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See How These Boxers Change The Game

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Alright gents:

I want to talk about your nuts.

Are you wearing some bargain boxer briefs that came in a multi-pack for under $5?

Or perhaps are you wearing ::gasp:: tighty whities?!


…you gotta fix that.

Now I ain’t no girl, but if you are wondering why there might be a giggle or two when things get a bit frisky, I can guarantee you it’s not about the size of your junk…


In fact, it’s likely that your undergarments are being the ultimate mood killer.


I am never a huge believer in spending money…

…especially on underwear.

I mean come on!

It’s underwear!

But a couple of years ago I upgraded to a pair of quality underwear and I have never looked back.

Sure, I probably spent way too much on them…

…but it was the best splurge spend I had in recent memory!

When you upgrade your underwear, you instantly realize all the great benefits (at least I did) as soon as you put them on.


The fabric is about 100x softer and nicer.

Now I am not saying it is going to feel like you are wearing a pair of quality silk boxers, no.

It’s just that the fabric is a cut above the rest and feels great on your skin.

Another trademark feature of decent underwear is breathability.


Right now as I type this, in NYC it’s 95 degrees outside.

That’s hot.

A few years ago, I would instantly get full on swamp nuts if I stepped outside in such conditions.

Today, it’s not a concern.

I am not bullshitting you.

Underwear built with decent technology will draw away the moisture from your skin.

That’s paramount for comfort.

Now all of this was largely from one of the high-end men’s underwear brands on the market.

So, when Manscaped sent me a free pair of their very own to try out, well…

…I was apprehensive.

I mean, this company is known for putting together a killer personal grooming kits (check out my other review of Manscaped).

What the hell are they thinking by getting into the cutthroat apparel market?

Well, let’s take a look and see if Manscaped can compete with big names like Calvin Klein, Boss, Ralph Lauren, and others:

On Point Fabric

The biggest selling point of these underwear is undoubtedly the fabric.

It really can go toe-to-toe with all the top brands and you don’t ever feel like you are getting some inferior product that cut corners…

…and that makes total sense.

When launching a new product line, as Manscaped has, you must put out a quality product.

Cause after all, if you don’t put your best foot forward, you not only give off a poor impression, but no one will ever want to buy from you again.

The fabric itself is constructed from 92% polyester and 8% elastane.

While the purists out there may scoff at the lack of cotton, these babies have no problem drawing the moisture away from the skin.

So, don’t expect your manhood to be suffocating even when wearing these in the most humid and hot conditions…

…it will be just fine.

In addition, you don’t have to worry at all about the shrinkage or stretching out that cotton normally experiences over the lifetime of the fabric as well.

With the elastane, it will give you a comfortable and snug feeling so everything won’t be swinging around after a few washes.

Getting The Right Size For You

When it comes to sizing, there are really no surprises.

Manscaped is a USA based company, so everything is in Freedom Units and in 4 different sizes:

Other Advantages Of These Boxer Briefs

Cured swamp nuts aside, we want to take a minute to talk about a few other details on these boxers:

First up, the large waist band:

While having a brand name on the waist band can seem a bit cheesy, especially if you are one who likes to have a much more low-key style, this band was designed to prevent rolling.

This ultimately means that it’s much more comfortable and feels like a second skin on your waist as opposed to a restrictive thin elastic bands that cut into your side.

But secondly, and perhaps more importantly…


Ok, what guy doesn’t want to look bigger?

Well, unlike those tighty whities or way old boxer briefs that have been stretched out, these Manscaped boxers will present your manhood in a much more endowed way…

…trust us here.

Others will definitely take notice…

So that awkward scenario I was talking about earlier, where the other person might let out a slight giggle or say “oh those are cute”…

…yeah, that ain’t happening with these.

There will be brimming anticipation instead…

…oh, and it’s ok to look in the mirror every now and again and admire yourself as well, that’s a completely expected side effect!

Shipping Costs & Refund Policy

In the age of Amazon Prime, its super hard for companies to launch a business and build trust all while being profitable.

Needless to say, if you want to venture out and try something from a smaller company, Manscaped provides much needed peace of mind.

Not only do they have free shipping on most orders, but they also offer a 30-day refund period:

This gives you time to give the boxers a test run and decide whether or not you want to keep them, or order a few more to add to your wardrobe.

Not bad!

Final Thoughts

Overall, I think these Manscaped boxers are on-point and compete with all the big brands out there.

So, if you were about to buy a new pair of Calvin Klein or Boss boxers, give Manscaped a shot.

These are just as good as the big brands without the high designer price tag…

Oh and check this out:

We spoke with the folks over at Manscaped and they are willing to foot part of the bill on your next order since you are a regular Tools of Men reader (we are always looking out for you guys!)!

So, when you do pick up a pair of their boxers or any of their other great products, be sure to put promo code: TOOLS25 while checking out to score 25% off.

Don’t say we didn’t do anything for you :-D!

Be sure to check out, and pick up a pair of these boxers today!

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