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11 Reasons Why You Should Grow Stubble & How To Achieve That Perfect Look

Let’s face it; women love stubble.

In our recent study, we found that women love stubble more than any other beard type.

If you are doing the clean-shaven look or going for the yeard, perhaps it might be time to re-evaluate?

Now, we aren’t knocking any men out there with full beards or who shave daily.

We love all facial hair types.

However, we just wanted to take a minute to fully acknowledge that classic stubble look and how you can achieve it with near perfection – every single time.

But if you aren’t convinced yet on whether or not to dive deep first into a stubble/rugged look, check out these 11 reasons why you may want to reconsider:

1. Here’s Why You Should Grow Stubble

Stubble is excellent for several reasons:

First off, it’s a comfortable look that you can get away with in several different settings.

Whether you go to the office daily or take classes at your local college, a classic and well-maintained stubble won’t look an ounce out of place.

While stubble is becoming more of the norm in the board room, it’s also perfect for men who tend to have more sensitive skin.

If cycling through endless shaving creams, oils, and razors only to still find you still have irritated skin long after you shave, stubble could be your answer to all your unnecessary suffering.

2. Unkempt Beards Are Unsightly And Time Consuming


I like the yeard as much as the next guy, but if you don’t take the additional 10 minutes in the morning to make your beard look on point, it’s going to look bad.

You can go from a dapper man to a crazy guy in a swift minute if you don’t take the time to maintain that prized chin curtain.

A longer beard requires additional products such as beard washes, beard combs or brushes, and generally can get messy as the day wears on.

If you can attain that perfect beard look throughout the day – more power to you!

If you just simply can’t find the time in your day to allocate towards keeping every last whisker in check, then stubble is a relatively low-maintenance style that looks great in only a minute or two.

3. Stubble Works To Hide Blemishes

Whether you currently experience regular acne today or have scarring from yesteryear, stubble can be a great way to cover any blemishes.

But it doesn’t end with just acne.

Even men who get dark spots or any discoloration on their face and don’t feel like investing in a quality dark-spot corrector, a few days of stubble will discretely hide these imperfections without looking like you are trying too hard.

4. Stubble Is The Great Balancer Of Age

Take a guy that is 17 years old and give him stubble, he instantly looks older, well, maybe not old enough to buy beer legally.

But what about on the opposite end of the spectrum?

Take a guy that is 67 years old and give him stubble, he instantly looks younger.

Seriously, next time you are out and about, take notice of other men’s facial hair styles.  If you see a guy with flowing gray hair (or bald), a dash of stubble will help to shed years off of his appearance.

He instantly looks a bit more hip, playful, and that he has it together.

The same goes for younger men as well.

That’s why we like to tell men that if you can just grow a little bit of stubble, you will instantly start to skew either a bit younger/older.

Note: As for the men in your 30s or 40s reading this, you will look like you are a bit more in tune with current trends without looking like you are trying too hard.

5. Women LOVE Stubble

As mentioned previously, we found that women found stubble in our study.  Aside from our own findings, another study we came across found the same conclusion – stubble is what women find most attractive.

It’s worth noting that in the same study, women found men with full beards to be the most masculine, aggressive, and socially mature.

So, interpret that how you want.

However, if you are looking to get in the sack with your spouse or perhaps try to garner attention to your Tinder profile, test out your look with stubble and see if you get lucky.

Another note:

Generally, with psychology studies, we have come across, women tend to find men attractive when the trait is rare.  For example – if all men have beards, they will find a man who shaves daily as more beautiful (and the opposite rings true as well – if all men shave, then beards are beautiful).

This theory was also confirmed in this 2014 article on CBS as well.

Now switching gears and covering a few tips to achieve that perfect stubble look:

6. Face Cream Lays The Bedrock To A Well Moisturized Face

Face cream plays an essential role in any man’s grooming regimen.

Face creams contain with emollients that will deliver a splash of hydration to your skin.

Regular application will help not only to brighten up your skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines but it will also make your stubble shine.

Any length of facial hair will suck moisture from your skin. Therefore it’s best to make sure that your skin has plenty of hydration before your beard stubble begins to grow.

Also, regular use of face cream will ensure that your stubble looks much better than if you were to skip out on this process.

7. Use a Beard Trimmer Instead of An Electric Shaver

If you are using the back side of your electric razor that was designed to be used for sideburns to shave down to a stubble….well, then you are missing out on a lot of potential.

It’s not that it’s wrong per se, it’s just that you have minimal control when it comes to length.

But why is a beard trimmer any better?

First and foremost – length selection.

If you want an extremely close stubble or perhaps one that is a bit bushier (almost heading towards beard territory), a decent beard trimmer will work wonders.

With the ability to cut all the way down to a fraction of a millimeter, a well-made beard trimmer allows to you get a nice looking grit to your face without having to shave.

8. Moisturize Your Beard With Beard Oil For Additional Hydration and Sheen

As crucial as face cream may be for your skin, beard oil is equally important for your stubble.

Made from carrier and essential oils, this rich moisturizer prevents beard itch and makes your facial hair feel softer.

Carrier and essential oils are all-natural (typically derived from nuts and seeds) and will help to reduce split ends on your stubble while also help to fortify the hair shaft as well.

Secondly, beard oil smells great.

So, if you are going without a cologne, beard oil is a great subtle way to demonstrate your sense of style effortlessly.

Pro Tip: If you do wear cologne regularly (or have sensitive skin), go with an unscented beard oil.  Not only will you get all the great benefits described above, but you won’t be having conflicting scents going on.

9. You Still Need To Manage That Neck Hair Even If You Have Stubble

While stubble can look great on any occasion, there still is some additional maintenance required.

This additional maintenance has to do with your neck.

Unkempt neck hair can look bad.

Therefore, we would recommend once a week to take out your favorite razor or beard trimmer and just clear out the area around your Adam’s apple.

If you are uncertain of the lines on your neck, then the next time you head to your barbershop, ask your barber to clean up the neck area for you.

This will give you some lines to work with down the road if you want to clean it up at home between barbershop visits.

10. Thick or Thin?  Light or Dark?  Evaluate Your Beard First

Look here:

Everyone’s beard is different.

Whether it’s the color, thickness, or density, of which your beard grows.

Therefore, it’s really up to you how you want your stubble to look.

Generally speaking, men who have thinner or lighter colored beards can get better stubble by normally growing out their facial hair for a few more days.

Men on the opposite end of the spectrum, namely those who have thick and full beards, should maintain their stubble on every other day basis.

If you are looking for guidance on what works best for you, its always great to ask a trusted friend or spouse to get their feedback as well – after all, they have to look at you every day 🙂

11. Maintaining The Look Daily

Building off from the last section, when it comes to wearing a stubble look, you should be doing something to it almost daily (~ 5 days a week).

Whether it’s applying face cream, trimming, applying beard oil, or shaving your neck.

We like to recommend the following schedule as it’s easy to remember and low maintenance:

  • Sunday – Trim neck (razor)
  • Monday – Trim stubble (beard trimmer) & apply beard oil
  • Tuesday – Off
  • Wednesday – Trim stubble (beard trimmer) & apply beard oil
  • Thursday – Trim neck (razor)
  • Friday – Trim stubble (beard trimmer) & apply beard oil
  • Saturday – Off

That’s All For Perfect Stubble

While there is a lot to take in, once you do this for a couple of weeks, it will become second nature to your morning routine, and you will realize just how low maintenance it is compared to wearing a full beard or shaving daily.

But not only will you save time and money on your grooming budget, but you will also look damn good (according to several studies) while rocking that stubble look!

Adam Williams

As the lead editor of Tools of Men, Adam loves men's grooming products. Particularly of interest is managing facial hair and perfecting the art of the modern man's skincare routine. His work has been featured or quoted in several publications, including New York Magazine, Vice, Sharpologist, MIC, Elite Daily, and more. When Adam isn't working, he enjoys spending time with his two little kids who keep him both on his toes and young at heart.

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