Manscaped Review: The Perfect Package?

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So check this out:

The other day I received in the mail this huge bag of grooming supplies from Manscaped.

I was completely blown away from the loot that was contained within it.

Here’s the run down:

manscaped review

From the top left to right:

  1. Velvet lined pouch for The Lawn Mower (electric trimmer)
  2. Hairy Situation Newspaper – a full fledged hysterical newspaper about manscaping that also acts as a shaving mat to make cleanup easier
  3. The Lawn Mower – responsible for clearing the way of the heavy hair on your body
  4. The Plow – A three piece double edge safety razor to get the hair to skin level.
  5. The Shed – A 9″ x 4″ x 6″ PVC and polyester dopp kit that is also water resistant
  6. The Shears – 5-piece nail kit including safety scissors, nail clippers, tweezers, ear pick, and nail refining file
  7. Crop Reviver – Friction toner and spritz for the groin and underarm areas
  8. Crop Preserver – Anti-chaffing liquid talcum gel that provides both deodorant and antiperspirant properties
  9. Crop Cleanser – Body wash that should be used for either pre or post trimming.

Don’t worry this isn’t a paid review, they sent this to me complimentary.  

Here’s what I really think about the products:

The Unboxing

From the moment that I opened this box, I couldn’t believe the value.

The wow factor from Manscaped is spot on.

Currently The Perfect Package retails for only $49.99 on their website:

manscaped price points

If you purchased these items separately at the store, you would be paying well above this asking price.  Undoubtedly, this would make either an incredible gift for a special man in your life (or yourself), or simply if you are looking for all the basics when it comes to manscaping.

Just to be clear, when we refer to manscaping, this includes shaving/trimming the following:

  • Face
  • Underarms
  • Chest
  • Legs
  • Crotch

But even beyond just the trimming or complete removal of hair from your body, also included in The Perfect Package is a complete nail care set.

As you go through the included toiletry bag, it seems like the entire gift set just gets better and better.

Needless to say, for presentation and completeness Manscaped fires on all cylinders!

Presentation Final Grade: A+

The Performance Of The Tools

Now its one thing to present well, but long after the initial wow-ness wears off, how do the products actually perform?

The Shears

the shears

The shears were all made from stainless steel construction.  Which is really important when using products in the bathroom.  The core reason being that they won’t rust at all.

This is critical when using products like nail clippers and scissors that may be exposed to open cuts or nicks on your skin (i.e. if you are using a chrome plated nail clipper – make sure you are up to date on your tetanus shots).

Did they get the job done?


When you have a toe nail that is hard to get free with a pair of clippers these shears will be able to get underneath the nail and get a clean cut.  This helps to prevent incidental nicks that would otherwise happen with a clipper.

The rounded tips on both end of the shears will ensure that there is no accidental poking of your skin.

Performance: A


These clippers performed on par with the best nail clippers we recently reviewed.  The solid construction has an effortless cutting motion that will slice through even the thickest of nails.

If there was a downfall to this clipper it would be the size.

While the head is curved which is perfect for fingernails, it seems a bit too large, especially for those with smaller fingers.  But if you are an average or larger sized man, it may strike a nice balance that you can use on both your fingers and toes.

Performance: B

Emery Board

Every now and again you have a nail that is a bit poking or snagging on fabric.  This stainless steel emery board will do a terrific job at filing down these annoying little nubs to leave a smooth line for your fingernail.

Performance: A


The mark of quality tweezers is that they pull the hair completely from the root with each pluck.  When testing these tweezers out they had a nice spring to the body along with a slip-grip to ensure that your fingers don’t move (even when wet).

The ends of the tweezers are completely flat which may lead to incidental pulls of surrounding hair follicles.  So unfortunately with precision it just slightly misses the mark.

Performance: B

Ear Pick

It works.

Your golden nuggets will be removed – just don’t go too far in your ear.

Performance: A

The Lawn Mower

Flat out, this thing rocks.

If you are looking to clean up your neckline, mow down your chest hair, or just simply clean up some hair around your groin area, this trimmer is incredibly compact and works well.  With a total of three different guides that can be placed on the head, you can trim your hair to the exact length that you want.

It’s simple on/off switch is powered by a single AA battery.  If you are always on the road, you will love having this as a part of your travel kit.

Plus no wires or sizable docking station will ensure that doesn’t take up any counter space – a plus if you have a small bathroom.

Performance: A

The Plow

When testing out The Plow, to be quite honest I was a bit mixed.  You see, I love double edge safety razors…

But here’s the deal:

I don’t think safety razors should be used for body shaving.  Men learning to shave their face with a safety razor will have a difficult time enough.  Trying to shave your manhood with water pouring on you is less than ideal conditions.

Safety razors give you a lot of control when it comes to cutting, but with that control, it requires precision on behalf of the user.

In order to get a close yet comfortable shave, you need to make sure that you always have the proper cutting angle (appx 30 degrees).  Too close or open of an angle and you have either incidental nicks or skipping of the blade.

Therefore, if you are shaving your junk, you don’t want to use a safety razor for this area.

A slip of the wrist in the shower could spell a bloody disaster.

While I love the kit, the safety razor is a miss – with the one exception:

That it will be only used on your face.

Encased in a travel kit (with mirror), it will do a fine job at cleaning up your face.

The safety razor from Manscaped is a 3 piece razor.

The Plow does come with 3 Super Stainless Steel starter blades.  For additional razor blades, I would recommend checking out our safety razor blade roundup.

For shaving your junk, we still recommend checking out a top rated cartridge razor instead.

Performance: B-

The Liquids

manscaped liquids

For washing, moisturing, and spritzing, these lotions will perform rather well.

For all the products listed below, they all evoke a light yet invigorating scent.  On the Manscaped website, they list the scent simply as fragrance.

Crop Cleanser

Doubling as a hair and body wash, this cleanser contains both aloe and sea salt for maximum skin clarity and performance.

The bottle contains a few ‘scary’ looking ingredients from the onset, but shouldn’t be too abrasive for the men with sensitive skin.  The Methylchloroisothiazolinone (try saying that 10x fast), is actually an antifungal and will help to simply clean your skin.

Also contained within the wash is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS).  While typically mentioned as being a harmful ingredient, this common surfactant was only rated a 1-2 hazard level according to the Environmental Working Group (source).

Overall though, this is a typical body wash that should get you plenty clean once you are done manscaping.

Performance: A-


Adding any lotion to your skin once you are done shaving will provide a much needed relief from itchiness.

But you have to be careful, many lotions on the market may contain alcohol.  While this moisturizer may contain an alcohol, its not your standard denatured alcohol that will dry out your skin.  Instead they included a fatty alcohol (Stearyl Alcohol) that acts to prevent separation of ingredients (source).

Complimentary smells to both the cleaner and reviver, The Preserver acts as a great first step once you are done drying the areas you shaved.

Performance: A

Crop Reviver

Kind of like an aftershave for your balls, The Crop Reviver is a spritzer is to prevent dampness and chaffing throughout the day.  But unfortunately like most aftershave splashes and balms on the market, it contains denatured alcohol.  This isn’t the best thing to apply post shave as it will not only sting, but also dry out your skin.

On the contrary, this product does contain Witch Hazel.  This key ingredient acts an astringent for your pores.  Which is key in getting pores closed right away to ensure that no bacteria seeps in.

Unfortunately we have to give The Crop Reviver, low marks due to the inclusion of denatured alcohol.

Performance: C+

The Shed

The toiletry bag that contains all these products is nearly worth it alone.  With a PVC plus polyester lining, it should bode incredibly well in damp conditions and easily could rank toe-to-toe with some of the best dopp kits on the market.

It’s 3 pouches on the left side coupled with the one larger zipper pouch on the right will keep all your grooming gear in check.

It can easily fit in all the gear from Manscaped – which will be a perfect one bag solution for your bathroom cabinet or your suitcase.

You will want to keep this bag for years to come.

Performance: A

Overall Thoughts On The Manscaped Perfect Package

Generally I think that this is a really good deal for guys looking to update their grooming game.  If you are still using just a drug store nail clipper along with a bar of soap that comes in packs of 20 at a sub $5 price, then its time to upgrade.

Buying each one of these products would easily set you back over $100 retail.  At a rock bottom price of only $50, you really can’t go wrong.

While I do feel that the safety razor doesn’t make sense for body grooming, owning one of these products can save you a TON of money on the long term when shaving your face.  Even if you don’t shave regularly, the trimmer included can also help to clean up lines and perhaps a light stubble shave.

You can pick up The Perfect Package over at the Manscaped store.

Overall grade for The Perfect Package: A-

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