomade is one of the perfect gifts for men who style their hair regularly with a medium or high shine.

One of those gifts that will be used daily, its an essential to any man’s grooming repertoire.  Of all the pomades on the market, Baxter of California is terrific high-end pomade that presents well as a gift in solid glass jar, but one that won’t break the bank either.

Baxter of California Clay Pomade, 2 fl. oz.
Baxter of California - Health and Beauty

Hair Clay

Opposite of pomade is hair clay.

With a much more matte finish, this product is perfect for men who are looking to have their hair look more natural while still taking form.  With the ability to being worked midday for touchups, there is a reason why clays are becoming the norm among the most affluent men – it looks and works exceedingly well.

This texture clay by V76 is sure to be a guaranteed hit.

V76 by Vaughn Texture Clay, 1.7 ounce
V76 by Vaughn - Health and Beauty

Dopp Kit

Whether you are buying this for a man that finds themselves on the road constantly, or one that only travels a few times a year, a dopp kit by Topo Designs withstand the test of time.

With its unique triangle design allowing it to stand upright, this USA designed and manufactured dopp kit offers everything you could want to store your daily toiletry essentials including lots of pockets, waterproof lining, and a oversized loop to affix to either a suitcase or backpack.

Cologne – For Daytime Use

Every man loves cologne…especially one that is designed for a particular occasion.  Whether he just hit the gym, is enjoying a weekend outdoors, or simply lounging around the house, a splash of Giorgio Armani’s Acqua di Gio is perfect for casual daytime use.

With scents akin to a fresh splash of the ocean breeze, this light fragrance won’t be too overpowering and should compliment any style effortlessly.

Cologne – For Evening Use

While every man should have a cologne for daytime use at their disposal, they should equally have one for the evening hours as well.

There is no better cologne for evening wear than the subtle yet bold and complex fragrancy by L’Eau D’Issey Pour Homme by Issey Miyake.  Initially introduced in 1994, this cologne has withstood the test of time and a trusted scent that men find themselves reaching for time and time again.

Nail Clippers

Not one of those gifts that people really splurge on, but once you do actually own a nice pair, you will quickly realize how you couldn’t have lived without them!

Featuring a cutting motion akin to a hot knife passing through butter, good nail clippers are in a completely different league than their $1 drug store counterparts.

These Seki Edge clippers are the gold standard when it comes to finger nail care.

Face Cream

Whether you are 20 or 60 years old, adoption of a face cream into the regular grooming regimen will make any man not only look younger, but appear a lot more vibrant as well.  Face creams feature rich moisturizers that will not only help to ward off fine lines and wrinkles, but also to help reduce the appearance of skin blemishes.

Plus many of the best face creams feature SPF protection as an added benefit.  This double duty face cream by Jack Black is perfect for men of all skin types and delivers one of the best results on the market.

Eye Cream

While very similar to face creams, eye creams on the other hand are specially formulated to work in a very mild and non-abrasive manner with the delicate skin around your eyes.  Eye creams are designed to not only reduce the appearance of crows feet around the eyes, but also to remedy dark circles and puffiness.

When reviewing eye creams in our recent roundup, we found that Brickell’s Restoring Eye balm was among the best in class.

Bar Soap

Sure, you can pick up a bar of soap at your local grocery store this weekend.  But unfortunately many of them are not designed from the ground up for a man’s naturally rugged and thicker skin.

That’s why a bar loaded of natural moisturizers like the ones found in this bar by Dr. Squatch will make the most manly of men smell and feel amazing.

Body Wash

Alright, if rubbing a bar of soap isn’t his forte then body wash is the next (and I think only) best alternative.

For men who like to get clean with a liquid soap, 18.21 Man Made Wash not only looks incredible, but performs even better.  This Sulfate Free and ph balanced formula will instantly hydrate the driest of skin types.

18.21 Man Made Wash, 18 oz
18.21 Man Made - Health and Beauty

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