Our goal with Tools of Men is to serve men with in-depth guides, tutorials, and product reviews to better themselves in all areas of their life including grooming, style, living, gear, and more.

As you may have noticed when reading our great articles, there are disclosures placed at both the top or bottom of every page regarding affiliate links.

If you aren’t already aware, affiliate links are an advertising tool that many media companies (including other popular men’s lifestyle sites) use to generate revenue in order to keep the lights on and the servers up.

Therefore, it’s important for you to know that when we link to a product we may receive a commission (not always) should you decide to make a purchase – at no additional cost for you.

For example, should you buy a $10 shave brush, we would roughly make $.45 cents from the sale – not a whole lot.

But here’s the kicker:

If you didn’t like the product that we recommended and decided to return it, that $.45 cents would be refunded and we wouldn’t make a penny.

In our eyes, this is a pretty fair agreement.

In fact, this motivates us to provide you with the best information possible in an unbiased and clear manner so you can make an informed decision.

Our Review Process

When it comes to reviewing a product, we can’t possibly afford to get our hands on every single product that is displayed here on the site.

For the ones we don’t have first-hand exposure to, we rely on our next best source to get detailed, and correct information – you.

In lieu of a hands-on review, we will scour forums, discussions groups, reviews, social media, etc. for accurate information that will help to answer all questions so we can write a detailed write-up on the product.

With that, we thank you for checking out our process and our happy you decided to check out Tools of Men!


All The Best,


Shawn Burns

Founder, Tools of Men