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Types of Men’s Blazers

Shopping for a new blazer can be overwhelming. How can you possibly choose just one with all the different styles, materials, colors, and fits available?

Don’t worry; we’re here to help.

In this guide, we’ll break down the different types of men’s blazers so you can find the perfect one for you.


blazer material

From wool to polyester, blazers are made from various materials. The type of material will demonstrate your style, the formality, and the seasonality of the blazer. Here are a few popular fabrics to be mindful of:

  • Wool: The most popular blazer fabric, wool is a warm, natural fiber that’s perfect for winter. It’s also wrinkle-resistant and has a bit of stretch, making it comfortable to wear. A blazer may have an S number on the label, indicating the fineness of the wool fiber (source). The higher the number, the finer the wool.
  • Cashmere: A luxury fabric made from the cashmere goat, cashmere is soft, lightweight, and warm. This may be classified as wool, but it’s usually higher quality.
  • Linen: A summertime favorite, linen is a natural fiber that’s lightweight and breathable. It’s perfect for hot weather but wrinkles easily. Consider this fabric if you’re looking for a casual blazer to wear on vacation.
  • Polyester: A synthetic fiber, polyester is often blended with other materials to add strength or wrinkle resistance. It’s a good choice for an affordable, easy-care blazer. Most travel blazers are made from polyester.
  • Cotton: Cotton is a natural fiber that’s soft, breathable, and easy to care for. It’s often used in casual blazers or sports jackets. For summer, consider a seersucker blazer made from cotton.
  • Silk: A luxurious natural fiber, silk has a soft, smooth texture. You’ll find this fabric on formal dinner jackets and tuxedos.
  • Hybrid Blends: Many blazers are made from a blend of different fibers, like wool and polyester. This helps the blazer resist wrinkles and hold its shape.

Structured vs. Unstructured

blazer structure vs unstructure

The next thing to consider is the construction of the blazer.

Blazers can be either structured or unstructured. Structured blazers have padding in the shoulders and higher armholes. This gives the blazer a crisp, tailored look. Unstructured blazers don’t have any padding and are often more casual. They may also be called ‘soft’ or ‘natural shoulder’ blazers.


When it comes to blazer length, there are three main options: regular, short, and long sizes.

Companies will add extra length to the body and sleeves to accommodate your frame. Short jackets should be worn by men who are 5’9″ or shorter, regular jackets should be worn by men who are 5’10” to 6’2″, and long jackets should be worn by men who are 6’3″ or taller.

Blazer Fits

When it comes to selecting a blazer, the fit is everything. A blazer should be tailored to your body so that it flatters your frame and looks polished. Here are the most common fits:

  • Classic Fit: This is also known as a traditional fit; this style is not too tight and not too loose. It’s comfortable and easy to wear, making it a good choice for everyday office wear.
  • Slim Fit: A more modern style, slim fit blazers are tapered to the body for a streamlined look. This style is best for men in good shape and who want to show off their physique.
  • Relaxed Fit: The most relaxed type of blazer fit, this style is loose and comfortable. It’s a good choice for men who have a naturally larger frame and are looking for increased comfort in their blazer.
  • Athletic Fit: Created for men with broader shoulders and a muscular build, this style has extra room in the chest and shoulders while still tapering at the waist.
  • Regular Fit: If you don’t fit neatly into any of the above categories, a regular fit blazer is probably your best bet. It’s not too tight and not too loose, and it will flatter most body types.
  • Skinny Fit: The tightest type of blazer fit, this style is designed to hug your body closely. It’s a good choice for men in excellent shape and want to show off their physique.

The Honest Tailor Says: If you are uncertain about your fit, visit a showroom or tailor and get your measurements. You can confidently purchase any blazer style, knowing it will look great on you.


Gone are the days of the one-size-fits-all blazer. Instead, today’s jackets come with features to suit your needs, whether you’re looking for increased comfort or a more stylish look. Here are some features found in blazers today:

  • Breathable: A good choice for men who get hot quickly, breathable fabrics help you stay cool and comfortable with built-in ventilation.
  • Hooded: A hooded blazer is a good choice for men who want the versatility of a jacket with the added protection of a hood. It’s more casual and trendy, so save it for weekends and nights out.
  • Insulated: If you’re looking for a blazer to wear in cold weather, an insulated style will help keep you warm. Many insulated blazers are made with down or synthetic down fill, which traps heat to keep you cozy.
  • Stretch: A good choice for men who are always on the go, stretch fabrics offer increased comfort and mobility. Many travel blazers are made with stretch fabric such as Spandex.
  • Water-Resistant: If you’re looking for a blazer to wear in inclement weather, water-resistant styles will help keep you dry. They’re a good choice for men who live in rainy or snowy climates.
  • Wind-Resistant: Like water-resistant styles, wind-resistant blazers are a good choice for men who live in cold or windy climates. They’ll help keep you warm and dry when the weather takes a turn.
  • Security Pockets: These are a must if you’re looking for a blazer to wear on business trips. These hidden pockets are designed to protect your valuables, such as passports and phones.

The Honest Tailor Says: While some of these features may be important to you, don’t get too caught up in the details. The most important thing is to find a blazer that fits well and flatters your body. 

How Much Should You Expect to Pay for a Blazer?

When looking at blazers, you’ll find a wide range in price. Blazers can cost anywhere from $50 to $1000 or more, depending on the materials, features, and brand.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect to pay for a blazer:

  • $50-$100: A basic blazer made with inexpensive materials. It will likely be machine-washable and have few (if any) features.
  • $100-$500: A mid-range blazer made with higher-quality materials. It will likely be dry-cleaned only and have some features such as stretch fabric or water resistance. We review a few cheap blazers under $200 if you’re interested.
  • $500-$1000: A high-end blazer made with luxurious materials such as wool or cashmere. It will likely be dry-cleaned only and have stretch fabric, water resistance, or an insulated lining.
  • $1000 and up: A designer blazer made with the highest-quality materials.

The Honest Tailor Says: Ultimately, price doesn’t matter if the blazer fits you well and suits your needs. A $50 blazer from Old Navy can look just as good as a $1000 blazer from Armani, as long as it fits you well and you style it accordingly.

Occasion & Color

The occasion you’ll be wearing your blazer also dictates the style you should choose. Here’s a breakdown of the most common occasions men wear blazers and the best styles for each:

For work, you’ll want to choose a classic, tailored blazer in a neutral color such as black, navy, or grey.

For weddings, you can choose a more stylish blazer in a brighter color or pattern. Just avoid white, as that’s typically reserved for the bride.

For casual occasions, you can choose a more relaxed blazer made with denim or canvas.

The Honest Tailor Says: When in doubt, choose a classic black or navy blazer. These versatile colors will never go out of style and can be worn for any occasion.

What are Some Trusted Blazer Brands?

where to buy blazers

If you are looking for a new blazer, some of the most trusted brands include:

  • J.Crew
  • Banana Republic
  • Hugo Boss
  • Armani
  • Canali
  • Brooks Brothers
  • Bonobos
  • Orvis
  • North & Mark

Looking to buy a new blazer? Then you should check out our collection of the best blazers for men.

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