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21 Surprising Qualities Women Find Extremely Attractive in Men

There are so many tips and tricks as to how you can attract a woman.

Perhaps it’s cologne, or a super nice car.

But, those things are pretty obvious and not every man can afford expensive colognes and cars.

It may come as a surprise to some, but you actually don’t need those fancy things in order to attract a woman.

Here are 21 amazing qualities that women find attractive in a potential partner.

You may be pleasantly surprised to see that a lot of these traits apply to you already.

1. Have a Good Sense of Humor

Women love to know that no matter how sticky a situation is her man will be able to get through it with a positive attitude.

Obviously, it’s impossible to have an overly optimistic outlook on life at all times, but an extremely attractive quality in a partner is a good sense of humor.

The ability to laugh things off and move forward with a positivity is useful and can be a strong pillar in any relationship.

On top of that, who doesn’t love someone that can make them laugh randomly? Great jokes are super endearing and women enjoy being lifted out of a bad mood with a smile and some gentle teasing.

You want to be careful when approaching a tense situation with humor, however.

There is a time and a place for everything so make sure you know whether or not the situation is joke friendly or not.

This in itself is a practice that will impress a woman more than anything else.


2. Own a Nice Pair of Socks

Yep, you read that right.

While suits and ties are a great show of style, sometimes even just the little details can make a big impression.

A man who knows how to accessorize his outfits is one that probably pays attention to detail.

Owning a pair of interesting socks also causes them to wonder what other adorable quirks you may have and can potentially spark that starter conversation.

If you aren’t sure where you can find socks with interesting designs and patterns, never fear!

There are so many stores out there that stock killer socks.

Some examples are Huckberry, Sock Panda, Nordstrom, or Mr. Porter.

Don’t get lost in the world of expensive suits and fancy accessories. Women like a man who knows how to look good with even the simplest of things.

3. Shyness is Adorable

Most people believe that the super loud and proud alpha male will always be the one to get the girl.

But, to be honest, that isn’t always the case.

A lot of women actually find that brassiness a bit too much and would prefer a man who knows when to be heard and when to just observe. If you are the type of guy who thinks your shy personality will keep you from winning the girl, then think again!

Vulnerability is a very attractive trait that can really help to snag a woman.

Just be sure that you don’t go over board and become someone that she can’t count on.

Women like sweet guys but they won’t have the same respect for a pushover.

Just don’t be afraid to be yourself and everything will be fine!

4. Rock a Hairy Chest

There’s no need to be ashamed if you are a furry bear of a man.

Woman actually find some extra hair super sexy.

With a full beard and a chest covered in hair you may fulfill their dreams of snuggling up to a lumber jack.

What could be more manly than that?

Head up to a cabin in the woods during the fury of winter and you will have yourself one cuddly lady! Having hair on your chest means that you are a man, and the opposite sex likes to know that a man is who they are dating (especially if they are serious about sticking around).

However, don’t be discouraged if you are lacking in the chest hair department. You can still be manly without all the fluff, just be sure you are still willing to pile on the cuddles during a blustery day.

man and puppy

5. Own a Dog

What is better at showing off your impressive responsibility skills then caring for another living creature?

The answer is nothing!

If you can take care of a dog, then you can for sure take care of a kid, and women dig that. Simply take your furry pal on a walk and you will have at least one pretty lady smile at you and perhaps ask to pet your dog.

That easy conversation started can lead down the path of a forever love.

Keep in mind that no matter how cute your dog may be, no woman is going to appreciate muddy paws all over her clean outfit. So be sure to train your dog well so that he can be the perfect wingman during your outings.

6. Height Matters

At least it does when comparing yourself to your lady of choice.

Women tend to search for a man that is taller than her.

This probably comes from the natural instinct of finding a protector and provider, which of course can be found in someone tall.


Well, although it may be true some women like men that are at least a foot taller than them, there are a few ladies out there who aren’t as picky. Even a few inches will be good enough when it comes to the matter of height.

Just remember, posture is actually a huge factor in determining how tall you will stand. Slouching over will greatly reduce your overall height, not to mention cause back problems later in the future.

So be sure to stand up straight, hold those shoulders high, and now that you are looking good no matter your elevation.

7. Don’t Be Afraid of Conversation

There is no greater turn off for a woman than a guy who can’t hold a conversation.

Women love to talk, and when they are looking for a potential partner, they want someone who isn’t afraid to converse with them.

And I don’t mean talking about the latest baseball game or sports car that you saw this week.

While that is all good in moderation, a woman will be looking for deeper conversations; those talks that will further a relationship and solve weighty problems.

It can be easy to become overwhelmed by all that goes on in a woman’s mind, but if you are able to push past that and spend just a few minutes really connecting with her, you’ll automatically become her hero.

Relationships depend on open communication, so if you are serious about the person you are with, take the time to listen and respond to what they have to say.

Following this one simple rule will carry you far.

8. Freckles are the Bomb

These amazing little dots on your face are actually more attractive than you may have previously thought.

With the opposite effect of the chest hair mentioned earlier, freckles help to give off an innocent vibe.

Women love to see a hint of boyhood hidden within a strong man; it gives you a softer side that is extremely approachable.

So if you have been thinking that your freckles are going to scare women off, think again. They may actually be your ticket to landing that date you’ve been thinking about all week.

go on an adventure

9. Adventure is Out There

Life can get so mundane sometimes, especially after you may have been in one committed relationship for an extended period of time.

The best way to spice things up is to get out into the world.

Explore new areas, do daring activities, and overall bond with each other all over again in new environments.

Women like to know that their man isn’t afraid of new things; in fact, the more daring the better! So get out there, take a chance, and carry her away with the thrill of adventure.

10. Be Emotionally Present

This tip goes hand in hand with communication skills.

Women are just naturally more emotional than men, so it may be a challenge to really tap into those feelings. Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to be something that you’re not because there is no reason to go full out Edgar Allan Poe when you are having a bad day.

The best way to handle things is being willing to discuss how you are feeling and perhaps what has caused that emotion.

Women like to know when they have made you happy or sad because they can then process how to properly respond to you.

11. Veiny Forearms are a Turn On

It may come as a surprise, but the veins on your arms are actually pretty exciting for a woman.

This is because, on most occasion, the veins appear to stand out further after strenuous exercise.

So it’s a simple assumption that in the mind of a lady observing those veins, she would be pretty excited picturing how you got those veins to stand out.

This small attribute is a sign of strength and athleticism. Perhaps not in all cases, but that is what the veins are typically associated with and women can’t seem to get enough!

12. Geek is the New Jock

Not all women want a football player or the school hot guy as their boyfriend.

In fact, geeky traits such as video games and sci-fi movies are a topic that some women find extremely attractive in a potential partner.

Smarts are not always a bad thing, and when it comes to being able to hold your own in a conversation, having a decent vocabulary is a serious advantage.

Don’t be self-conscious if you are a fella that is blessed with the need for glasses. Women seriously love a man in glasses!

Those spectacles add a look of intelligence and boy-hood charm that will win the game every time.

13. Hugs are the Best Kind of Touch

Contrary to most popular beliefs, women don’t always want to be swept off their feet with passionate kisses or soul moving sonnets.

One of the most popular moves you could ever hope to achieve is the simple and sweet, hug from behind.

This is a woman pleaser because it not only makes them feel loved and wanted, but also very protected.

Having a strong man at their back is comforting and leads to stronger feelings of trust towards that individual.  Whether or not you enjoy this hug best or not, any kind of hug is the best kind of touch. It is affectionate and passionate all at the same time.

14. Strong Hands

Whether or not your hands are well kept or dirty and scarred, strong hands are all that really matter when it comes to attracting a woman.

Hands are one of the things that will constantly be part of interaction between partners.

A man that knows how to work with his hands is extremely impressive and any woman can appreciate the scars or marks left behind by that hard work.

The biggest thing to remember is that a gentle touch coming from strong hands is one of the most meaningful things in the world.

It is attractive to know that while those hands could do so much damage, they treat that woman with the upmost respect and love.

15. The Chubby Chuckler

One of the most attractive traits a man can have is a good, solid laugh.

There is nothing cuter to a woman than when a man gets carried away by something hilarious, letting his laugh free. Not only is it contagious hearing someone laugh, but it also shows that you are not afraid to be yourself and let others see the true you.

Laughing hard is actually healing, so the best way to cure any kind of argument is to have a good laugh together. So let loose and enjoy yourself!

16. Slow Movements

Think back to all the spies and super heroes that capture the hearts of women everywhere. The one thing that they all have in common is slow, dramatic movements. Their walk is dignified and all of their gestures are calculated; this shows a mark of confidence and becomes a complete magnate for women.

A man who is sure of himself is desirable and slow movements show off that confidence in an irresistible way.

Despite how you may be feeling, on your next date try to strike a confident attitude and slow down your movements. You may be surprised with how much of a difference it will make.

17. Grey Hair is the Mark of a Silver Fox

If you are man that has grey hair, even if it’s premature, don’t stress about missing out on that special lady because of it.

Just think about how many sexy actors there are today that have the ladies swooning over their silver hair.

George Clooney, for instance, has been dubbed one of the sexiest men alive; and his salt and pepper hair only helps enhance his dapper, sophisticated aura.

Don’t for a moment think that grey hair means the end of your dating career. Embrace those classy locks and tap into your inner silver fox.

18. Maintain Eye Contact

This simple action is extremely important for showing that you care.

Whenever a woman speaks to you, regardless of what the topic is about, maintain eye contact.

This will impress her immensely because it shows that you are interested in her and respect her opinions. If you are too busy looking at your phone or perhaps the attire that your date is wearing, those actions are portraying you care little about her and more about your own interests.

Take the time to put the phone away, draw your eyes upwards, and look into the face of the one you care about; even if it is at the beginning of your relationship.

cook a meal

19. Chef in Training

Good food and love are two of the best combinations in the world!

Women love to know that a man can take care of himself, and when a job such as cooking becomes a skill, it’s even more impressive. While many men may not think prancing around the kitchen in an apron is all that attractive for a guy to do, your woman thinks otherwise.

Just like guys enjoy a woman who can perform tasks such as repairing her own vehicle or watching a sports game and actually understand it, women like to see men performing household tasks.

So whip out those spatulas and get to cooking!

20. Extra Fluff

So it’s been a while since you hit the gym. Oreo cookies have been your best friend for quite some time and now that you’ve found a special someone, it’s become a problem.

You might actually be surprised to discover that some ladies actually appreciate a little bit of extra fluff.

No one really wants to snuggle with a Rock (although there are some that would jump at the opportunity). Being fit is always important, primarily for your own health, but it’s also alright to love the body that you have.

A little bit of cushioning is never a bad thing, and your lady probably appreciates a softer body to sleep beside at night.

21. Kind and Generous Spirit

Perhaps one of the most important things when trying to attract a woman is a kind and generous spirit.

No woman will truly be able to respect a man who does not respect both himself and others. Kindness to friends, family, and strangers is the key to finding true happiness in all respect of a relationship.

You can’t expect to find a genuine love if you don’t know how to show it to others. Learn this one important lesson and it will get you very far in all areas of life.

John Wellman

John Wellman is one of the most experienced and respected fashion experts specializing in men's clothing. He has worked in the fashion industry for over fifteen years, during which time he has provided an expert eye and advice to numerous fashion clients.

John has developed a keen understanding of the nuances of men's style and the importance of selecting the right pieces for a particular look. He has been praised by peers and clients alike for his ability to create classy yet edgy looks that stay true to the personality of the client.

John has a passion for men's style and believes in the importance of dressing with confidence and flair. He looks forward to continuing to make an impact in the fashion world and to helping men look and feel their best.

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