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Why Talking About The Weather Will Kill Your Date Night

Whether you are on a first date, in a classroom, or simply at the bar on the weekends with your friends, trying to keep a conversation with a girl can be especially challenging for some.

Sure, the first minute or two might not be bad as you get to know each other, but after that, most conversations fall off a cliff.

But if you want to keep the chatter going beyond the first few minutes – employ these techniques to keep the conversation at hand both engaging and fun:

1. Don’t Talk About the Weather (You Don’t Want to Be That Guy)

There are better ways to get a woman to talk with you other than discussing the current weather.

Not only is such a topic relatively boring, but it reveals nothing about your character.

When a woman wants to get to know someone, she desires conversation that is going to help them learn what makes that person tick; what makes them special.

Instead of going to something safe, try opening up and getting a little personal. Talk about your interests and what makes you interesting.

2. Find Their Hobbies and Ask About Them

One of the best ways to get a woman to feel comfortable in a conversation is to ask questions about their personal hobbies and interests.

No one likes to converse with a person who is all about themselves.

Be interested in what makes them who they are; ask questions about what they like and dislike. Through this method, not only will you be getting them comfortable, but you may also find some common hobbies that the two of you can experience together.

3. Ask About Recent Movies That Were Out

What’s one of the most classic dates out there?

That’s right, the movies!

Getting her to talk about recent films will help you get a grasp on her tastes and sense of humor.

Not to mention, this conversation provides you with the opportunity to ask her out to a movie she wants to see.

4. Make Jokes About/With Them

Don’t get the wrong impression with this tip.

The worst thing that you could do is try joking with a woman, just to discover that you have insulted her in some way.

When making jokes, keep them light hearted and easily distinguishable as a joke. It is not a good idea to try and pull off a sly comment that may make her feel uncomfortable.

Fun and light is the way to go here!

5. Be Yourself and Lower Your Filter

If you are trying to get someone interested in you, putting a “mask” on is an easy trap to fall into.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself when reaching out to someone new.

If the relationship does eventually come to fruition, your true self will come to the service regardless.

So don’t try and hide who you really are.

Start off on the right foot and be yourself; chances are she is going to love the real you a whole lot more than who you are pretending to be!


6. Talk About Your Interests to See If There Is Overlap

Opposites do attract, but, having similar interests is a great way to get to know someone.

Whether it is hiking, golfing, going to the movies, or just plain eating delicious food, these interests are going to allow the two of you to bond.

Be wary of someone who has no similar interests at all with you; the relationship may work out, but there is the potential for a lot of awkward silences and boring weekends.


7. See What Her Aspirations Are

Perhaps you are more serious about a potential mate than you are about having one more fun night.

In this case, you are bound to wonder what aspirations this woman has; what are her dreams and long term goals.

There is nothing wrong with discussing such things, especially if the woman doesn’t mind, but you will want to be careful about sounding like an interviewer.

She isn’t applying for a job so don’t make her feel like it. Be conversational, friendly, and don’t be shy about sharing your aspirations as well!

 flirting signs

8. Be an Engaged Listener

When it comes to conversing with a woman, sometimes listening is almost more important than speaking.

Women have a lot on their minds and finding someone who genuinely wants to hear about their thoughts and opinions is truly attractive.

This doesn’t mean that you have to be a mime throughout the entire conversation, but definitely be open to her ideas and build upon her story; ask questions and get involved!


9. If On a Date, Find A Filler Event

Set yourself up for success when planning your date.

Plan some activities, such as a painting class or wine tasting, where the two of you can discuss in detail what you are experiencing.

This is a great way to find some common ground and keep conversation rolling. Going out to a nice dinner is great, but don’t miss out on an opportunity to really get the chance to learn more about who this woman is as an individual!


10. Practice

Just like anything in life, practice makes progress.

Don’t expect to be perfect at talking off the bat, especially if you are typically uncomfortable when it comes to reaching out to others.

Practice by getting out there and socialize through websites such as or with friends you are comfortable with.


11. Drinking Is a Social Lubricant

If you need a little help opening up and feeling more confident, try going out for drinks.

A bit of alcohol is bound to help loosen both of you up and help conversation to move smoothly.

If neither of you drink, don’t let that deter you! Perhaps a bubbly soda or a nice milk shake will be enough to help the words flow.


12. An Incident You Recently Had to Give You Personality

When in doubt about a good conversation topic, try to make things personal.

Avoid going about it in an overwhelming way, but try sharing a recent incident to help bring a bit of personality into the talk.

By doing this, you can steer clear of stiff topics like the weather, and allow her to see a bit of what makes you tick.


13. Don’t Sound Desperate

If you seem like all you want to do is get into her pants, more often than not, you won’t.

Keep things cool and collected, be friendly and just have fun; by doing this you are allowing the topic to come up on its own naturally as opposed to forcing it.

Any woman will respect you way more if you treat her with respect as well!


14. Don’t Talk About Your Mom or Grandma

No matter how cool you mom is, don’t spend the night talking about your mom.

A woman is going to see that as a bit strange and may even feel uncomfortable with a conversation that may be comparing her to your mother.

Focus on the woman in front of you.

Learn about her, and what she likes.

By talking about her interests you will go way farther in conversation.


15. Keep It Spontaneous

Too many strict plans can be stifling.

Allow the night to go where it will, and enjoy the memories that go hand in hand with spontaneity.

Who knows, perhaps by straying from the norm you will discover the love of your life under the stars of a summer night sky.

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