A Man’s Guide On How To Shave In The Shower

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When it comes to shaving, like most men, I prefer to take my time and thoroughly enjoy the wet shaving process while using a double edge safety razor once every couple of days.

Unfortunately, everything doesn’t go as planned, instead life gets in the way.

If you find yourself constantly trying to jet out the door in the morning to beat rush hour, or perhaps have frequent meetings at 9:00am, its best to step back to look at your morning routine and figure out where you can save a few minutes off the clock.

While shaving in the shower per se isn’t considered traditional, and many of the wet shaving purists may scoff at the idea, it can certainly help you get ready much faster.

How so?

Beyond stating the obvious explanation that you don’t have to worry about cleaning up a sink area along with required prep work, shaving while showering is much easier (more on this in a minute) and comfortable, given that your pores will be completely wide open assuming you take a hot shower.

With open pores, every stroke of the razor blade should be able to glide through and cut your whiskers effortlessly, subsequently reducing the occurrence of razor burn and general skin irritation.

This should hopefully help out men who have overly sensitive skin and try their best to attain a smooth and comfortable shave.

Naturally though, one of the biggest sticking points to shaving in the shower, will be trying to keep the shaving cream on your face during the entire shave – which we will solve this below.

What Type Of Razor Is Best Suited For Shaving In The Shower?

safety razor comparison

Just about any razor technically can be used in the shower.

However, the type of razor that you use can have a big impact on how easy or long the entire shave duration will be while in the shower.

By and far some of the easiest razors will of course be the disposable or cartridge based razors.

Cartridge razors, like the Gillette Fusion ProGlide that we fell in love with in our best cartridge razor review article, with its unique (and likely proprietary) flexible head make it nearly impossible to nick yourself while shaving.

Therefore, when making strokes in the shower (no not that kind), with a relatively small mirror affixed to the wall and harder to see, especially if you normally wear glasses, cartridge or disposable razors are a pretty safe bet.

Another option at your disposal oddly enough is electric shavers.

Believe it or not, many of the newer electric shavers on the market are shower safe and should have no problem operating in such an environment.

Just be sure to double check your owner’s manual or simply Google the model number for further details.

Beyond electric shavers, another razor you can use in the shower will be the double edge safety razor.

While they are seeing a recent surge in popularity due to their incredibly affordable price points, double edge safety razors with their stainless steel or chrome plated design will have no problem in a wet environment like a shower stall.

While these razors are incredibly great for men with sensitive skin – or just those who really buy in to the whole traditional shaving process, they likely aren’t the best option for shower shaving however.

The main reason for increased difficulty is due to their high level of attention that they require.

You see unlike a cartridge or disposable razors that are preset to the optimal 30 degree cutting angle, double edge safety razors require you to keep the blade at this angle manually with every pass.

Secondly, when making the pass, you will want to make sure that your skin is taut so the razor doesn’t experience any chopping or skipping across your face when shaving.

In a wet slick and soapy shower environment this may be challenging for some, especially if they are making their second or third pass with the razor blade.

Therefore, while double edge safety razors are incredible shaving tools, they just simply aren’t going to be the best if you are looking to take minutes off your morning shave routine and are always rushing out the door.

DE razors will be much better suited for simply sink shaving, especially for those who are still learning the contours of their face.

Lastly with straight razors – well let’s just say if you drop it, you will either be castrated or without a toe(s) 🙂

Is There Anything Specific You Should Get For Shaving In The Shower?

creamo shave cream for your head

Without a doubt, the one product you will absolutely need for shaving in the shower is going to be a mirror.

But not just any mirror, you will want to get one that is fogless.

This way, when you are making the passes with your razor, you don’t have to be distracted by wiping off the mirror every two seconds as the heat from the shower fogs the mirror.

Fogless mirrors come in many shapes and sizes to suit just about any man’s preference.

At Tools of Men, we like to recommend to our readers to check out this rotating mirror:

What’s great about this mirror is that it can swivel out of the way of oncoming water so you can easily study your contours and make sure you don’t have any embarrassing patches of whiskers left over long after you got out of your shower.

But here’s the real catch:

The above mirror comes packaged with a razor holder.  While if you are using a double edge razor or electric shaver you probably have a stand or cradle already, if you happen to have a cartridge or disposable razor instead, this will be a welcomed addition.

This suction cup stand will help to make sure that the blades of the razor don’t sit in mildew-laden puddles or even worse, that black mold that we disregard for as long as possible that might be sitting in the corner of your shower stall.

Now beyond the mirror, shaving cream is another big factor of course.

Personally, when shaving in the shower, I like to use a latherless shave cream as I find it doesn’t wash off nearly as easy as say a foam based cream.

As we raved about them in our best shaving cream article, products like Cremo or Jack Black should serve you pretty well.

Beyond just the lathering of these shave creams, there is another (and more important reason) why I use shave creams that come from a tube in the shower:

While its usually never a consideration until it happens, inevitably the can is going to get dropped.

I mean, come on, you are in a wet and soapy environment, and your name isn’t Odell Beckham Jr. – you are going to drop the can!

Chances are to, that once you drop it, the cheap plastic nozzle will also likely bust, leaving you with can of cream you can’t use and a half-shaved face.

Therefore, do your future self a solid and get the right type of shaving cream.

Now if you plan on still doing the whole traditional shaving aspect in the shower, we strongly recommend that your shave brush has a resin or plastic handle for both mildew and break resistance, along with a scuttle or mug that will also withstand a drop from 5 feet up.

Lastly, Is There Any Special Technique To Shaving In The Shower?

shower drain

Of course not!

You only moved about 3 feet from the sink, so not much is going to change.

Like we said above, the fogless mirror is going to single-handedly make the biggest difference when it comes to shaving in the shower.

Just remember when taking products into the shower, you don’t want to have anything that will electrocute you, nor break if you accidentally drop it.

One last pointer, is that when shaving in the shower, often you will find it is a bit on the darker side of things.

So, if you are trying to dodge a mole or skin tag (although those are easy to remove), you may want to just take this into consideration.

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